Time to take a back seat…

As you may have seen if you’re a regular reader I have been around less and less. I thought I’d add a quick post to say that I’m now formally taking a back seat with regards to the direct running and administration of the website. I could list the reasons for these changes but I don’t post my own personal info online… well you get the gist. One simple reason is I don’t have the time and it is thus time for a few changes to keep the site going in the manner that it should. wink

With regards the forums and review sections, there’s a team of moderators and staff that are very adept at keeping things running smoothly, who have been doing so without my assistance for some time now. A huge thank you should go to them for their efforts to date and in the future.

I believe that given the present circumstances and the needs of the site that the best course of action is to open editorial news control to that of a trusted few; R22Master is the first of these new editors. R22Master isn’t me, so the news will obviously read differently as someone else will be creating the text.

Email and site contact systems are being rerouted so that they can be managed by staff members who are willing to help in that area.

I’ll provide technical and general advice to staff members when it’s occasionally needed but because of my own commitments elsewhere (as I’ve said) it’s not practical for me to have any form of active administration role.

On this day..

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