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Madbull: now available "ACE Skeleton Medium Stock"

Madbull Airsoft’s medium ACE stock is now available:


MadBull fully licensed ACE Stocks. 4 models available. Full size fixed, medium CQB, short CQB skeleton, and SOCOM. These stocks are CNC machined out of durable aircraft grade aluminum. Tough made stocks used to bash windows and other forced entries. Combined with our patent pending quick-release fast-change battery system swap out your battery within seconds! This is an airsoft first and a revolutionary design for Li-Poly configurations. All our licensed ACE stocks have integrated quick-detach sling mounts. The front base of the stock features a push pin that allows for the rear end to easy disconnect for battery instalment.


  • Fully licensed by ACE Stocks, LTD.
  • Full metal design
  • CNC machined, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum
  • Durable yet comfortable foam cheek pad
  • Rubber pad keeps the stock secure on your shoulder
  • Patent Pending quick-release fast-change battery system
  • Designed for Li-Poly compatibility
  • Quick-detach sling mounts, integrated
  • Mounting hardware included

Click for more info and photo>>

(Madbull Airsoft)

Madbull:2" Barrel Extension now includes stabilizer o-ring

Madbull Airsoft continue to produce unique innovative accessories. Their barrel extension includes an inner barrel stabilizer to reduce inner barrel wobble:

Madbull Product Update: 2" Barrel Extension Now Includes Stabilizer O-Ring for Improved Accuracy

Product Update! The forthcoming 2" Outer Barrel Extension will now also include a BONUS inner barrel stabilizer o-ring.


The rubber o-ring IMPROVES ACCURACY by wedging between the inner barrel and outer barrel extension, reducing inner barrel vibration during shooting. Note: designed & tested for Madbull brand inner barrels.
Pretty clever, right?

(Madbull Airsoft)

Madbull Airsoft: Lancer L5 sneak peek

imageMadbull Airsoft have posted a photo of their prototype Lancer L5 magazines on their Facebook page:

For everyone who’s been asking about the licensed Lancer L5 AWM Magazines…

Facebook exclusive sneak peak photo (intermediate prototype)!
Almost there!

(Madbull Airsoft)

Coming soon from Madbull Airsoft: PX Piston, with 14 full metal teeth

“I’ve done it, my Lord! I’ve discovered how to turn things into gold! Pure gold!” […]

“Now, look, Percy, I don’t mean to be pedantic or anything, but the color of gold… is gold. That’s why it’s called gold. What YOU have discovered, if it has a name, is some… Green. “ source: Blackadder, BBC Worldwide.

Madbull Airsoft have developed a brand new piston in purest gold green, built using the latest technology and featuring a hardened polymer construction with a full robust set of drive teeth lacking the second tooth:

After several years of product development, the most innovative piston has arrived: the Madbull PX Piston designed and developed by Madbull’s engineers.


This piston is comprised of new materials never before used combined with innovative processes.  The Madbull PX piston is designed with full metal teething and hardened polymer.  The metal teeth is produced with MIM (Metal Injection Molding), which gives the teeth a degree of flexibility without breaking.  The body is molded with Alien green polymer ensure you have the alien power technology in your AEG!


  • State of the art composition
  • MIM full metal teeth
  • Alien green polymer
  • Eliminate 2nd tooth to less the stress on the gear

(Madbull Airsoft)

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Madbull: COBRA trigger guards licensed by Strike Industries

Madbull Airsoft have some new accessories for your M4:



Featuring unique ready-position finger rests for your trigger finger.


Cobra Series trigger guards are designed as direct replacements to the standard AR trigger guard. These trigger guards feature a deeper angle rather than a straight linear line.

This gives the operator more room when wearing gloves and for cold weather environments, as well as eliminating the dreaded gap between the pistol grip and trigger guard.

Note that these licensed versions of the Cobra Series trigger guards are specifically manufactured to fit Airsoft rifles.
More info & photos:

(Madbull Airsoft)

Madbull: HITMAN Compensator for 1911 style airsoft pistols

Madbull continue to produce intersting accessories and equipment. New this week is the Hitman compensator:

New Madbull Accessory: HITMAN® Compensator for SOCOMGEAR and WE 1911 style Airsoft pistols. Matte Black / Brushed Silver Finish Compensators are generally used to redirect propellant gases which effectively counters both recoil and unwanted barrel rise. Compensator are very useful for both combat and competition shooting scenarios.


This compensator is constructed of high grade aluminum, Made in Taiwan, and weighs in at only 1 ounce. Reign down your vengeance on your opponents with these sleek compensators for your 1911 series Airsoft pistol!


More info & photos:

(Madbull Airsoft)

Madbull Video: Daniel Defense 4.0 Lite Rail KIT

Madbull Airsoft have sent out some details of their funky Daniel Defense RIS rail kit. Check out their pocket rocket:

The fully licensed Daniel Defense RIS II 4.0" free-floating rail system is designed to for all CQB situations. The Daniel Defense RIS II 4.0 is an innovative upgrade to the M4 CQB arena allowing the shortest profile to date from Madbull Airsoft.
The 4.0 RIS II Rail Kit INCLUDES a 4" outer barrel and Black Python tight bore. The 4.0 Kit is sold as a complete set.



• Free Floating Barrel Design
• Uninterrupted Upper Rail Platform
• Aluminum T6 6061
• Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny Rails
•Matte Black Oxide Finish Available
•Flat Dark Earth Finish Available


Madbull Airsoft: Daniel Defense Omega X Rails FDE TAN

More shiny (ok.. brown) stuff from Madbull Airsoft:

Daniel Defense Omega X Rails FDE TAN

imageMadbull’s popular Omega X Rails, licensed by Daniel Defense, are now being manufactured with a beautiful FDE Tan matte hard coat anodized finish, as well as the previously released matte black finish.

Daniel Defense Omega X Rails feature an easy upgrade platform, high strength, and extreme ergonomics.

The Omega X Rails offer a smooth transition from the upper receiver offering the most useable rail space.  It features a continuous upper rail platform along with integrated sling swivels.  Integrated sling mounts also feature limited rotation and ambidextrous points.

» Now Available in Tan FDE and Black
» Licensed by Daniel Defense
» Two Piece Top/Bottom Rail Assembly
» 7”, 9”, & 12” Rail Lengths
» Free Floating Barrel Design
» Uninterrupted Upper Rail Platform
» Integrated Sling Swivels
» Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny Rails
» Narrow Profile for Enhanced Ergonomic Performance
» Removable Lower for Ease of FSP Installation
» Precision CNC Machined
» Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum
» Matte Hard Coat Anodized Finish
» Made in Taiwan
Also Available in Matte Black

For more information on Madbull’s Omega X Rails [go here].

(Madbull Airsoft)

Mad Bull: new XCR liPo battery

Mad Bull Airsoft have a new LiPo battery out that’s a perfect fit for your XCR:


– Specially designed for Airsoft AEGs; not a rebrand of RC batteries
– Enhance your AEG BPS by 150%
– Higher voltage and current, with a less hazardous formula
– Designed in-house, and inspected to the highest QC standards

Madbull Marketing, (Mad Bull Airsoft)

Out soon – New Noveske metal body, 100% CNC

Simon (MadBull Airsoft) has mailed in news about their Noveske metal bodies:

Upper only, with Noveske licensed logo.

image001 image002

The following shows the real one looking and the toy one.


Results tests places MadBull Barrels at No1

Mad Bull (Mad Bull Airsoft) has sent in the results of some tests that Kotte Zeller have run on their products. I’ll leave it for them to explain the findings:


Our Germany distributor, KOTTE ZELLER, mailed this magazine published in Germany. (Thanks Laila)

Our barrel rank top ONE compared to 19 other different brands, including CA, KA, DB Custom, KM, Kyou, G&G, Deep Fire, PDI, Systema, Prometheus, JBU, King Barrels, Element, and others.

I know we invest a lot of money on developing our Blackpython tightbore barrels but I still can’t believe our barrel is that good.


This German magazine using ZEISS PRISMO 3-D navigator to test all barrels and our barrel is the top ranking.

Special thanks to Dr. Lee, the inventor of the barrel and Mr. Wu, the engineer of the barrel.

Also thanks to KOTTE ZELLER and Without you, I, (we) never know our barrels are listed on top!

See detail data, check here: (PDF 4MB)

Yours, MadBull (Mad Bull Airsoft)

More details of Mad Bull Noveske Handguard RAS

Mad Bull Airsoft has sent in more news of their lovely Noveske gear:


Here are some more detailed photos of Noveske Handguard RAS.

Build up your Noveske N4 rifles by using Noveske licensed handguard rail!
No need to say that Noveske Rifleworks is one of the most reliable and reputable rifle manufactures in the world.


The Noveske Rifleworks licensed MadBull free float handguard rail is manufactured for the M4 style Airsoft.

This product is designed for Airsoft and is already blocked the gas pipe tunnel. [Can’t be applied on real rifles]

MadBull licensed Noveske handguard rail is made of 6065 Aluminum and machined from an extrusion.

With hard anodized process, our handguard is more durable and looks better than other toy handguards with black color spray paint.

Other features:
Free float tube provides a continuous top rail
Slots on the rail can be timed to slots on the receiver
Unique mounting system
Overall Length: 10"
Suitable external barrels:
MadBull M733 and MadBull M4 length barrels.
(Others length barrel looks fine too.)
Suitable flash suppressor:
Of course, your first choice will be Noveske KX3 and Noveske KFH.

Mad Bull Airsoft

News from MADBULL – company and product news

Simon over at Madbull has sent in their latest news, and things look even better for them:

Dear Friends,

After long trip, I finally come back to states.

We now have a bigger warehouse (see photo) and better operation networks.


We set up a new operation in China for plastic parts manufacturing.
We hired Ben as our operation leader in China. (Ben is a famous chief engineer of Simple Human, a hardware company in US)

Also, Mobile Jet, a 10 people electronic company is join our project in the meantime. Combined all our sources, we will deliver more amazing products in the rest of 2008.

Our new product will including a UAV at low price. MSRP will be less 10k for both military and civilian.

Check more details here.


Simon, (Madbull Airsoft)

Mad Bull Chrono, available again! (review available)

Mad Bull Airsoft have sent in word that their chronograph is available again and sent over a copy of a review done by AirsoftInternational on chronos:


MadBull Chrono available again. Quantity is very limited.

MSRP is only $99 USD. (Different countries may different due to custom and currency.)

Recent Review: Airsoft International Review:

MADBULL Chrono-01

MadBull get 5 out of 5 stars! (Full scores!)

MadBull’s Chrono is the smallest chrono. MadBull’s chrono is more accurate than others!

See link here. Best Regards, Mad Bull Airsoft

Coming soon Mad Bull – Noveske KFH amplifier/suppressor

Coming soon from Mad Bull Airsoft, the Noveske KFH amplifier/suppressor:


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