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Its been hectic this week at A2! Kicking off the week with TWO huge deliveries bursting full of both shiny new kit and the items you’ve all been chasing after for a while! Lets kick things off:


Tracers units have been all the rage for you CQB players recently. Perfect for those dark corners and hallways, the airsoft tracer unit lets you shoot a hail of glowing green (or red) death towards your enemies! With a variety of full size tracer units already out on the market people wanted to mount them onto pistols, this meant making them smaller, lighter and brighter…

Acetech Lighter Pistol Tracer:

Its back! The wait is over! We’ve got a number of the Acetech Lighter pistol tracer units back in stock for you pistol players! It is one of the smallest and lightest power saving tracer units on the airsoft market to date! Its small size allows users to easily attach it to their airsoft sidearms. With only a 30mm Diameter and a length of 101mm, this is one seriously small tracer unit. Suitable with both green and red tracer BBs, the unit runs off of a built in 450mAH rechargeable LiPo battery, the unit is charged via a micro-USB Charging cable which comes with it.

Acetech 1Acetech 2Acetech 3

Xcortech UV Pistol Tracer:

But wait..? The Acetech ISNT Small enough? We have a solution. We’ve also received limited stocks of the Xcortech UV Pistol Tracer Unit! This tiny tracer unit comes in at only 60mm long! Despite its size its still bright and highly effective when in use! It comes attached with an 11mm Pistol adapter for attaching to sidearms, however it also comes with an 11-14mm adapter in the box allowing it to attach straight onto your Rifles too! Just like the Acetech the Xcortech tracer is charged via a micro USB cable (not included) Be quick! As we only have 3 of these in stock!

Xcortech Image 1Xcortech Image 2Xcortech Image 3

But What about guns?

it wasnt just tracer units in this weeks delivery, we’ve also restocked on some awesome new Rifles and Pistols! starting off we have some offerings from VFC.

VFC Avalon Leopard:

VFC Leopard Image 1The VFC Avalon Leopard has been shown some serious love over the last few weeks, however some people weren’t so keen on the aggressive red as it wasn’t "Tactical" enough! So we decided to give it some company in the form of the Black Leopard in BOTH Carbine and CQB Lengths!

VFC Leopard Image 2For those of you who are unfamiliar with the VFC Leopard, this AEG brings a more aggressive look to the Tactical AR platform. Sporting a vicious Leopard shaped rail system up front it is both sleek and stylish. But it doesn’t stop there! The Leopard features fully ambidextrous fire controls and magazine release, alongside a spring loaded stock in the rear to help support the user when aiming. If that isn’t enough, both models also come with their own Avalon Hard case!

VFC Leopard Image 3It doesn’t even stop there either! Internally the VFC Leopard features the new VFC ECS gearbox and a strong magnetic motor, combined with a MOSFET electric fire control unit inside for a faster trigger response. It also features reinforced internal parts such as the HOP-UP unit, a new fiber reinforced piston and tappet plate, steel gear set and a match grade cylinder all of which comes together to provide a top of the line rifle that performs like no other!


Marushin Image 1Good news for you six shooters out there, we’ve got some gorgeous new stock from Marushin! Revolvers in airsoft are quite a rare sight, with alot of funky modern offerings from the likes of Dan Wesson, its time to return to the classics. Marushin Revolvers are classy, elegant and downright badass! In store we’ve got a new line of XCartridge revolvers – The Colt Anaconda! Available in 3 lengths; we are currently stock the 4 inch chambered in 6mm, and for those of you wanting something to push the boat out we also carry the 6 inch and 8 inch in 8mm! (Oh yeah!!) Feeding from individual shells which can be removed and hand loaded with a single BB is a feeling like no other! If you prefer a more traditional sidearm then look no further!

Marushin Image 2Maybe the Anaconda feels a bit too plain..? (How dare you!) Well then we’ve got some more tricks up our sleeves! We’ve also restocked on the Marushin Mateba – Perfect for you Ghost in the Shell fans! Alongside this we’ve also got a real hand cannon, the 9.5" Super Redhawk in a Bling silver! Just the sight of these monstrous revolvers will send your enemies running for cover!

Is the wait finally over? Treat yourself to that Acetech! Why not take the fight to the enemy with an Avalon Leopard? Or perhaps you feel like picking up a classy sidearm, then check them out over on our website: www.a2supplies.co.uk or visit us in store!

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