A2 Supplies range beta testing update

Some exciting news from A2 Supplies:

Yay! Range News! At long last we are finally opening our highly anticipated range for a Two Week Beta Test! With reduced rates its time for you and your friendsto test your accuracy and reaction times against one another! As we are currently awaiting our digital targeting systems (exciting times!) in the meantime we are operating a number of drills with steel targets which are proving highly addictive! Here’s what we’ve got to offer:

7M Pistol Range:
For those of you who love your sidearms its time to get your practice in on our 7M Pistol bays – Perfect for both beginners and experienced Airsofters alike its time to give your beloved pistol some more love! Test yourself against our steel targets, practice your quick draw or perhaps demolish a polystyrene head if that’s what you feel like doing!

Pistol Bay 1Pistol Bay 2Pistol bay 3

15M Rifle Range:
Stepping things up we are also offering x3 15M shooting bays designed for Rifles and many other airsoft weapons! (Yes, if you feel like a challenge you can use a pistol on these bays!) With a combination of Steel and Paper targets for you to take on these are soon to be replaced with high tech electronic targets! The rifle bays provide a perfect space to zero in your optics and set your hop-up before your next game, and get to grips with that shiny new rifle you may have treated yourself to recently!

Rifle Range 1Rifle Range 2Rifle Range 3

Service Bay:
For those of you who like to fettle we are also offering a fourth rifle bay that is there for you to test your weapons accuracy and chronograph to ensure that your rifle is performing at its best!

IPSC Style Short Course:
Alongside our standard shooting bays we also offer an IPSC Inspired Short Course perfect for groups of 3-6 People! Its high octane and insanely addictive as you compete against yourself and your friends at a number of drills under the supervision of our trained range officers. To begin we let you get to grips with your pistol as you take on 2 shot drills designed to test your reaction times, followed by a number of runs on our target course. Time becomes your enemy as you take on multiple steel targets against the clock – Every run through is timed and logged alongside your friends/opponents so its time to see who is your teams John Wick!

IPSC Image 1IPSC image 2
IPSC image 3IPSC image 4

Weapon Rental:

For those of you who don’t have any of your own kit then fear not! We are also offering a number of rental Pistols and even rental AEGs for those of you wanting to see what all the fuss is about! Or you don’t trust your friends with your own Gucci kit! Rental fees also include both Gas and Ammo throughoutthe duration you are using the range!

For the next two weeks the range will be open during normal store hours Mon-Sat 10:30AM-5:30PM! So, what are you waiting for? Book now by either calling us on 0118 9561411 or dropping us an email at info@a2supplies.co.uk

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