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MadBull Shark Accelerator Hopup tryout event

by Arnie

Simon has posted details of the “MadBull Shark Accelerator Hopup tryout event” in the forums here. From what I understand MadBull are looking to give away trial samples of their new product to the chosen individuals that have registered online:

Dear friends of MadBull,

We are so excited to announce our new design of Hopup bucking. By our innovative design, you AEG could possibly enhance velocity more than 8%. (Results may very.)

Shark-Bucking 02

Now we would like to provide 250 pcs FREE bucking to our friends all over the world. (100 pcs for US, 100 pcs for UK and 50 pcs for Germany) (Need a return envelope with sufficient postage.)

Please kindly answer the following questions, fill out your information, and follow steps to get your FREE Hopup Bucking. (MadBull)

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