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Echo1 TAP now out

unnamed-16Echo1‘s new TAP is out and about, working with their TTI magazines it has a hand stippled nice grippy frame, all metal, fibre optic sights and extended parts for better control:

The Echo1 TAP is finally here with a hand stippled frame, carry comp, and tracker front sight! JW eat your heart out!

Available in Black and Burnt Bronze! (Echo1)

Coming soon from Echo1USA the RDP

Echo1 will shortly lauch the RDP, checkout the internal pics below:

Echo1 RDP

The Rapid Deploy Pistol (RDP) is the latest compact CQB weapon from Echo1. It features full-sized version 3 compatible internals in a custom gearbox that can be upgraded to anything you could imagine. The RDP makes an excellent primary or backup weapon due to its very compact size and is light enough you could even wield two RDPs.

Some Features of the RDP

  • Light Weight compact design
  • Perfect as secondary
  • Reinforced internals
  • Mini or lipo battery



Echo1 AR57 is ready for Pre-ORDER

Echo1’s Fully Licensed AR57 All Metal AEG (JP-85) is now ready for pre-order and due for delivery this week:

imageEst Delivery Time: Jan. 17th
First Batch Will Be Limited Quantity

Echo1 USA is soon to come out with the new AR-57. History on the AR-57 or AR Five-Seven is that it’s based on a real steel caliber conversion that changes the standard M4/AR15 from 5.56mm NATO to intermediate 5.7x28mm round and magazines. The AR-57 has the same great feel as an M4 but due to the smaller cartridge, it also offers extremely low recoil and high ammo capacity over the standard M4. The 5.7mm round has high lethality and armor defeating capability even up to 200 yards, making it a great personnel defense weapon.


  • Unique Hybrid M4 The AR-57 is a truly unique hybrid M4 that uses 5.7mm style magazines with a traditional M4 lower half. This means operators used to the ergonomics of the M4 can utilize different style magazines without having to learn an entirely new platform.
  • 2 x 68 rd magazines  The AR-57 comes with two standard capacity magazines that feed reliability and won’t make noise as you sneak around on the field. Hicap 300 round magazine option is also available.
  • Full metal externals  The AR-57 is a full metal rifle with a true monolithic upper receiver for a completely rock solid shooting platform.
  • Flip up sights  Included are front and rear back up iron sights.
  • Crane Stock  The AR-57 is wired to the rear of the gun and comes equipped with a crane style stock. That means you can use the included nunchuck style battery as well as small Lipo batteries.
  • Bulletproof Gearbox  The gearbox is a modified version 2 shell that will take every part designed for a regular version 2 gearbox. The gearbox comes with steel cut gears, nylon piston with a full metal tooth rack, 8mm ball bearings, all coming together to deliver 400fps out of the box. This is the same time tested version 2 gearboxes that we have in our Stag and Troy M4 series.


Fox Airsoft: 20% off ECHO1 tracer units

Fox Airsoft are running a deal on ECHO1 tracer units and knocking 20% off the price. The deal doesn’t appear to be up on their website yet, the promo code is in the image below:

(Fox Airsoft)

Echo1 AMD-65 and more

imageNews from Echo1 concerning their AMD-65 release:

The Highly Anticipated Echo1 AMD-65 is Now Available

MTC 3, ST6 and Troy MRF-C also in Stock

Check out Echo1’s New AMD-65 Video

Echo1 RedStar AMD-65
more info

Echo1 Troy MRF-C
more info

Echo1 Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC) 3
more info

Echo1 M4 ST6
more info


Fox Airsoft interview Brian at ECHO1

Fox Airsoft went to see Brian at the ECHO1 stand to play with their latest toys:

Check out this interview we just had with Brian @ECHO 1 about the new Echo 1 PKM Electric Airsoft Gun.

(Fox Airsoft)

Updates from ECHO1 on their website

There’s an update from ECHO1:

New sections available. Join ECHO1 photo contest now and win FREE AEG!

image001 CAMP BULLIS, Texas -- A competitor fires down range during the Combat Rifle event at the Defender Challenge 2003 security forces competition.  The challenge featured 12 all-star security forces teams from Air Force major commands, the British Royal Air Force Regiment and the Department of Energy competing here Oct. 10 to 16.  The defenders from Air Mobility Command took top honors in the Combat Rifle event.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Robbin Cresswell)

Also, you can submit your ECHO1 photo to our gallery: email to Link here. (ECHO1)

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