Monsters In Motion: Blade Runner PKD Blaster-by Daiki Kogyo

Monsters In Motion have a non-functioning replica of Deckard’s Blaster out on pre-order. It’s made by Daiki Kogyo and whilst it apparently features no moving parts but at 199USD it’s the cheapest pre-built kit I’ve seen for ages (the last copy was 1700USD).

Yes it’s not airsoft, but if you’re a collector of such things this may well be up your alley. Sadly it’s not available until July next year:

imageBlade Runner 1:1 PKD Blaster-by Daiki Kogyo


Blade Runner 1:1 PKD Blaster-by Daiki Kogyo:

This item is a completed action toy designed for collectors.

A 1/1 prop replica of the "Blaster Gun" as used by retired police officer Rick Deckard in the movie Blade Runner. Created from detailed examinations and measurements of the movie prop itself, this is as close as it gets, folks! Doesn’t actually blast, of course (triggers do not move). Made of ABS plastic and PVC vinyl.

Shipping Thursday July 31, 2014, but go ahead and order now. We will consider it a preorder and will not charge you until the item ships. Many of our products are limited edition and sell through before they even arrive into our warehouse. This means if you prefer to wait until the product arrives, it may be too late. We will not charge your credit card until the item is ready to ship. The great thing for you is that you can reserve the item at no cost to you until the item ships from our warehouse. (Release date subject to change without notice.)

  • Catalog#: 03BDK01
  • Theme(s): Blade Runner

(Monsters In Motion)

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