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December Restock & Shiny New Stuff!

Its December! The Trees are up, Michael Bublé has Thawed out for another Year and of course, the hordes of Christmas Shoppers have flooded the town centre.. Christmas may be a time for friends and loved ones… But what about yourself? Theres still time to treat yourself to some new Airsoft kit! Have a look at some of the shiny new goodies we have in store!
Perhaps You are trying to compensate for something?

Everyone loves to show off, and in Airsoft its all about Accessories and Bling for your Weapons! New in Store we are now carrying some Shiny Gold Airsoft Surgeon Compensators for EU Series of Pistols! The Airsoft Surgeon Micro & Stubby Compensator for EU Series Pistols are an easy to use accessory which fits any EU Series pistol with a 14mm CCW Thread. By using a Thread adapter the Compensator simply screws into place and is then secured using 2 small grub screws either side. In the AIPSC world this compensator adds weight up front in order to counter the balance when the weapon recoils – allowing for far easier follow up shots on your static paper foes. In the Airsoft world its adds more bling to your Sidearm!

EU Compensators 1EU Compensators 2EU Compensators 3

Perhaps you’re after something not so chunky or square? Prefer things to be a little more toned down? We also stock the UAC Thread Adapters in both Gold and Silver. These Stainless Steel Adapters convert 11mm CW Threads to 14mm CCW Threads perfect for the attachment of suppressors or tracer units. They also come with a Thread Protector Capas pictured below giving your sidearm a shiny muzzle break.

EU Compensators 4

Desert Eagle Magazines!

Need some more MAGS for your MAGnum? We have received a nice shipment of Cybergun/WE Desert Eagle magazines! Perfect for those who love the full metal hand cannon!These Chunky Full metal magazines hold 21 Rounds and provides fantastic gas efficiency for use in one of the hardest kicking GBB Airsoft pistols to date! Fill these with Nuprol 4.0 Gas and feel to Kick!

Desert Eagle Mags 1

A Seat at Arthur’s Table:

Calling all Applicants, feel like its time to don a suit and become a Kingsman Agent? Well we have some good news for you – Applications are now open! During the week we received an unexpected parcel containing a single ShowGuns KPS (Kingsman Pistol Shotgun)

Kingsman 1

ShowGuns KPS is a Replica based upon the iconic Sidearm featured in the Kingsman series of films. This full metal gas Blow Back replica looks and feels fantastic, a true weapon for a gentleman spy. One of its most striking features is the integrated under barrel shotgun launcher which fires PPS style gas Shotgun shells! This launcher has its own trigger positioned just in front of the original trigger, that has been filed back resulting in a light trigger pull and reset, allowing the user to fire rapidly. The shotgun cartridge holds 6 BBs and is powered by green gas. When Fired, all 6 BB’s fire in a hail of plastic, perfect for clearing small rooms and hallways.

Now up for grabs, An excellent piece for both collectors and people who want something a little different! This GBB Replica is a fantastic pistol – A Must have for you Kingsman fans! Its time to take your Seat at Arthur’s Table.
Postpone the Christmas Shopping for another week.. Go On! Treat Yourself! Check out all of these fantastic products and more over to our Website www.a2supplies.co.uk or Visit us in store!

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