Latest ICS HOG AEGs @Firesupport

Firesupport have sent over details of the ICS EBB HOG models they are stocking:


Please see information about ICS latest models of the EBB HOG

I am excited to introduce you some new variants of our CXP-HOG line – The CXP-HOG SD series & Tubular series.

These CXP-HOG SD models are set up to be "Special forces" models with an integrated silencer. Vaguely reminiscent of the MP5 SD, these rifles are not only good-looking but also very practical for use in Airsoft.

All weapons are rear wired, which means that there is no need for a PEQ box – not there is any issue with using a PEQ, but for a weapon like this keeping the front end as sleek as possible adds to the looks!

saved_resource(2)The short version of the rifle (ICS-383) does away with front & rear sight, giving the weapon a much sleeker and more modern appearance.

Please find the main features of these products here below:

  • Full metal ICS split gearbox with QD spring guide for easy maintenance and upgrades
  • Realistic electric blowback design
  • Built-in spring detention function
  • Full metal receiver for a heavyweight, realistic feel
  • Custom tubular front rail system
  • Polymer flip-up front and rear sights (except ICS-323)
  • Ergonomic pistol grip
  • Adjustable stock
  • Ambidextrous charging handle

saved_resource(3)The precision adjustable UKSR fixed stock is injection molded polymer construction with metal alloy reinforcements. Its fully adjustable length of pull and cheer riser allows shooter to dial in the stock to their needs.

To know more about the ICS UKSR stock, I would recommend you a video made by KhanSeb, a French Youtuber (with English subtitle):

You can also find our presentation on ICS’s Youtube channel:


saved_resource(5)There are multiples options for magazines at ICS. I am attaching a brochure for your reference.

For this series, you may suggest your customers to fit a MA-352 Metal hi-cap short mag (170 rounds) on the model to create a new look:


Available Now at Firesupport


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