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Discover the KRYTAC Alpha CRB

Krytac have shared a video of their Alpha CRB:


The KRYTAC Alpha CRB is an excellent choice for new players looking for their first major purchase or seasoned Techs looking for a solid platform for their next custom build. Learn about what makes the Alpha CRB an incredible value in our latest video on the new KRYTAC Youtube Channel.



UAC new product – Speed ambi charging handle

image001UAC have a new upgrade part for the Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS:

UAC has launched the latest upgrade parts for Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS. The Speed Ambi Charging Handle. Fully CNC with aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. Come with a long and a short knurled handle. Interchangeable handle design allow shooter to change for their preference. Dual action handle design allow cocking on either side. Handy and increase performance to capable for high tensed competition needs.

M4 Charging Handle BlackM4-Charging-Handle-silver-1
UAC Speed Ambi Charging Handle 1UAC Speed Ambi Charging Handle 2UAC Speed Ambi Charging Handle 3

Here’s the video for Speed Ambi Charging Handle.


PTS New Item – PTS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS)

We are pleased to announce our latest PTS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS). Will available in Early December.


BUIS Coming Soon Poster PTS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sight (EPBUIS)

Item Code:

PT143490807 – Front and Rear Sight


The Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS) are built with the PTS EP series standard Dupont™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer for a high quality product that is both durable and lightweight. The EPBUIS consists of a low-profile, snag-free design that is unobtrusive when retracted.  The aggressively textured surfaces on the sides of the sights aid in slip-free, positive manipulation under any adverse conditions that may affect grip.

The rear sight has a large and small sliding aperture that can be toggled for either close-range, fast, sight picture acquisition shooting or long-distance precision shooting.  The dual apertures feature a ribbed texture on the back and an over-molded ledge on the front for easier manipulation and increased surface contact on the aperture plate allowing you to have control from either side. Windage adjustments can be found on the rear sight and elevation adjustments can be found on the front sight, thus giving the shooter maximum adjustability and versatility.

EPBUIS_01 EPBUIS sight set offers the perfect blend of design and practicality as well as maximum versatility 


-       Dual apertures with ergonomic aperture plate

-       Windage adjustment dial on rear sight

-       Elevation adjustment dial on front sight

-       Low-profile, snag-free design

-       Reinforced polymer build for weightless durability


•    Color – Black

•    Material – Dupont™ Zytel® High Performance Reinforced Polymer

•    Dimension – 34 x 51 x 18mm approx. (Front Sight)

         31 x 53 x 18mm approx. (Rear Sight)

•    Weight – 23g for both sights separately

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

EPBUIS_02  Space - Small_R1

Black Owl Gear Tactical reaper softshell jacket

Black Owl Gear Tactical have sent over details of their reaper softshell jacket:





Our softshell material undergoes testing in extreme conditions to meet the 5K testing requirement. This guarantees the jacket can withstand a massive 5000mm (16.5 ft) of water with any water penetrating the fabric.

Modular detachable hood design gives you incredible flexibility to configure the jacket to your own preferences. The modular hood has been engineered so it’s easy to detach and store when not required.

Seams are often the weak point in a jacket, allowing water and snow to pass into the inside of the jacket. The Reaper features fully-taped waterproof seams to protect against any leakage, making it the ultimate all-weather jacket.

MkNUavIfxpibkxm5lQIbFjfpXttxDBBYU2eI-YGgmYXHjm4ZfchwHGOYSn9ybw9l7yW1_NexGqfYdv0zNg=s0-d-e1-ftBlack Owl Gear Tactical™ EMG Softshell Jacket

Stay warm & active in cold weather with the EMG REAPER SOFTSHELL JACKET.

The Reaper Softshell Jacket provides an excellent defense against harsh winds and water, while maintaining excellent breathability due to specialized layers fabrics used in it’s construction.

Featuring superior coverage and protection that you’d usually expect only from a heavier jacket, the Reaper is lightweight, and comfortable while retaining excellent range of motion.

The Reaper Softshell Jacket also features several zip pockets that are perfect for securely storing smaller items while exploring the great outdoors.

0918zzNbZ0UG4NFCRs_SYnfNB5BJaaw-rrBr218-1CbvIPLJlN3MdG-NwrK2dM9QIHOBGMOj0Zr2snbmng=s0-d-e1-ftDetachable Hood & Waterproof Zipper

The detachable hood design allows you to remove the hood anytime, anywhere, making the jacket incredibly versatile, and suitable for whatever weather you throw at it. The fully taped zip seams and taped zips ensures that no water or snow can penetrate the jacket through the zippers, making this jacket ideal for wearing out during heavy snow, and rain.

More Detail

mNU9DfS-NbUzCfLz3UZ4B-4MD1Mrz4CCeC5a8ob45JbTCeZBnCH_dNAeO-jnZRpYTiXRPdkxZbS22XFXfw=s0-d-e1-ftLow Profile Headphone Cable Design

The Reaper has been designed with a heavily protected media pocket for storing your electronics, which features an internal channel for feeding your headphone cables through.
This allows you to run your headphone cable through the inside of the pocket and into the inside of the jacket up to the hood, allowing you to easily listen to music while keeping your electronics and headphones fully protected by the enclosed jacket.

More Detail

N7fGK64BD9P_tFlInMvelozw-a5ZRMJBSy_Gq2rZVcVN7ssMHAE_ySGTzCk6mZIy-So5575jYhN_RSmifQ=s0-d-e1-ftVelcro Wrist and Taped Seams

Wrists come in all shapes and sizes, however most jackets only feature a standard wrist size based on the S, M, L and XL. The Reaper features adjustable velcro wrist straps to allow you to adjust the wrist size and make sure your wrists are protected against rain and snow entering the jacket. The Reaper also features fully-taped seams to ensure there is no possibility of water or snow leaking in through the zippers and seams.

More Detail

J2Nmij_HIBPFBzjTvTtINMxGIT4RiEQF0jGZF2HpJDxEhqwfNeL1H-_LXZ65toSjttByK_LmmK0aGdYj5g=s0-d-e1-ftSlim Fit Design

The Reaper also features an athletic, slim-fit design, allowing you to use this as your everyday, go-anywhere jacket, whether you’re hiking through heavy rain, fighting your way up snowy mountain ranges, or just heading to the office. The Reaper has been built to be the last all-weather jacket you’ll ever need.

More Detail

(Black Owl Gear Tactical)

APS Smart Shot

APS have shared details of their new Smart Shot:

Smart Shot Mini Launcher – Do not judge by its size

Get rid of your bulky M203 Grenade Launcher, APS bought you to a small and practical launcher that fire APS CAM870 shotgun cartridge shells (or PPS Shotgun cartridge). A new Smart Shot Mini Launcher is now available for Airsoft enthusiasts.

APS Smart Shot Mini Launcher is a product developed from APS patented cartridge shells. The launcher is made of Polymer with weight of 85g only. It has a safety lock to avoid mis-firing. Operation is always friendly, firing and reloading is just by one push. This launcher has also comes with quick detach function and belt loop allow you to mount on your belt and the clip is MOLLE compatible. Installation is simple and easy, user can mount it on Mil-Std 1913 rail by simply one click. User can mount on handgun or rifle wherever he fill suitable. One Push and One click, simple and easy.

Because our Smart Shot Launcher fires shotgun shells where 12 rounds of BB are simultaneously fly out (Effective range around 20M). As you all know shotgun shells is small and you can carry as much as you can. Imagine a user mounted 3 Mini launchers on his rifles with 30 rounds of shells on his bandolier belt. So size matters not, look at our “mini launcher”, will you judge by its size?

Smart Shot-part6Smart Shot(back)Smart Shot(L)Smart Shot(R)Smart Shot(S)Smart Shot(S2)Smart Shot-part1Smart Shot-part2Smart Shot-part3Smart Shot-part4Smart Shot-part5

Smart Shells – New shotgun cartridge shells made by APS

With the success of CAM870 Shot Gun launched in 2015, APS evolves the use of CAM cartridge shells. A New Smart shells with direct gas refill system is now available for customer.

The New Smart Shells has the same size and shape with the existing 870 shells, which are fully compatible with each other. But the new shells allow user to fill gas directly through the valve. With the use of either 88g cylinder adapter or paintball cylinder adapter, the filling is 3 times faster than the old shells, no more complicated loading procedure is needed. User can now simply fill the shells by Co2 directly.


King Arms Predator tactical iron strike

King Arms have shared details of their latest new product:

unnamed (11)

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King Arms – Predator Tactical Iron Shrike


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(King Arms)

New AngryGun wire cutter rail system gen II

AngryGun have shared details of their latest new product on Facebook:

Wire Cutter Rail System Gen II Version for AEG, PTW or GBB





Masada-cqb-barrel-00 We are pleased to announce our latest PTS MASADA 11.5” BARREL SET. Will available in End-November.


Item Code:



The PTS 11.5” Barrel Set is a tool-less quick change barrel system designed exclusively for the PTS Masada Gas Blowback Rifle. The Masada’s inner barrel and hop-up unit (both are included and pre-installed into the barrel set) is captured within the quick change barrel system. This 11.5” barrel can be swapped with the standard length Masada barrel system with ease allowing the Masada to be reconfigured into a SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) as needed.

Masada-cqb-barrel-02 Features:

•    Masada 11.5” Barrel Set

•    2 optional O-Rings

•    Hop-Up Adjustment Key


•    Dimension – 365 x 55 x 40 approx. (with packaging)

•    Weight – 542g approx. (with packaging)

•    Compatibility – PTS Masada (GBB Only)


Masada-cqb-barrel-03  Masada-cqb-barrel-04

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

Introducing AW Custom VX01 series pistols

AW Custom have sent over details of their new VX01 series pistols:



Hex-cut porting  and Hex-cut engraving provides an aggressive gripping surface while significantly reducing weight on the frontend. Allows you to perform your best under any range condition.

Hex-cut porting is CNC machined for intricate detail and precision. Engineered to reduce  weight of the entire pistol giving the pistol a low frontend weight and excellent overall balance.

Competition Ready
Engineered to be competition-ready out of the box without extra tuning or modification. Designed alongside competitive AIPSC/Action Air champions.


AW Custom™ VX01 Series Pistol

AW Custom™ is proud to announce the VX Series Hex Cut pistols, a brand new range of pistols featuring our signature hex cuts and hex porting to reduce the overall weight of the pistol in addition to providing an aggressive gripping surface.

Whether you’re putting this pistol through it’s paces at an IPSC/Action Air competition, or skirmishing it, this pistol will consistently outperform the competition, putting shots downrange accurately, and with blistering speed.

Check out more photos on our facebook page here and join the discussion:
VX01 Series Pistol Facebook Photo Album

vA-JhYzDljNq8V8F5rlF6-6dSNuPbR3YrQXAq-tH6XNgB2ra2D4FC6jMqWqvOdgRAiVC2w6HHc-oTa4rCQ=s0-d-e1-ftAW Custom™ VX Series 0100 & 0101 Pistol

The VX01 Series Pistol features our iconic Hex-Cut full metal slide with AW Custom™ Logo engraved outer barrel. Our signature hex cuts and hex porting work to aggressively reduce weight on the pistol while ensuring a better grip while racking the slide. The luminous fibre optic front & rear sight allow the shooter to aim with confidence, even in low-light conditions.


HbfeDRUttjkCAj2_pGO8AdNenncQZTk9Q_6Dg1rPwELk10bAiQU7pM-Obeu0t8Qq7m6ySVP9UZyfXckhIA=s0-d-e1-ftAW Custom™ VX Series 0110 & 0111 Pistol

The anti-slip texture, combined with the Hex-Cut design provides a versatile gripping surface suitable for almost any range condition you encounter. The enlarged base plate of the magazine enables the operator easy access to the magazine. Designed for instinctive mag changes during competition when failure is not an option.



  • Armorer Works signature lightweight HEX-cut slide
  • Cut-off slide for reducing extra weight
  • Ultra-light recoil, and crisp, agile blowback cycling
  • Armorer Works logo engraved on outer barrel
  • Threaded outer barrel ready for mounting compensator or silencer
  • Luminous optic fibre front & rear sight
  • Skeletonized polymer lower frame with stippling process
  • Integrated accessory rail for mounting flashlights and lasers
  • Pre-installed Armorer Works HEX-cut magwell
  • Bottom of the trigger guard designed with two finger groves making it possible to achieve a higher firmer grip with the support hand
  • Enlarged magazine base for better grip while reloading


  • Box Length: 319mm
  • Box Width:171mm

  • Box Height: 51mm
  • Package Gross Weight: 1015.8g
  • Pistol Length: 200mm
  • Pistol Height: 134mm
  • Pistol Weight (No Mag): 516.5g
  • Magazine Weight: 278.6g
  • Inner Barrel Length: 93mm
  • Muzzle Velocity: 320FPS

Package Includes:

  • 1 x VX01 Series Pistol
  • 1 x VXMG02 Gas Magazine

(AW Custom)

Save during Veterans’ Day with KRYTAC

Krytac are marking Veterans’ Day with a sale:



  • KRYTAC Trident MK2 Pistol Grip
    From: $29.95 Price: $26.96
  • KRYTAC Adjustable Battery Stock
    From: $44.95 Price: $40.46


  • KRYTAC M4 Compact Carbine Stock
    From: $79.95 Price: $71.96
  • Licensed CMC M4 Flat Trigger
    From: $14.95 Price: $13.46


King Arms magazines & front grips

Here is the latest product news from King Arms:


Item Code KA-MAG-28-V-BK / KA-MAG-28-V-DE / KA-MAG-28-V-OD
Name AK 110 Rounds Polish Type Magazines Box Set (5pcs) – BK / DE / OD
Size L75 mm x W30 mm x H190 mm
Weight 760 g
Main Material ABS
Major Color Black / Dark Earth / Olive Drab
Capacity 110 rds
Product information: 110 Rounds Polish Type Magazines for AK Series.
5 magazines included.

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Item Code KA-MAG-29-V / KA-MAG-30-V
Name MP40 / M1A1 110 Rounds Magazines Box Set (5pcs)
Size L35 mm x W25 mm x H235 mm / L40 mm x W30 mm x H215 mm
Weight 465 g / 625 g
Main Material ABS
Major Color Black
Capacity 110 rds
Product information: 110 rounds magazines suitable for China made MP40 / M1A1.
5 magazines included.

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Item Code KA-MAG-70 / KA-MAG-70-V
Name Short Mid-Cap Magazine for KING ARMS VSS/AS VAL/SR-3M & Box Set (5pcs)
Size L80 mm x W32mm x H110mm
Weight 93.4 g
Main Material ABS
Major Color Black
Capacity 90 rds
Product information: 90 Rounds Short Mid-Cap Magazine for KING ARMS VSS/AS VAL/SR-3M

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Item Code KA-TG-27-BK / KA-TG-27-DE
Name Training Weapon System (TWS) Front Grip – BK / DE
Size L57mm x W35mm x H101mm
Length 57mm
Weight 70 g
Main Material Nylon Fiber
Major Color Black / Dark Earth
Product information: This Training Weapon System (TWS) Front Grip has a very low profile without sacrificing functionality.

It has a battery / part storage compartment with a quick access cover on the bottom.

The flat non-slip bottom surface aids in supported firing positions.

Also, a pressure switch can be mounted on both sides.

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(King Arms)

New video from AST & RA-TECH

AST have shared a couple of new videos:

Dear Friends,

AST is releasing a new video!!!

Umarex VP9 debut

RA-TECH is releasing a new video!!!



G&G: Lock and load with the new mid-cap

G&G have produced a new mid-cap magazine:

105r Midcap Magazine
It’s the little things that give you the competitive edge when you play. That’s why we created a clear see-through design to help you know when you are about to be out of BB’s for quicker magazine changes. Additionally, we installed a BB follower to ensure every BB feeds into your hop-up correctly. There is no need to worry if you drop your magazine because the new midcap is constructed out of polycarbonate material for extreme durability. Lock and Load with the 105r mid-cap magazine.

unnamed (10)


Licensed Fortis Manufacturing Airsoft products from RWA

RWA have teamed up with Fortis Manufacturing:


October 26, 2016

Announcement of licensing agreement between RWA & Fortis Manufacturing

RWA is proud to announce it has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with Fortis Manufacturing, Inc. in October, 2016.  RWA is a renowned premium manufacturer and international distributor of licensed Airsoft products, headquartered in Hong Kong.  In addition to producing the most coveted licensed NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM pistols and AGENCY ARMS slide sets for Airsoft, RWA plans to manufacture a full line of licensed FORTIS MANUFACTURING products.  FORTIS MANUFACTURING is a fast growing premium AR/ M16 pattern rifle accessories manufacturer headquartered in Washington, USA.  Its aim is to provide "Operator" needed strength with exceptional design and aesthetics at an affordable price. They are passionate about bringing the best AR products to market.

Together, RWA and FORTIS MANUFACTURING plan to create the most realistic AEG & GBBR airsoft accessories, catering to airsoft shooters for both training and participating in airsoft recreational sports.  PTS retains the license to manufacture selected FORTIS MANUFACTURING products.

If you have any questions about this announcement, or any of RWA’s products, please email or visit  For more information about FORTIS MANUFACTURING, visit



Introducing AW Custom K00 series pistol – K00001

AW Custom have sent over details of their new K00 series pistol:

Handmade Limited Edition
K00 Series Pistol


OVxfVmgM8EIB3obiluH031kgFFfcZGdd80JnAH4hpog6Oh1zheP2tcri8RD4E72tao1uHJ9SPomLYzAs0Q=s0-d-e1-ftFULLY     HAND-MADE
The whole pistol is fully processed and assembled by Armorer Works Staff to ensure to every pistol kits reach the quality standard.

LzQjmBWWMcH2C9b079pilnbtjfOj1Mx0N_axdPikNgfDEc-xCPtGzAFUqih6loNKwMxp8pqHnjGQlEX_Mw=s0-d-e1-ftCNC ALUMINIUM
Both the upper frame and lower frame are constructed by CNC machined Aluminium to minimize the tolerance.

uOi9iZcrVv7Pfp5dfjhx6KLVX-wmeKB5n7psLjN30pEgFkLK1snMEmRqqjHYMMK5gAhKb0h_R9HNY3Nhhg=s0-d-e1-ftFull Auto Function
Engineered to be galactic war-ready with both semi-auto and full-auto function in case you want to join the Rebellion.

SZg_CnxknGeomGIOFLGqwI2QehaqarjJgx9j8qxlA_5GkVqWrSKkEwIJR4nmf359j6oCjeEr79FJKATRBw=s0-d-e1-ftK00 Series Pistol kits – Handmade Limited Edition
We’re proud to introduce the latest model in our growing range of competition race pistols; the AW Custom™ K00 Series Pistol Kits.

From the depths of AW Custom’s skunkworks division far, far away, AW Custom™ is proud to announce the Limited Edition K00 Series Pistol Kits!

With the AW Custom™ K00 Series Pistol kits you’ll finally be able to answer the question, ‘who shot first?’.

For those that want to use the force the pistol itself also features both single shot and fully automatic firing modes.

Check out more photos on our facebook page here and join the discussion:
K00 Series Pistol Kits Facebook Photo Album

fsMmp9z796KHvOq_uQqaVdZD5dg5OvPPo0MlCTE7TaTR4UUTFuPIlmntK4SEL1pbhULnYVRJu22WVot7Ag=s0-d-e1-ftAW Custom™K00 Series Pistol

The K00 Series Pistol features pre-drilled holes for mounting the custom made K00 Series scope kits. The reticle on the non-magnifying scope on the right side of the pistol kit will help you to perform a quick aim one-handed, and the old German machine-gun style flash hider provides the pistol with the excellent weight distribution to keep the pistol perfectly balanced in the hand.

More Detail


  • CNC finished aluminum alloy construction
  • Futuristic and historical fusion design
  • Pre-drilled holes for installing the scope mount for the original non-magnifying scope
  • Old german machine-gun style flash hider gives the pistol kits excellent weight distribution
  • Adjustable rear 500 yard tangent sights
  • Crisp single shot gas blow back cycling and blisteringly fast full auto action
  • Imitation wood pistol grips
  • Functional thumb safety


  • Box Length: 337mm
  • Box Width:175mm

  • Box Height: 55mm
  • Package Gross Weight: 1304.5g
  • Pistol Length: 271mm
  • Pistol Height: 151mm
  • Pistol Weight (No Mag): 753.0g
  • Magazine Weight: 336.8g
  • Inner Barrel Length: 166mm
  • Muzzle Velocity:350-390 FPS

Package Includes:

  • 1 x K00 Series Pistol

(AW Custom)

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