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Blast From the Past – Ancient Airsoft: ToyTec Super Calico M-100

What does an Airsoft gun from almost 30 years ago look like?  We dug out one from our warehouse to show you and it may very well surprise you.  How much has Airsoft "evolved" in the last 2 decades, or rather how much have we gone backward in time?  Many so called "new" guns today are starting to boast the same features as these guns that have been around from 30 years ago.  So are we moving forward, or is the "future" taking us backward?  Watch this episode of BLAST FROM THE PAST on RedWolf TV and take stroll back in time to see for yourself!

Some have asked how we got our hands on something this old.  RedWolf is one of the oldest Airsoft companies since the mid 90’s and we’ve amassed some oldies that many airsofters today may not have heard of.  Subscribe to our channel and learn about these "vintage" guns as we dig into the deep dark corners of our warehouse!

Watch this episode of RedWolf TV’s Blast from the Past here:

image001 (1)

Full auto gas blowback Calico from almost 30 years ago shows you how much Airsoft has changed, or not!  Scroll to bottom to see our video review.


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