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The UKARA (UK Airsofting Retailers’ Association) have been in touch to request that we place the following statement regarding their optional players database which they are now trailling:

The UKARA data base scheme is now registering Game Sites who wish to join, and some site will start registering players this weekend.  The Games sites registration application form is available to download.  The player “Skirmishers” registration form is also available to down load from and has already passed the 2000 mark. Currently over 17 sites have joined and 16 retailers with 13 awaiting approval There is no charge being made by UKARA for either registrations, please read terms and conditions before returning these forms. The data base is now operating in limited trial mode and seem to be performing up to  specification and will be fully operational before the 1st of October to enable UK Airsoft players to continue to legally purchase Realistic Replica Firearms.


Now for the important ArniesAirsoft disclaimer (ahem):

Please note that Arnies Airsoft has no affiliation or involvement with the UKARA database. 

Registering and use of such a database is entirely at the individual’s choice and risk, and will be entirely optional at this present time for sales on ArniesAirsoft.

In other words, until the big boss (Arnie) says otherwise, the use of such a database is entirely the individual’s choice and responsibility on these forums. We will not enforce consultation of any database unless Arnie decides upon a change in forum policy.

Cheers. :)

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