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I’ve had a bit of time lately to play with some new Airsoft toys that have hit the shelves recently and (for example) to compare the new CA AK to the GG AK. They are both pretty nice bits of kit. The Guay Guay model clocks in at 350-360fps out the box pretty consistently and the only two criticisms so far are that the back sight is fairly loose and the stock plastic texture feels a bit wierd to the touch. The CA model is obviously not a copy of the exact same model as the GG model so is larger, and also comes with good looking Arsenal logos and decals.

The ATOZ SVD is a pretty nice bit of kit and the optional scope is of decent quality, the wood grip sets certainly give it a good feel and look. I’ve also had a look at the Hurricane Strike conversion kit too, and that is pretty much what you’d expect from Hurricane, it’s heavy, realistic and well built. I’ve not had a chance to take photos but I’ll get some done later on and add them when I get a chance. Oh before I forget the Homeland Defender from Elite Airsoft is a nice bit of kit (thanks go to Walter for letting me play with one). It takes a CO2 bulb in the grip and includes adjustable hop-up, decent power and a full metal construction – I’ll post some range tests sometime over the weekend.

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