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Bored of your standard run of the mill iron sights? Wanting to up your target acquisition game? Perhaps its time for an Optic!
In Store we have a wide range of Nuprol optics suitable for both indoor and outdoor use perfect for any AEG Or GBBR!


After some magnification? The Nuprol 4×32 ‘NP Cogs’ and ‘Phantom’ Optical Sights offer fantastic visibility and magnification allowing you to easily keep an eye on your target. These sights can also cover the best of both worlds with addition of a small ‘DR RDS’ Mounted ontop, perfect for those unexpected CQB engagements! 


After a Red Dot? We stock a wide range such as the 881, 882, 883, 886 887, HD Series, The E1 Micro dot and even the more basic RDS Reflex style sights. Still feel like you want some magnification?  A combination of a Nuprol 800 x4 Magnifier and a Red Dot Sight is also an option allowing the option to switch between the standard red dot aperture and x4 magnification.


Nuprols diverse range of optics are perfect for anyone wanting to up their game! Here’s some examples of what your gun could look like with a shiny new optic!


Got something in your sights? Check these out and more over on our website at www.a2supplies.co.uk or visit us in store for more info!

Mark Jerrom
Media Manager
A2 Supplies Ltd.

(A2 Supplies)

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