New Bioval TSV

Stefano Valentini at Bioval has mailed in some shots of a new TSV training weapon from his company. At the moment I’m lacking details on the product and can’t fint it listed on their pages at the moment so I’m posting the photos and the text and product details will follow shortly :


All you can see from the pictures so far is that it’s a SIG copy designed for law enforcement training purposes (hence the blue slide). I’m pretty sure this is designed to work with Bioval’s vest/helmet sensor system.

Edit: Update I’ve managed to find the details in a previous email:

Hello Gents,

[snip – removed at request of author]Warm Regards, Stefano Valentini, (Bioval)

Apologies the 4th image didn’t make it through the mail system here that well, but has been included as it shows the slide detail.

On this day..

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