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lambda ONE for GLOCK34 & lambda FIVE for GLCOK34

Lambda have released two new barrels for the Glock34:

unnamed (42)

lambda barrel is cold forged stainless steel we selected.
The internal tolerance is 1 micro mm class.
Better quality for your GLOCK 34.

"lambda ONE for GLOCK34" / in Dia 6.01mm

"lambda FIVE for GLCOK34" / in Dia 6.05mm

Please check it


Jia Dyi: Decipher KWC’s secret codes

Jia Dyi wish to to educate customers how to identify the correct models they want and learn the product roadmap of KWC:

Honorable clients

Judging by the item codes, one can quickly look into the product portfolio of a manufacturer and see if they fitted with local demand.

Take KWC for example, they own three systems:KA for air-cocking, KC for CO2 power, and KM for the smallest diameter pellet in Airsoft, 4.5mm. In any of the three, if you see a “B” addressed, it means it can blow back; after the “-“, the “CI” means silver finishing, “H” means it carries hopup device, and “D” means metal slide. Let’s practice with the following example and learn KWC’s product roadmap.

KWC SW Sigma SW40F:Spring version【KA-27HN】/6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-15AHN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-12AHN】


KWC owns 40 years history since it had been founded in 1978, it developed it first type of Airsoft gun in 1984, Smith & Wesson’s SIGMA SW40F was one of the early models that had been long-lived until today and the early spring powered SW40 have transformed into CO2 blow back version both in 6mm and 4.5mm.

KWC UZI SMG:6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-07HN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-07HN】


The most successful model in its CO2 guns, probably the KWC replica has built its equal name with UZI. The 2011 new version has improve its CO2 powerlet output efficiency, 6pcs/ctn. is very friendly and become a must load for blow back SMGs for because of moderate price.

KWC Taurus PT99:6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-15AHN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-15AHN】


This is the gun that pioneered the CO2 blow back trend in industry at the dawn of Airsoft times. Full metal jacket, prolong and thick handgrip show this M9 replica a magnificent feeling when holding in hand. This full size beast only suits for people with big wrist and palm.

KWC Luger P08:6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-41DHN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-41DHN】


Another masterpiece from KWC that imitated the infamous but delicate Nazi pistol, Luger P08. Full metal body with the most popular 4” barrel, KWC P08 has become most collectors’ choice for its affordable price. Speaking of collection, if you were fascinated by Luger variants like 6”, 8” or plated with silver, golden; better find WE in our agent portfolio,【GP401/402/403 S/G】.

KWC Python .357 revolver:6mm CO2 version【KC-66/67/68DHN】and 4.5mm CO2 version【KM-66/67/68 CDN/DN】


If we said WG owns the most varieties of top quality CO2 revolvers, and HFC provides those inexpensive models powered by gas, then the KWC hits the bulls’ eyes by targeting at the famous Colt Python series. From 2.5” to 6” in barrel length, but for unknown reason, the silver version only list in 4.5mm.

KWC TT33 6mm CO2 Non blow back version【KC-44DHN】/4.5mm CO2 Non blow back version【KM-45DHN】and WE TT33 6mm Gas blow back version【GP112/112S】and KWA TT33 Gas blow back version【GP112】


For old gun fanatics and players dressed with Russian gears, the TT33 becomes a fantastic souvenir or perfect sidearm in battlefield. KWC features the lowest price model, a CO2 non-blow back TT3(upper left), WE provide gas blow back models both with stealth black and modern silver finishing, while KWA’s gas blow back TT3(bottom left) owns the premium price in market. Above are all full metal versions.

If you were interested in the above brands, please contact, we will be glad to initiate an adaptive and constructive dialogue with you to enrich your sales portfolio with airsoft exquisites from Taiwan.

(Jia Dyi)

New products from King Arms

Here is all the latest product news from King Arms:


#KingArms #Airsoft #IWA2018 #Gunfire

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#KingArms #Airsoft #IWA2018

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Predator Tactical Iron Shrike 1911 Rail Top gas/ CO2
7 unic styles, with 7 chic colours combination and 7 outstanding slides. All-embracing and you can choose what catches your eyes.
You can get the collections that you are dreaming of all at Predator Tactical Official Licensed BY KING ARMS.
#KingArms #Airsoft #Predator #Tactical #Rail #Gas #Co2#comingsoon

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Classic wooden or tactical folding stock? Tell us which u prefer…
#KingArms #Airsoft #VSS #VAL #Realwood

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Predator Tactical Iron Shrike 1911 Rail Top gas/ CO2, which is your favorite?
#KingArms #Airsoft #Predator #Tactical #Rail #Gas #Co2#comingsoon

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(King Arms)

Lambda FIVE inner barrels

lambda-logoLambda have added some inner barrels to their website:

This is lambda Japan.
We add some inner barrels "lambda FIVE" for pistol like HI-CAPA to our web shop.


And I added "AEG 420mm",it’s customer’s request.

Could you check our website?

Also we will add "lambda ONE (6.01mm)" soon.
Please keep in touch


Jia Dyi: Two brands compete for throne of CZ pistols

Jia Dyi have shared details of their CZ models:

Jia DyiTwo Brands Compete for the Throne of CZ pistols

Honorable clients,

For BB gun manufacturers in Taiwan, the airsoft gun is not just like a device that spits out 6mm white plastic pellets. It could carry affection more than the need in wargame or business consideration itself. We had introduced KJW’s CZ 75 P-09, Easy Duty 【GP436/GP436(TAN)】, an Airsoft gun that imitated a not so popular model from CZUB in Czech. This week we shall bring you a closer look as to what models do Taiwanese manufacturers had brought about, and hence clarify some misuse in item codes, and of course the wrestling between two brands in this niche market.

KJWCZ 75 KP-09 Gas pistol,【GP430-V2】;CO2 pistol,【CP430-V2】and special edition,【GP430-ST】

KJW replicated the 1976’s standard model after KSC had suspended the production of plastic old version. Electroplated outer barrel and trigger give this full metal, full size classic model much sense of modernity. That makes it the alternative to M1911 and Browning. Users can easily distinguish its power system by the thickness of magazine plate. Further, KJW even provides a full steel version,【GP430-ST】,to honor this old gun.


KJWCZ 75 SP-01 Gas pistol【GP438】/【GP438TB】;CO2 pistol【CP438】/【CP438TB】

Another masterpiece from KJW, its rough shape, tactical rail, red glowing front sight, two-sided safety control, and ergonomic long handgrip all claim its manhood named after Shadow®. It can be assigned to install a silencer if you chose TB version, the CCW adapter treaded and detachable tip.


KWCCZ 75 ST 6mm CO2 pistol,【KCB-88AHN】;4.5mm CO2 pistol,【KMB-88AHN】

You can smell more sense of a tough guy from its hard line. Like Shadow® in KJW, KWC CZ 75 ST also gives huge oppression to tango from its muzzle, while lacking tactical rail is its soft spot.


KWCCZ 75 ST IPSC 6mm CO2 pistol,【KCB-89AHN】;4.5mm CO2 pistol,【KMB-89AHN】

Basically this model was installed with muzzle tamer and Picatinny rail to be loaded with aiming device used in IPSC competition. It is easy to upgrade the muzzle velocity through extension of length of inner barrel, metal BBs and powered by CO2. After all, play it safe is the first priority unless you need high stopping force to shoot down metal targets in race.


Guarder and A+Stainless steel outer barrel【CZ75-09(SV)】/Extension Magazine Base【CZ75-04(BK)】/Hopup bucking【EA-67-CZ】

For some collectors, addressing with Guarder’s exterior parts can effectively enhance the quality and hence its value. It is not uncommon to be seen in collectors who were fascinated by rare pistol like CZ series. Guarder brings shiny steel barrel with deep carvings, and CZ marks on magazine base. Although not quite knowing the difference, A+ also released special enhanced hopup bucking to cope with KJ’s bundling issue on consumable parts.


Jia Dyi owns the most wide agent portfolio that can answer calls from global clients. We try to remind customers if there was still room to make their sales portfolio better, more quick to meet local demand. Hiring Jia Dyi at to be your purchasing agent will promise you “do the right thing” plus “do the thing right”- to deal with the right supplier, and get strategic advice not just an arms-length deal, but a partnership.

(Jia Dyi)

King Arms @IWA & new products

Here is all the latest news from King Arms:


This week !!
We will be presenting some of our new and exciting coming release, such as our licensed products of CAA Airsoft Division, Black Rain Ordnance, MDT, and Predator.
Welcome to visit us at IWA 2018!
IWA Outdoor classics 2018
At King Arms Booth: Hall 7 Stand 528
#KingArms #Airsoft #IWA2018

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It’s back… Both GAS & CO2 ver release. enjoy it.
#KingArms #Airsoft #Predator #Tactical #Rail#Gas #Co2 #comingsoon

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Guess which model we are making ?
#KingArms #Airsoft

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Almost done… sorry to keep you waiting
#KingArms #Airsoft #VSS #VAL

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(King Arms)

LCT Airsoft: latest EBB LCKM video

So LCT Airsoft have sent over their next video showing off their EBB LCKM. Watching the video there’s a fair amount of kick to it and they will also be selling a kit to upgrade their older (non EBB models):

Dear Sir,  We have the latest video for LCK AEG with recoil, please kindly share it on your website.

This blowback system is suitable for original LCT LCK airsoft , the kit will also be sold. You don’t have to pay much money, just purchase the kit would be upgraded the blowback system. Relatively, we will release LCK EBB rifle for more choices. Price and release time will be shown on LCT website. Hope the new LCK EBB Rifle can meet with you soon.

Bella Chen (LCT Airsoft)

Evolution Airsoft @IWA2018

Evolution Airsoft are looking forward to IWA2018:


The Evolution Team will be glad to meet Bloggers and Youtubers at the IWA2018 and show them the most exciting products of the year.
See you at Hall 7, Stand 511. During the show we are unveiling Tons of new products, bring your camera with you and be the first sharing the news!

See you at the show

Evolution International S.r.l.

(Evolution Airsoft)

Lambda web store now open

Lambda have launched their new web store:


"lambda" web shop is opened.
Now it’s not full lined up there but put new products step by step.
We will add inner barrel (6.01mm and 6.05mm) and VSR upgrades.

Please check there.


Jia Dyi: A new G-face in KWC

 Jia Dyi have some exciting news from KWC:

Jia DyiA New G-face in KWC

Honorable clients,

Many customers desperately need muzzle flamers to join the night raid operation, so we show you another our quality agent product, the AceTech. KWC also gives its first shot in 2018 hoping the free-style G_lock CO2 pistols can fight its way out, that will definitely needs to be tested. The AIMTOP restocks its bolt action sniper rifle-SVD in Feb., apparently this investment worth it!

AceTech AT1000/AT2000 Tracer Unit

AceTech is also going to attend the IWA, 2018 in Germany with three tracer units-the famous AT1000 which claims to be the brightest in the world; the AT2000 is believed to be the key module inside AT1000, can be fitted within players’ silencers if sizes matched, and the Lighter® for pistol powered by built-in lithium battery and micro-USB plug. Thanks to 4 AAA Alkaline/rechargeable batteries, AT1000/AT2000 both support 30 rds./sec in ROF and guarantee every shot as bright as crystal green, while the Lighter® is restricted to 10 rds./sec, but can be used with green/red tracer BBs.


KWC 4.5mm/6mm CO2 pistols【KMB/KCB190】

KWC has finally joined the red sea of G_lock series only with its free style. With anti-slippery carvings on the both front-end sides, hollow-etched aluminum slide, shiny outer barrel, and stylish trigger guard under the lower frame with a beaver tail, KWC cannot ignore the wave of imitating G_17 just like most of airsoft gun manufactures. This CO2 powered replica will come both with 4.5mm【KMB190】 and 6mm【KCB190】 settings. The most advantage of KWC—they own friendly MOQ to medium shops.


Element Reinforced Cylinder Heads【IN0721】【IN0725】

Jia Dyi also owns some stock in warehouse that can be shipped instantly. One of them is Element standard cylinder heads. Aluminum one【IN0721】fits for Ver.2 mechbox, and the copper【IN0725】 for the Ver.3. The copper owns a special tapered shape for better air-flow hence the higher pressure from piston. Jia Dyi can deliver them in cheap postal air-mail to save shipping cost for every airsoft shops.


AIMTOP Spring powered SVD sniper rifle【SG286】

The long prestigious original model has finally returned, this is the one that had brought about its descendants-gas model and CO2 model because its popularity as the legend of Russia. Although with an alloy metal frame and lots of metal parts inside, it is light in weight and easily to suppress the enemy in the long striking distance because of its 590mm in length, 6.03mm AEG type inner barrel(same as marui PSG1) and hopup bucking, the shooter can easily replace its AEG spring without much effort.


Many young entrepreneurs come to seek Jia Dyi’s advice when they decided to start a new venture in Airsoft business. They know there are high threshold when directly dealing with manufacturers to meet their MOA requirement which we do not hold. They want to ship small or trial order with more economical way which we can recommend. They want to pay with flexible and safer way which we can also provide. Business matching is never an easy job, it could easily be ruined in any single wrong step, while a successful and mutual beneficiary ally requires every right step. We cherish every meeting with you at, make an appointment right now!

(Jia Dyi)

New products from King Arms

King Arms have shared details of their latest new products:


M4 TWS M-LOK Ultra Grade II by King Arms – Rifle / Carbine / CQB – Black / Dark Earth

1.This lightweight AEG equipped with durable nylon fiber Training Weapon System (TWS) integrated receiver.

2.It is a 14.5 / 10.5 / 7 inch one piece outer barrel Carbine rifle which comes with Nylon Troy Front Sight and Rear Sight.

3.Full CNC Machined 12.5 / 9.5 / 6”M-LOK handguard and rail .

4.A high performance Quick spring change Ver.2 gearbox with 7mm bearing is made from high quality internal parts to ensure the shooting power and durability.

5.The quick spring change system Ver.2 gearbox helps to replace the spring and adjust the shooting power easily and Mosfet assembly provides better trigger contact.

6.Non-slip texture polymer casing ensures the operator access the magazine confidently.

7.Package comes with 140 rounds magazine and 3 pcs of M-LOK polymer rail section.

#KingArms #Airsoft #MLOK #Rifle #Carbine #CQB #UltraGrade #Black #DarkEarth






We back to work after Lunar New Year!! This year must be a prosperous year.


#KingArms #Airsoft #開工大吉


King Arms – M79 Grenade Launcher / M79 Sawed-Off Grenade Launcher

This M79 grenade launcher is a full metal launcher with a real wood stock, which a rubber pad affixed to the shoulder stock to make it more supportive and comfortable when aiming. The trigger guard can be rotate either to the left or right side by pushing the detent on the front of the trigger guard.

#KingArms #Airsoft #M79 #Grenade #GrenadeLauncher





King Arms is excited to be heading to the Hooha Show 2018 on 13rd April! Come visit us in booth #A13-A24.

There will be 4 different zones in the show – New product, Experience, Shooting and Promotion. Participate with us to have funs and win prizes. we look forward to your arrival!

Date: Apr13~15, 2018

Time: 10AM~5PM

Location: Taichung International Exhibition Center

Booth: A13~A24 (In front of the stage to the left)

Official licensed brands: King Arms, CAA Airsoft Division, Black Rain Ordnance, MDT, Predator Tactical

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(King Arms)

APS new product – SB.Shark

APS have shared the poster for their new SB.Shark:

SB.SHARK poster


Jia Dyi: The best gear for fighters in night raids

Jia Dyi have shared details of some new products which are particularly suited to night raids:

Honorable Clients,

WE has launched its fourth pistols in the first three months in 2018, although all focused on M92 replicas. Well-known in speed chronographs, Xcortech will show its capabilities in electronic engineering to bring traditional AEGs to the next level. AIMTOP also demonstrates its commonality strategy in quality consumables, this time with tracer BBs. At the end, not all the BBs speedloaders are the same, 6mm Proshop brings concise design to add more colors into your tactical gears.

WE M902 gas pistol

clip_image002After the HEX pistol models of M92 in Feb., WE will make its 4th shot again in M9 in March. The said M902 is installed with silver outer barrel, enlarged hammer, two-side ergonomic safety switching levers, handgrip with anti-slippery carvings, slightly modified trigger guard and magazine release catch, in the end, the most two significant changes are the carved lower frame (instead of Picartinny rail?) and rear sight which looks as if it comes from its samurai edge models (instead of traditional notch type?).

Xcortech XT301 Compact Airsoft Tracer Unit/XT501 Tracer Unit X3300W Mk2 Advance BBs Control System

clip_image004Xcortech will bring its latest electronic devises to escalate hobbyists’ airsoft guns with technological advance in IWA, 2018 in Germany. Traditional long silencer does not quite match with pistol in terms of conceal and portable requirements unless the gunner wants to increase the muzzle velocity by extension of inner barrel. Compact XT301, powered by lithium battery and mini-USB plug, can charge night glow BBs through just a 5cm conduit. Furthermore, it owns motion sensor to auto on/off, and a CCW adapter, so it is also perfect to be built upon rifles.

Another flagship is a bundled product XT501, a BBs control system including a longer muzzle flammer, X3300W Mk2, and a MOSFET circuit board. XT501 works as a center, it can run calculations as to ROF, FPS/MPS, Ammo counting(including countdown), monitoring AEG’s battery and programmable burst firing mode when wireless connecting with the MOSFET module. This hi-end, totally integrated with scientific elements can turn your plain AEGs full with modernity.

AIMTOP 6mm precision Night Glow BBs【BO-20G20/-23G20/-25G20/-25G38/-28G20/-30G20/-32G20】


Compounded with luxury advanced long-term luminous powder, AIMTOP supplies all kinds of weight from 0.2/0.23/0.25/0.28/0.30/0.32gws in Non-Bio or virgin PLA as bio-degradable becomes popular among European customs/environmental requirements. In addition to green pellets, AIMTOP also provides red and orange alternatives for people may want to distinguish whether the hits come from friendly fire or foe. Except for the last two scarce choices, we provide MOQ=1 carton for trial order with finite chance, don’t miss it.


6mm Proshop M4 magazine style BBs speedloader【GT-01/(G)/(O)/(B)/(C)/(Br)】

Wargamers with M4/M16 series as their main weapon will need correspond BB arsenal to match with tactical gear like vest and backpack to come along with standard magazines. The patented design shown in details such like a hidden pumping to fuel the pellets into empty magazines, the metal ring on the BB outlet to increase precision operation and hence its service life, and a detachable protective plate. 6mm proshop gives varieties of choice in colors including semi-transparent green/orange/blue/clear/smoky/brown. The capacity is said to be around 450 rds. Durable and heavy in hands, another exquisite made in Taiwan that GBBR lovers simply cannot miss.


Jia Dyi in Taiwan carries many quality products in agent portfolio. Just a simple contact, and let us know your need, Jia Dyi will instantly provide solutions regarding different brands and advices to meet your requests. We focus on the broadest commonality to introduce agent products, always provide you the hot selling with reasonable prices and integrated services. We keep downsizing in organization and improving the process to bring you competitive quotations and speedy response, we are proud of being your account officer in this filed. It’s true, try us today at

(Jia Dyi)

Videos: BOLT AIRSOFT, new AK recoil test

Bolt Airsoft have provided several new videos of their new AK recoil system which they will be showcasing at the IWA show this year. Here’s the new videos:

Dear Friends,

BOLT’s New AK development are going to complete soon, We will display the AK sample in IWA show 2018, please feel welcome to visit booth 7A-318 and we will show you the new adventures.

Attached videos of AK recoil test run in references.

Best Regards,  Wilson​ (Bolt Airsoft)

News from APS – Phantom Extremis– PER MK-VI

APS have shared details of their new Phantom Extremis– PER MK-VI:

Phantom Extremis– PER MK-VI – with Collapsible Rifle Stock


With the success of PER705, APS continues to develop its Phantom Extremis Rifle and provide more variants to the market. A new PER rifle – The PER MK-VI is now available. This rifle inherits all the advanced features came from its family. For instant, quick change spring system, M-Lok hand guard, Advanced pistol grip, Full ambidextrous fire selector, magazine release and charging handle…..etc. Nevertheless, APS did not complacent but adding more cool features in this new gun, especially a new telescoping stock is being used in this rifle.

Collapsible Stock

CRS butt stock is a telescoping stock being used in this rifle. With a press of a button underneath, the rapid deployment system instantly springs to the extended position for user. A sloping cheek weld to provide consistent and comfort in any 4 positions. It standard comes with sling mount with removable one point sling swivel accept 1” – 1.25” webbing sling use.

Large Battery compartment

Another important feature in this gun is the large battery compartment on the CRS butt stock. Compartment door is located on the top secured by a pin. It is easy to reach and overall room size 117 x 32 x 31cm, so it fits most the Li Po battery in the market.


The CRS butt stock used in this rifle is light weighted (450g) and durable (Made of Mil-Grade Polymer). There are 3 adjustments plus fully collapsed for 4 total positions for different shooter and different scenario use. The gun is only 52.5cm long (about 20.5 Inch), The lower shoulder support is removable, user can change the style of the stock as their wish, which made this rifle small, flexible, short and pithy in use.

Sound Amplifier Flash Hider

PER MK-VI comes with a new sound amplifier flash hider named “Sound Blaster Type C”. This sound amplifiers muzzle increase the sound of firing your airsoft gun for an awesome added intimidation factor. This flash hider comes with spiked teeth on the edge that provides murderous look to the Airsoft players!

Deep Engraving Text and Logo

In this new PER MK-VI, all the text and logo were made by deep engraving. The marking, logo and text were sharp and clear, which makes the gun looks attractive, elegant and precious.

Evolution Tech 6” M-Lok Hand Guard

PER MK-VI is using 6” Evo Tech M-Lok Hand Guard. M-LOK stand for Modular Locking system, it is a firearms accessory mounting system developed by Magpul Industries that allows for direct attachment to negative space mounting points. APS granted the permission to use M-LOK system on the hand guard, as well as making M-LOK accessories like the new Dynamic hand stop being used on this rifle.

Athena Flip Up Fiber Optic Sights

This rifle comes with Athena fiber optic front sight and a rifle/pistol rear sight. They are mounted on a Mil-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail. They both have flip up function, The front sights use 1.5mm fiber optics so you can aim and point to the target quick and easy, which is ideal for CQB shooting.



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