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A&K Airsoft launches their new online store

A&K have launched their new online store!


Dear customers, we are proud to announce the launch of our new e-commerce site dedicated to wholesale purchases.

On the new website, constantly updated, you will find all the A&K products and also those of our partner Battleaxe. Click here. (A&K)

Morning After 6: Only a few spaces left!


This is the final update for Morning After 6 before the hilarity commences on the 20th!

With 30 players who have either paid or have confirmed attendance, we only have limited space left now. If you want to come please contact me asap to save a place – leave it too much longer and it’ll be too late!

Just to remind you, this is a chance to meet other Arnies regulars as well as quite a lot of the Arnies Moderating team – and then shoot them lots!

One Final time: the critical details:

Venue: Gunman Airsoft’s Tuddenham site, Suffolk, UK.

Date: August 21-22nd (Gates Open Friday 20th at 5pm – arriving on the Friday is best if you want to meet people before you shoot them!)

Cost: £50 (a range of payment options are available – see the payment link below for details.

If you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to pm me. Please remember that this is an Arnies event – but you are welcome to bring guests if you check with me first!

To book and for payment details click here.

For more information click here.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

No Airsoft for NJ?

Over at No Airsoft for Old Men Tim Ellwood has blogged a worrying read about how the law may change in NJ for Airsoft and the legislation amendment in New Jersey which will classify airsoft weapons as firearms:

I know that this is they way it is to a degree in the UK, but it just starting now in the US

Please see my blog post

(No Airsoft for Old Men)

Quote from the site:

Airsoft guns are already restricted in NJ, we have done training evolutions with a navy unit up there in the past and it is always a nightmare traveling up with the training guns and gear.

If you read the bill, it is a clarification, most areas up there already treat them as firearms,  What I take umbrage to is the fact that they are making a law that makes something that’s not a "firearm" into a firearm… (No Airsoft for Old Men)

Click the link to read the rest of the post over there (oh and checkout the Boomstick poster – awesome!). Thanks go to Tim for the heads up.

News from MADBULL – company and product news

Simon over at Madbull has sent in their latest news, and things look even better for them:

Dear Friends,

After long trip, I finally come back to states.

We now have a bigger warehouse (see photo) and better operation networks.


We set up a new operation in China for plastic parts manufacturing.
We hired Ben as our operation leader in China. (Ben is a famous chief engineer of Simple Human, a hardware company in US)

Also, Mobile Jet, a 10 people electronic company is join our project in the meantime. Combined all our sources, we will deliver more amazing products in the rest of 2008.

Our new product will including a UAV at low price. MSRP will be less 10k for both military and civilian.

Check more details here.


Simon, (Madbull Airsoft)

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