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Parts & accessories at Land Warrior

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest stock news from Land Warrior:

Here at Land Warrior, we love bringing you all the best of the best in aftermarket parts for your equipment, be that airsoft, real-steel, or for everyday life! We have recently received a delivery with brand new releases and restocks from all your favourite American brands! 

Magpul should be no stranger to anyone in the industry. An American designer and manufacturer of high-tech polymer and composite firearms accessories, they have been operating since the late 90’s and have had a welcome place in Land Warrior stock since our inception!

Newly released Magpul and available at LWA is their Magpul DAKA Hard Case C35, complete with their easy to configure DAKA Grid system pre-installed to keep its contents safe with a water and weather resistant gasket to keep moisture and dust out. For those looking to protect their equipment like nothing else, this is a top-quality contender! This is one of many new items in this delivery, and we also restocked on plenty of their popular stocks, grips, parts and accessories that are sure to improve the quality of life for anyone in the market!

BCM, or Bravo Company USA, founded shortly after Operation Iraqi Freedom, to support the needs of Private Security Professionals working in theaters where durable mil-spec components for their weapon systems were not readily available, offering life saving tools manufactured, reinforced and tested to meet the unforgiving needs of professional Soldiers, Law Enforcement and Citizens in some of the most high-threat environments in the world. 

We currently hold many awesome accessories from BCM such as their MCMR Handguards, SOPMOD stocks, Pistol, Angled and Foregrips, plus plenty more that we’ve been very impressed by, be that their enhanced ergonomics or the next-level durability they provide!

Some fresh items at LW that we’re very happy with are coming to us from Scalarworks! Scalarworks designs and makes high performance products like optic mounts, scope mounts, and optic bundles. We have ordered in plenty of their flagship LEAP series, all offering various heights for various uses, and compatible with either the Aimpoint Micro, Trijicon RMR style or Trijicon MRO style mount optics!

All this and so much more is available at Land Warrior Sports! For more news like this be sure to follow us over the various socials we’re on and to also check out our website! 

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Land Warrior

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