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APS ASR122 Ghost Patrol

APS have released details of their new rifle, the ASR122, complete with a lovely collapseable stock, M-Lok grip, sound amplifier, custom decals and sights:

Assault Rifle – ASR122 – Ghost Patrol 

As you may noticed that APS didn’t make any new AR-15 AEG gun for a year. The latest model in ASR series was ASR121 Gold Dragon which was made in early 2017.  Therefore, in the middle of 2018, APS released a new AR-15 AEG guns named ASR122 – Ghost Patrol to fill the development gap in ASR series.

It is not surprising that there are so many AR-15 AEG in the market, so how to make our Ghost Patrol stand out of the ordinary?  The following features you should not miss.ASR122.jpg

ASR122-part10.JPGCRS Stock

CRS butt stock is a telescoping stock being used in this rifle.  With a press of a button underneath, the rapid deployment system instantly springs to the extended position for user. A sloping cheek weld to provide consistent and comfort in any 4 positions. Large battery compartment on the CRS butt stock is a clever design. Compartment door is located on the top secured by a pin. It is easy to reach and overall room size 117 x 32 x 31mm, so it fits most the Li Po battery in the market.

ASR122-part6Sound Amplifier Flash Hider

ASR122 comes with a sound amplifier flash hider named “Sound Blaster Type A”. This sound amplifiers muzzle increase the sound of firing your airsoft gun for an awesome added intimidation factor.

Creepy Ghost Face Logo and its Blue parts

In this new ASR122, The iconic ghost face logo was engraved on the lower receiver and dust cover, which makes the gun looks creepy and spooky. The gun itself was black but we made some parts in blue, for example, outer barrel, trigger and fire selector, those represent a departed spirits or deceased soul, so called “Blue Flame” you saw in the dark.


Evolution Tech 10” M-Lok Hand Guard

ASR122 is using a new 10” Evo Tech M-Lok Hand Guard. M-LOK stand for Modular Locking system, it is a firearms accessory mounting system developed by Magpul Industries that allows for direct attachment to negative space mounting points.  Unlike other traditional hand guard comes with a full picatinny rail on the top, ASR122 use a slim profile hand guard, only short picatinny rail sections positioned along the top at the front and rear, middles are trimmed and replaced with M-Lok Slot. These make the hand guard more light weighted and easier to grip during battle.

Phantom Flip Up Sights and pistol grip

This rifle comes with Phantom flip up front and rear sight. They are mounted on a Mil-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail. This gun standard comes with Phantom Overload Grip, which has shock absorption deign in the interior that reduce the vibration generated from the start up of the motor, thus relatively improve the motor performance and significantly reduce the battery loading to 10.5 Ampere.




PolarStar Airsoft: F2 Offset Kits for SVD and M14

logo.pngPolarstar Airsoft have a new offset version of their F2 (fusion engine) on it’s way and out for June:

Greetings from PolarStar Airsoft!

We are happy to announce that after a very extensive development
the much anticipated offset version of the F2 is finally in production
and should be hitting dealer’s shelves around mid June!

The offset version of the F2 is the first true closed bolt offset HPA
conversion kit on the market and, although it took a while to develop,
we are pleased to say it is worth the wait. The F2 offset has the same
performance and uses the same rear cylinder, poppet valve and other
internal components of the standard F2 but the front cylinder has been
changed significantly to accommodate the offset nozzle.

The front cylinder has been designed to work with our two piece offset
nozzle which comprises of a universal base section onto which the rifle
specific offset tip is threaded. The tip is supported by a stainless
steel pin which stabilizes the longer nozzle to prevent vertical
movement. This ensures the BB is seated consistently when chambered
which promotes higher levels of accuracy. The front cylinder is designed
with dual pin tracks allowing the F2 offset to accept nozzle tips which
are offset to either the top or bottom without requiring additional

The initial release will comprise of three kits which includes one for
the Tokyo Marui M14 which also supports the G&P and CYMA variants, one
for the G&G Armament M14 and one for the Real Sword SVD. More kits are
in the works and will be available shortly so stay tuned for updates!

Sincerely, Rodd Rambo, (Marketing Director, Polarstar Airsoft)


CowCow Technology: new fibre optics

cow-v2CowCow Technology have designed a new front sight for the TM Hi-Capa series:

New coming product – COWCOW Technology

COWCOW Technology developed a new design front sight for TM Hi-Capa which is FIBER OPTIC TRINITY FRONT SIGHT.

It is full CNC machined by aircraft graded aluminum material. 2mm real fiber optic was selected and 2 colours options (Green and Red).

As the name of “Trinity”, there are 3 innovative features on this front sight.

  • New ‘Parabolic Sight’ pictured has a polished area under the fiber optic to allow the light can make for a much more visible sight.
  • New ‘Triangle shaped Sight Point’ allows the sight alignment easily and accurately, thus enhancing shooting speed and accuracy.
  • Socket set screws placed on both sides of the front sight which can be set on the slide much firmly.


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(CowCow Technology)

Northeast airsoft news about STEN and other

Here is all the latest news from Northeast Airsoft:

Hi Arnies

It’s been a while due to we are dedicated to develop STEN GBB.


And now most parts are done, and we are in the process of welding, it takes more time than making the parts. We will make couple marketing samples asap, and show its performance. Wish you understand for our delaying, it’s our first gun, we don’t want you down.

About Our other products.

The Jaws Saddle range is just restock at WGC Shop. We discontinued RAL8000 one, due to the cost was increased. However, we make a new FDE one to replace it. Sorry I only have Japanese EDM for now, here’s the spec

– Aluminum-magnesium Alloy construction

– 36mm Ball Head

– Leg tube diameter: 26.7 to 18 mm ( 3 sections )

– Max. Payload: 10kg

– Min. Height: 36cm

– Max. Height: 155cm ( Center Column Retracted: 130cm )

– Closed Length: 62cm


And of classic OD Jaws Saddle and OG Tripod are also available now.

– CNC machined aluminum construction

– Anodized finish to military spec MIL-A-8625c

– Rubber pads for improved stability and shock absorption

– Adjustable opening accomodates rifles from 39 to 65mm wide

– Compatible with the standard tripod threads: 1/4-20 and 3/8-16

– QPQ treated 1015 carbon steel guide rods


(Northeast Airsoft)

Lambda: VSR cylinder and barrel restock

imageLamda have two new tricked out cylinders for the much loved and highly customisable VSR10:

Today I want to inform arrived "lambda Cylinder kit for VSR-10".

The latest version is processed "ISONITE" for the surface, get black and durability.

We have 2 cylinders,for Marui original trigger (45 deg) and for custom trigger (90 deg).

Those are required 13mm FAT dia spring.



Also now we are developing "lambda Trigger unit for VSR-10" We named it as "LMD Trigger". Maybe we release in this month.


Lamda also have some new inner barrels:

We "lambda" release new inner barrels, those are for VSR-10 but cut the bridge to custom HOP rubber. So many European customers requested to us.





We release it with lambda One (6.01) & lambda Five (6.05)
303mm for G-spec , 430mm for Pro sniper & 500mm for L96.


HOLOSUN: Elite series

Emperion have shared details of their new HOLOSUN series:


This is the new HOLOSUN series: the green dots line. The new generation chip gives better brightness, instinctive shooting and longer battery duration.


HE510C-GR Elite Green Circle Dot & Solar

HE503GU-GR Elite Green Circle Dot


LS117IR IR Laser

HE403B-GR Elite Green Dot


HE515GM-GR Elite Green Circle Dot

LS420G Green & IR Laser & IR Illuminator


New G&G battle owl tracer unit

G&G have shared details of their new tracer unit:

Own the Night
Introducing our lightest tracer unit to date! The Battle Owl tracer unit was designed to specifically fit on our current new pistol series with 12mm CCW threads. The Battle Owl tracer unit is easily rechargeable through a USB cable making it easy to charge anywhere!


Click to watch the review

Contact your local dealer for a pricing and availability on the new.

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New products from King Arms

Here is all the latest product news from King Arms:


Piston Head for KA K93 Air Cocking
Reinforced piston head specially designed for King Arms K93 air cocking sniper rifle to increase the performance, reliability and accuracy as well.
#KingArms #Airsoft #K93 #R93 #PistonHead #Upgrade


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saved_resource(2)Even that we are working hard to meet our deadline.
We still have to do the perfect protection.
King Arms will provide you the best Real wood grip.
#KingArms #Airsoft #VSS #BCC #Realwood #Comingsoon


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saved_resource(4)Let us show you the feature of King Arms Python .357 Custom series~
#KingArms #Airsoft #Revolver #Custom






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Spring Eject Bipod (Ver.2) Available now!!
#KingArms #Airsoft #Spring #Bipod #ver2

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saved_resource(12)New products!!King Arms HQA Super High Torque Motor / High Torque Motor / High Speed Motor.
Come upgrade your equipment! Make you more dominant on the battlefield.
#KingArms #Airsoft #Upgrade #SuperHigh #Motor




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(King Arms)

LC-3A4 AEG & LC035-retractable stock

LCT Airsoft have two new products to release in June:

LCT airsoft will launch new products- LC-3A4 AEG and the LC035-Retractable Stock in June.

LC-3A4 and LC035

(LCT Airsoft)

PTS EPM for ERG (3 pcs/set)

PTS have shared details of their new PTS EPM for ERG which will be available from tomorrow):

PTS EPM M4 Magazine (ERG) (3 pcs/set)


Item Code:

PT158450807 (Black)


The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine, or EPM for short, is a new type of Polymer Magazine for airsoft rifles.  The EPM is a truly unique magazine, inside and out. Externally it features a polymer shell, with recessed panels for better grip, and unique magazine well guides that reduce snagging when the magazine is drawn from and reinserted into pouches. The front of the baseplate features a dot matrix which allows the user to mark the magazine with alphanumeric characters or pictograms for identification. With a new 30/120 rounds flick at the bottom of the magazine, you can easily switch from 30 to 120 rounds for your airsoft needs.


  • Color – Black
  • Material – Dupont™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer
  • Dimension – 555 x 255 x 150 approx. (3 magazines without packaging)
  • Weight –510g approx. (3 magazines without packaging)
  • Compatibility – with PTS ERG / KWA/KSC RM4 Series ERG/AEG3 rifle
  • Capacity – 30/120 Rounds


Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.



New .32g BB’s from G&G

G&G’s new .32g BB’s are available now:

Polished to Perfection
Introducing the newest heavyweight in our BB arsenal.

The .32g Bio-degradable BB comes in our easy to pour bottle for easy usage and provides the finest quality heavy weight BBs for snipers and support gunners alike in 2,700 round bottles at an affordable price.

G&G Armament BBs are consistently manufactured to be 5.95±.01mm in diameter and are guaranteed to be jam-free, providing a perfect projectile to maximize the potential of your weapon system.


Contact your local dealer for a pricing and availability on the new.

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Introducing Cowcow Technology

Cowcow Technology are a new manufacturer producing airsoft parts and accessories:

New brand launched – COWCOW Technology

We are manufacturer from Hong Kong which specialising on Airsoft parts and accessories. We endeavor to develop our brand as top tier brand in airsoft industry and our products obtains affirmation from airsoft players around the world. We put great effort to expand our brand continuously and constantly focusing on product quality and service to supply a reliable partner during the shooting activity.

Currently we launched the following items:-

Click for more detail on <D01 Dottac Magazine Base>

Click for more detail on <RM1 SS Guide Rod>

Click for more detail on <OB1 5.1 SS Threaded Outer Barrel>

Click for more detail on <A01 SS Silencer & Tracer Adapter>

Click for more detail on <RS1 Recoil Spring>

Click for more detail on <NP1 180% Nozzle Spring>

Click for more detail on <B01 Dynamic Blowback Housing>

Click for more detail on <IP1 Disconnector>
Click for more detail on <IP2 Firing Pin Lock>

It is time to upgrade your pistol. Please LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook Page and also visit our website to get the latest updates.

(Cowcow Technology)

APS: Ghost Patrol Rifle out mid May 2018

Due out mid May 2018 is APS’s Ghost Patrol Rifle  this featured their new stock design, custom two tone barrel and noise adapting muzzle brake. Here’s the latest poster:

New products from King Arms

Here is the latest product news from King Arms:


Finally, the Hooha show was rounded off successfully yesterday, thanks for your support.
#KingArms #Airsoft #武哈祭2018

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Upgrade your weapon!! Available now!!
#KingArms #Airsoft #CNC #Aluminum #Bearings #Piston #ORing


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Upgrade your weapon!! Available now!!
#KingArms #Airsoft #CNC #Aluminum #Bearings#Piston #ORing


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Do you know why VSS is also called in BCC? Tell us~
#KingArms #Airsoft #VSS #BCC #Realwood #Comingsoon


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Would you get tired of Black, Gray, Green, Dark Earth?Why not try another style, would you?
#KingArms #Airsoft #Rainbow #SlipProof #sticker #style


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(King Arms)

APS 300rds Mag.

APS have a new 300 round magazine:



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