New gun review from Airsoft Megastore

Airsoft Megastore have a new video review of the Cyma Cybergun Colt M4 CQB-R AEG rifle:

Hey guys, We’ve got exciting news!  Airsoft Megastore TV has just been able to get our hands on the latest Cyma Cybergun Colt M4 CQB-R AEG Rifle. Below you’ll find our newest episode and review of this gun shot in full 1080P HD for your viewing pleasure.  We’d love for you to subscribe to our channel, and more importantly, connect with us either on Youtube or Facebook and let us know your thoughts about the all-new Airsoft Megastore TV.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, just comment directly on the video or post up your feedback on our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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