Off World Manufacturing M2019 Blaster replica

I’ve been sent some photos and text about the “Off World Manufacturing” M2019 Blaster replica. I’ve not got any more details than these for the moment (no telephone number or company details yet):

This is the first production piece of a blaster ever produced intirely of ABS Plastic and Die Cast Metal ( no resin parts!!). The blaster has working features such as primary trigger, bolt action, swing out cylinder and working LEDs (4). The markings on the reciever are laser ectched! This run is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide half of wich is allready pre-sold so dont miss out on this chance to get one guarantied! Note:The dummy cartridges are not included they are for photographic purposes only. (


Update: You can find the M2019 now at either eBay or Monsters in Motion.

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