ICS have sent over a release about their ICS MX5-P complete with some large images:

The features of next-gen ICS MX5-P

Long time ago ICS create the all metal MX5 for Airsoft player, and make the AEGs step into new era. Now, it’s time to announce that AEGs need to go forward to next generation. The new generation of ICS MX5 is coming. You can find there have lots of outstanding features in our MX5 prototype. The ICS next-gen MX5 is the best thing we ever create!

The stamped steel made receiverBeyond the standard of Airsoft industry, the ICS next generation MX5-P has the thickness of steel up to 1mm. Let the MX5-P have the weight just like real gun, and keep the balance of gun body. This design avoids the top-heavy problem of AEG.


(B) The real gun structure designThe whole AEGS take the genius gun as a reference. And there is no wire display outside on this AEG. It demonstrates the design ability of ICS.


1. (C) Changeable front sightCopy form genius gun, you can replace different sign depend on you situation


1. (D) ICS instant disassembling designThe easiest way to dissemble the AEG, You can instantly release the upper and lower receiver by pulling out two bolts, and when you "break" the gun in half. The circuit is interrupted with a connector whenever you disconnect the gun. This is another great feature provided by ICS.

2. clip_image004

(E) ICS patented split gearboxThe new gen of MX5-P also equipment with the unique split gearbox which let you makes the spring swap as a piece of cake and increase the convenience of maintaining. clip_image005

(F) Multifunction fire selector modeThe new gen of MX5-P has multifunction fire selector mode. Switching your fire selector to Safe will release the pressure off the main spring in your upper gearbox. This means double safety and longer spring life.


(G) The ICS adjustable 3-round burstThe ICS patented 3 round burst could be adjusted to any kind of round you want. And ICS create this function by using MOSFET which can rectify the electric current, and keep the working temperature for Motor. This MOSFET will save the power of battery and extend the life of battery.


(H) The real action bolt designICS design the bolt can do the real action. The bolt can be fixed, this function can adjust the Hop up system and increase the fun of playing.


(I) The genius gun concept retractable stockICS create this metal made retractable stock which copies the concept of real gun. And equip with one piece metal made of ergonomics stock. When you put the release button of the stock. The stock will jump out automatically.



There’s also a set of high resolution images that they have sent over:

_MG_0165 _MG_0167 _MG_0171 _MG_0172 _MG_0178 _MG_0182 _MG_0186 _MG_0189 _MG_0192 _MG_0194 _MG_0195 _MG_0200 _MG_0201

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