Gunfire: Icebreaker is not stopping

Gunfire’s Icebreaker sale is still going:

The Icebreaker is not stopping! Products from popular manufacturers up to 75%OFF.


With the Icebreaker sale come great deals and prices. That is why we have discounted over 3000 products including these from latest Specna Arms, SHS, bolBollé deliveries and more. Let us show you around and present the hottest products at very attractive prices. We have discounted some awesome models like assault rifles from G&P or ICS. G&P MOE assault rifle has flash-hider, the stock’s pipe base and other minor elements made of steel and bears the markings of the Magpul Company. It is equipped with MOE Professional Training Systems elements which are known for their functionality. Another great replica is ICS-127 R.I.S. Crane Stock assault rifle which is made from uniform alloy of zinc and aluminum, steel and high-quality nylon polymer. Its characteristic feature is the unique, two-part design of the receiver that enables rapid exchange of the upper module. If you are looking for reliable replicas at very attractive prices you should check Specna Arms products like SA-K03 or SA-A03. They have solid construction reinforced with steel elements and very functional quick main spring exchange system, the so-called Enter & Convert™. If you already have a replica, you should think about its maintenance or tuning. In order to do that you should use good-quality parts from popular producers like Element, Guarder or SHS. The offer includes Electro River batteries, JEFFTRON MOSFET units and wiring or wide range of parts and accessories from Tornado, Theta Optics and GFC Accessories. Finally, we advise you to look through the tactical equipment on sale. See how low are the prices of Ultimate tactical protective glasses or bags, backpacks, pouches and vests from GFC Tactical.


Gunfire sales Icebreaker is not going to stop. Thus you shouldn’t stop either. Just visit our store and check hottest deals before they are run out.

The Icebreaker offer is available here.

Terms & Conditions are available here.


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