New CA Shots from IWA 2007

News in from Sergio afer the latest IWA show in Germany:

The most interesting novelties presented in our booth are:

Classic Army M14
Classic Army M14 SOCOM
Classic Army Blowback G17 and 1911
Classic Army AR-10
Classic Army HK53
Classic Army SCAR-L (sand and black)
Classic Army SLR105U
Classic Army DSA 80
Classic Army SLR105 Para
Classic Army SAR Sportmatch M41 (standard version and retractable stock version)
Classic Army SLR105 A1 Gold Plated (not for sale, real gold plated, present from CA’s president)
Systema Magnum & Turbo complete gearbox series
Xtreme Precision BIO DEGRADABLE BB’s (the most accurate truly bio degradable
BB’s on the market 5.96 +/-0.01mm!!!)
Xtreme Precision Tacer BB’s
Xtreme Precision Black BB’s
Eco BB (truly bio degradable BB’s with very fast degradation time)
Prioriti Tech 8mm AEG (the first 8mm AEG on the market. Designed for military training, 8mm paintballs under testing now)
ICS CQB series
ICS AKSU (Steel body and wooden furniture)

More pictures will be on-line on in a few days

Best regards, Sergio, (Visele Airsoft)

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