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Here is the latest from Airsoft GI including their current coupon code:

Looking for a little more realism from your Magpul PTS Masada? We have added a few more parts such as the Beta Project GBB Masada Kit and external accessories for the Magpul PTS Masada! Check out these parts as well as other accessories in the Specials section to save. Input the coupon code 205OFFDAILY to save even more on your next purchase!


imageMarq goes into detail on the functions of a piston in a gearbox. Read all about it on our blog and stay tuned for more articles to come. You can use the coupon code 205OFFDAILY to save on your next purchase of internals parts!

imageCondor and Pantac are coming out with some amazing new gear this year. Which one would you prefer? Condor Cyclone or Pantac LT6094? Both made in the USA so you know they are made from the highest quality material. Use our coupon code 205OFFDAILY to save on your next gear purchase. Whether it’s Condor or Pantac, the final decision is up to you. Stay tuned on our website for more details to come.

imageThis gear loadout is inspired by Andrew’s very own loadout and was built using the high quality items sold on our website. Read up as to why Andrew runs a "low profile" gear set-up. This might just become your new loadout on the battlefield when you get out and play! Also you can use our coupon code 205OFFDAILY to save more as you design your own personal loadout.

imageWhat do you guys think about our HK416? Do you want to see more paint designs? What other accessories should we add that you guys would like to see? With the 205OFFDAILY coupon code and our large inventory of accessories to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

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