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IASUS Concepts: new magnesium PTT for throat mics

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imageIASUS Concepts have a new push to talk switch out that is designed to hook up with your throat microphone setup. This new model is made from magnesium:



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IASUS Concepts Launches the First Tactical PTT with Full-Body Magnesium Construction

IASUS Concepts releases the first ever magnesium push-to-talk module, featuring unprecedented strength in a lightweight, combat-ready design for tactical applications.


16 December, 2010— This month, communications innovator IASUS Concepts reinvents push-to-talk technology with the all new Sniper PTT for the NT3 Black Ops 2 tactical throat mic communications system. As part of its commitment to constant innovation and improvement, IASUS has taken its current full-surface Sniper PTT to an entirely new level by using magnesium alloy in an all new design.

Twenty percent lighter than the aluminum body of the original Sniper PTT and boasting significantly increased tensile strength, the new CNC-machined magnesium Sniper PTT is the very first of its kind.

This material is one of the most durable alloy metals in the world, yet it is exceptionally lightweight, making it a highly desirable material for aerospace and motorsport racing applications. The new magnesium Sniper PTT makes IASUS Concepts the first communications manufacturer to bring
magnesium to tactical headset applications.

To perfect the already versatile construction of the Sniper PTT, IASUS has incorporated a new MOLLE-spec “TIGER Clip” which can be mounted to the underside of the PTT with high-adhesion 3M Velcro. The clip, also made of magnesium alloy, allows for virtually any tactical positioning according to user preference. As with our previous full-surface PTTs, the new Sniper PTT is designed to facilitate activation with heavy gloves. When a free hand is not available, it can also be easily activated by other objects such as a rifle stock or by pressing it against the ground.

The new high-strength, lightweight magnesium Sniper PTT marks IASUS once again as a leader in the innovation of specialized tactical communication headsets.

The new magnesium Sniper PTT is compatible with all NT3 Throat Mic Headsets and can be retrofitted to previously purchased headsets. It is available through IASUS authorized resellers and comes with a one

year manufacturer’s warranty. MRSP is 59.00 USD. For more information, visit www.iasus-concepts.com. IASUS Concepts welcomes reseller and distributor inquiries.

Pictured: IASUS Concepts magnesium Sniper PTT

About IASUS Concepts, Ltd:

Founded in 2001, IASUS Concepts Ltd. is an innovator in industrial design and technology development with headquarters in Asia and resellers all over the globe. IASUS Concepts focuses on creating unique and innovative niche market electronic products for personal and professional use.

At IASUS, each concept is developed by our team of experienced engineers and highly creative designers whose wide-ranging expertise allows our products to make and continuously elevate new standards.

Our team’s passion for fresh ideas is what drives us to maintain a constant pace of innovation with intuitive, functional designs. Each product is the unique end result of a design process in which our team refines every detail for function, purpose, and intuition. This is the IASUS difference.

(IASUS Concepts)

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