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Support Guns Galore!

Airsoft LMGS! Often overlooked as just an overweight AEG, for specific Milsim games you just ant get away with that pitiful ARP9 with a drum mag as a Support Weapon, so its time to pick up a mans gun! Good thing we’ve just had a huge delivery of A&K support gun goodness perfect for those of you who have always wanted to run around shirtless cutting down foliage on your local field!

A&K M249 MK2 & Para:

Kicking things off we have an Icon of the Support gun world – the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) Used Worldwide by a number of armies this Belgian Beauty has also been popular in the world of video games such as the Call of Duty modern warfare franchise.

M249 Image 1M249 Image 2M249 Image 3

From A&K we have both the Full Stock, Full barrel MK2 Variant alongside the Compact Para version with its retractable stock! Both feature solid full metal construction, realistic FN Herstel Trademarks and even come with a 2500rd electric drum magazine to boot!

A&K MK46:

Those of you after something more tactical might prefer the MK46 – In the real world it is an enhanced version of the standard M249, with a few modifications to save weight whilst at the same time making more suitable for multiple mission requirements hence why it is festooned with picatinny rails!

MK46 Image 1MK46 Image 2MK46 Image 3

Once again boasting the same solid full metal construction, this variant comes with a full Picatinny rail system up front for any attachment and accessories, a railed top cover for optics and a comfortable M4 style retractable stock allowing the user to set up the weapon however they like!

A&K M60E4/MK43:

They say bigger is better… especially when talking about support weapons! Now in store we also have the awesome A&K MK43, based off of the iconic M60 machine gun, the MK43/M60E4 was a modernised variant seen mainly in the hands of special forces and even Navy Seals! (Tears of the Sun anyone?)

MK43 Image 1MK43 Image 2MK43 Image 3

A perfect weapon for badass hip firing, the MK43 once again features full metal construction with polymer furniture up front, the pistol grip and the stock. With folding bipod to allow firing from a fixed position and an electric 2500rd box magazine on the side, this gun is perfect for hunkering down and laying out a hail of plastic death out on the field!


We couldn’t let Western weapons have all the fun, so we’ve decided to round things off by representing the Eastern Bloc with the iconic PKM! This replica from A&K is a perfect choice for you RUSFOR fans, or those of you looking for another iconic light machine gun! This version features stunning real wood furniture on the pistol grip, stock and the carry handle for those of you who love the vintage look!

PKM Image 1PKM image 2PKM Image 3

But that’s not all, this awesome light machine gun comes with an insane 5000rd! Metal drum mag (We say lunch box) Hanging underneath it! With that many rounds your bound to cut down anything in between you and the enemy! Be it fired from the shoulder, or hunkered down on its foldable bipod, you’ll have experienced players and rentals running in fear!

Treat yourself on finance?

Trying to justify the need to be Rambo? Worried that your significant other may leave you if you come home with a shiny new M60? Why not make the most of our PayL8r Finance options and break it down that behemoth of a support gun into manageable monthly payments guaranteed to not break the bank!

Finance Banner

So if you feel like its time to up your firepower, or simply have a vendetta against foliage, then check out the beastly support weapons and many more out over on our website! www.a2supplies.co.uk

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