RedWolf Airsoft Achievement Unlocks Campaign

RedWolf Airsoft are inviting you to sign up to get involved with their promotions:

We are recently launching a campaign called “Achievement Unlocks Campaign”, which requires a designated no. of participants to unlock various attractive offers.

Campaign 1

Apart from that, participants will even get 3 more EXTRA benefits, as well as enjoying all incredible offers after campaign launch. The benefits are as follows:

1)     Participant will have opportunities to get a FREE RIFLE in a live lucky draw on RedWolf Airsoft Facebook page.

2)     All participants will get a FREE COUPON CODE via e-mail by 23 Nov (All these codes are applicable to all brands and products during the promotion period)

3)     Participants will receive a reminder e-mail 24 hours before our promotion launch (23 Nov, 00:00 EST) about the limited quantity deals.

The campaign will be on from now till Nov 22 (00:00 EST)

Simply register on and you will enjoy all of the above promotions!

Campaign 2Campaign 3Campaign 4

(RedWolf Airsoft)

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