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King Arms SUS slide available now

King Arms have sent over details of their new SUS slide and outer barrel:


***SUS Custom Slide & Outer Barrel for 1911***

Available now!

saved_resource(2)Item Code: KA-PP-01

Name: SUS Custom slide and outer barrel set for 1911 (Kimber/Long)

-Material: SUS 303 Stainless Steel

-Stainless Steel with 100% CNC processed in slide, outer barrel, front sight & rear sight.

-Compatible with Tokyo Marui/KJ Works 1911 Style pistols.

saved_resource(3)Item Code: KA-PP-02

Name: SUS Custom slide set for Hi-Capa 5.1 (Kimber/Long)

-Material: SUS 303 Stainless Steel

-Stainless Steel with 100% CNC processed in slide, outer barrel, front sight & rear sight.

- Compatible with Tokyo Marui/KJ Works Hi-Capa 5.1 Style pistols.

saved_resource(4)Item Code: KA-PP-03

Name: SUS Outer barrel for 1911

-Material: SUS 303 Stainless Steel

-Stainless Steel with 100% CNC processed

-Compatible with Tokyo Marui/KJ Works 1911 Style pistols.

saved_resource(5)Item Code: KA-PP-04

Name: SUS Custom slide and outer barrel set for Detonics .45 (Kimber/Short)

-Material: SUS 303 Stainless Steel

-Stainless Steel with 100% CNC processed in slide, outer barrel, front sight & rear sight.-Compatible with Tokyo Marui Detonics .45 pistols.

saved_resource(6)Item Code: KA-PP-05

Name: SUS Outer barrel for Detonics .45

-Material: SUS 303 Stainless Steel

-Stainless Steel with 100% CNC processed

-Compatible with Tokyo Marui Detonics .45 pistols.

(King Arms)

New RA-Tech product videos

RA-Tech have shared three new product videos:

RA-TECH is releasing new products as the following:

CNC aluminum mag release for WE Glock Gen4

Installation instruction:

MV system aluminum loading nozzle for GHK M4 GBB


King Arms product news 5th August 2016

King Arms have sent over details of their latest new products:

Good News! These new Ultra Grade series are upgraded to Quick Change Spring System Ver.2 Gear Box!


Item Code KA-AG-146
Name M4A1 Ultra Grade
Suggested Energy Source 8.4V, 7x 3/4A Ni-Cd cells, Flat Pack Battery
Maximum Battery Storage 8x 2A Ni-Cd cells
Max. Overall Length 850 mm
Min. Overall Length 770 mm
Inner Barrel Length 375 mm
Weight without Magazine 2460 g
Main Material Zinc Alloy; Nylon Fiber
Major Color Black
Capacity 300 rds
Caliber 6 mm
Fire Mode Safe / Single / Full-Auto
Marking King Arms
King Arms Bolt Catch System -NA-
Loading Mode Automatic
Blowback Action -NA-
Outer Barrel Design Flexible Design
Magazine Release Design Single-Way
Hop-Up Bucking Design Adjustable AEG Type
Gearbox Design V2 7mm Bushing Gearbox
Motor Design Long-Axle Type
Accessories come with package -NA-
Muzzle Velocity (Canada version) 366 fps +
Muzzle Velocity (Italy / Japan version) 0.98 Joule –
Muzzle Velocity (Standard version) 1.2 Joule -/+

Product information:

This lightweight AEG equipped with durable nylon fiber handguard and collapsible buttstock.

It is a standard 14.5 inch outer barrel carbine rifle which comes with carry handle and adjustable rear sight.

A high performance 7mm bushing gearbox is used for this rifle. Package comes with 300 rounds high capacity magazine.

The quick spring change system Ver.2 gearbox helps to replace the spring and adjust the shooting power easily.

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Upgraded OEM hop up chamber from DyTac

DyTac have sent over details of their new OEM hop up chamber:

DYTAC AEGs with new improved OEM Hop Up Chambers

4 August 2016 – Hong Kong

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce all current and future AEG AR15 products will be using our new rotary drum style hop up chamber unit.


DYTAC having tested and evaluated various hop up chamber designs, have committed to adopting the rotary drum style hop up chamber for its ease and fine-tuning adjustment of the hop up system, along with the consistency that shines above the traditional design, whereby the rotary drum style hop up chamber is much harder to lose its settings as the adjustment wheel movement plane is perpendicular to the plane of which the hop up arm moves.


DYTAC is committed to providing the best value AEG for the market and we believe this simple upgrade would offer the best value for new or veteran airsofters who inevitably seek to have a precision shooting AEG out of the box.

For more information, please check out our Facebook page for the latest updates at


LCT Airsoft PK-300 & PK-301

LCT Airsoft have released two new double magazine clips:

1. PK-300 AK74 Double Magazine Clip

Suitable for PK109 / PK111 / PK134 / PK135 / PK249 / PK250 / PK270 / PK271 / PK272 Magazine.


2. PK-301 AK47 Double Magazine Clip

Suitable for PK-107 / PK121 / PK248 Magazine.


(LCT Airsoft)

PenCott BDUs now available in the US

Here is all the latest news from Hyde Definition:

PenCott® camouflage newsletter.
Spring-Summer 2016


GreenZone® on patrol in the Florida Everglades – featuring Helikon-Tex ‘Combat Patrol Uniform’ and ‘CPU Boonie Hat’, Tactical Tailor ‘Rudder RAC’ and pouches, Grey Ghost Precisionrifles, Lancer Tactical magazines, Steiner Optics scopes, and SKD Tactical ‘PIG’ gloves.
Photo by TacGas (



RhbzClDpL8rD_j3Qz-t0y7yerziG9F0241 Tactical has been steadily becoming a one-stop-shop for PenCott® camouflage clothing and accessories in the US market.
Having already previously brought out their own products like polyester stretch-woven balaclavas and beanie hats, and their TOP Jacket / Anorak and trousers. (as seen in the photo to the left, together with a ‘Minuteman’ chest rig from UW Gear)
Now they’ve teamed up with SixKa / 707 Tactical Gear to bring the first of a range of top quality / reasonably-priced PenCott® camouflage field / combat clothing, headgear and footwear to the US / North American market. SixKa / 707 Tactical Gear produce a wide range of garments, footwear and gear in a variety of solid colors and camouflage patterns – they recently added PenCott® patterns to their range, and have begun to roll out different styles in their tactical clothing range in GreenZone® and BadLands®.
dDTvoQZkv86QsDmD8kQBegwjWmtDXSThe SixKa EON6 Combat Shirt has a large collar that can be worn up or down. Quarter-length zipper front closure for comfort while wearing body armor or load bearing equipment. Moisture-wicking chest, back, and under-arm material provides breathability while wearing body armor or gear. Velcro-faced shoulder pockets with Velcro closure. Seamless underarm construction with flat-lock seams for comfort. Jersey Knit 85% nylon 15% spandex with flat seem construction. Sleeves are made from U.S. made 7.5 oz. (220 grams.) rip-stop 50/50 Nyco fade resistant fabric.


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ICS Airsoft release BLE ALPHA GBB pistol

ICS have shared details of their new BLE-ALPHA GBB pistol:


     Good News! We are proud to share with you that we finally release BLE-ALPHA. The first of ICS’s all new handgun line that marks our expansion into the GBB pistol market. The Alpha is an ICS original design, ergonomic and robust, featuring a high strength polymer frame and aluminum slide, ambidextrous magazine catch and slide release, and a trigger safety. Additionally, the ICS R&D team referred to the current models on the market to enhance the performance and quality. After numerous testing and correction, the ALPHA pistol has pushed itself to the upmost performance to passed 10,000 testing shots without malfunction. Under the condition of full gas tank in the magazine, the ALPHA pistol can shoot about 47 shots (about two magazine capacities) without charging gas. Besides, the ALPHA pistol adapts the upgrade precision inner barrel with 6.01mm diameter. The ALPHA pistol was tested by our technician, it can shoot about 60 meters (197 feet), the shooting range can compete with the AEG rifle or even longer than the rifle. Though we are not the first one in GBB pistol market, we have the confidence to say the ALPHA pistol has the best quality and performance in the market. This ALPHA pistol truly carries out ICS enterprise principle, Innovation, Competition and Satisfaction.

saved_resource(1)Black Leopard Eye (BLE) is pistol brand of ICS.

ALPHA Model:


ALPHA Features:

The innovative and advanced ALPHA follows the standards set by ICS rifles to bring you a high quality, high performance pistol. The ALPHA features ambidextrous slide stop and ambidextrous magazine catch, thus being ideal for both right and left-handed shooters.

.High strength polymer frame and full metal slide
.Forward and rear slide serrations for improved grip for weapon manipulation
.Better gas efficiency and faster cycle rate
.High power blowback assembly
.Concealed hammer design
.Ergonomic pistol grip
.Split-trigger safety
.Secondary trigger safety
.Integrated M1913 Pica tinny lower accessory rail
.Ambidextrous slide catch
.Ambidextrous mag catch
.Swappable back straps for a custom fit (Flat / Thick)
.High-capacity 24 rounds magazine
.Realistic blowback action
.Fit with Glock holster

Product Videos:


English version:
Spanish Version:
French Version:
日本語 version:
中文 version:



Click to download more brochures and photos.


PTS Syndicate – Enhanced Polymer Stock (EPS)

EPS-moodshot-00 We hereby announce that PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock (EPS) will available in Early August 2016.

PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock (EPS)

Item Code: PT125450307


The PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock (EPS) is a full function collapsible polymer stock that offers the user lots of flexibility in how to utilize it.  Like all the other PTS polymer products, it is manufactured with authentic Dupont™ Zytel® polymer for superior wear and damage resistance as well as durability.  The PTS EPS features a rubberized removable buttpad for comfort and a slip-resistant grip. Fixed side storage compartments offer enhanced comfort and a consistent cheek weld. The side storage compartments measure up to 139 x 31 mm of spacing so you can fit 2 piece butterfly style 2/3A cell NiMH batteries or Lipo batteries to power your electric airsoft gun or you can use the compartments for AA, AAA, CR123A battery or miscellaneous parts storage. Additionally, the rear portion of the stock can fit a 9.6V NiMH minibattery or a LiPo battery of similar size as well as be used for miscellaneous storage.  There are multiple sling mounting options featured on the stock including QD swivel sockets on both sides with a pass-through channel for loop-type sling attachments and a sling slot on the front side of the butt part of the stock. The EPS Stock is compatible with almost all AEG and GBBR buffer tubes.

EPS-01 Features:

-       Ample spacing for your tools and batteries

-       Unique cheek welds for maximum comfort

-       Two different types of ambidextrous sling mounts


•    Color – Black

•    Material – Dupont™ Zytel® High Performance Reinforced Polymer

•    Dimension – 205 x 135 x 63 mm (without packaging)

•    Weight – 332g

•    Compatibility – 1.148” dia. mm Airsoft buffer tube.

EPS-07 EPS-09

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

Modify giveaway: MPI 22T torque motor & test report

Modify have two of their MPI torque motors to give away via their Facebook page:

GB-20-01 MPI 22T馬達(EDM-中文)20160728

Hey guys, what stands for “MPI” and “22T” of MPI 22T Torque Motor? And what kind of gear set and spring do you use? Leave the answers, you will have chance to win it.

#Rules How to play

You need to take 3 steps:

1. Like the Modify Airsoft Guns and Upgrade Parts fan page and this post.

2. Copy and paste the answer and answer the last question at the below.

- MPI 22T stands for minimum power intake and 22 coil turns.

- The neodymium magnets are ferromagnetic material. It means that it is high torque motor.

- It is more effective to drive gear, piston and spring. So that it could save power and it won’t get hot easily.

- I use OOOOO gear set with spring OOO.

3. Tag a friend (E.g. @Charlie Brown), and share this post public.

You may have the chance to win Modify MPI 22T Torque Motor – Long Shaft.


Playing from now until August 2, 2016

#Winner Announced

We will announce the winner at August 3, 2016


LCT release PK-299 AK-9 tactical lower handguard

LCT Airsoft have sent over details of their new PK-299:


Note:1.For the following LCT AEG:STK-74 / TKMS / MG-MS / LCKS74 / LCKM / LCK74 / LCKMS / AIMS / G-03 / G-04 / TIMS / AIM Carbine / TK102 / TK105 / LCK105 / LCK104 / TK104 / LCK74MN / LCKMMS / LCKM Economy / LCK74M / LCKS74M.

2.TX-5 / LCKM-63 and AMD65 AEG need make a bit modification.

(LCT Airsoft)

APS RS-1 collapsible stock

 APS have shared some details of their RS-1 collapsible stock:

RS1 Stock- Brand new collapsible stock made by APS

RS1 poster-demo-160729ok


New parts from LCT Airsoft

LCT Airsoft have released some new parts:

LCT Released new parts-07282016


(LCT Airsoft)

LCT RPD AEG coming soon

LCT Airsoft will be releasing their RPD AEG in October:


(LCT Airsoft)

DyTac Pro-Win hop up chamber upgrade

DyTac are now offering the Pro-Win hop up chamber upgrade on all AEG AR15 products:

DYTAC AEGs with Pro-Win hop up chambers

27 July 2016 – Hong Kong

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce all current and future AEG AR15 products will be eligible for Pro-Win hop up chamber upgrade.


Pro-Win is a boutique airsoft design and manufacturing house based in Hong Kong, developing and manufacturing industry leading hop up chambers for various AEGs, and gas magazines for WA-series gas rifles.

DYTAC has tested and evaluated various hop up chamber designs, which resulted in the Pro-Win hop up being the most consistent hop up designed, whether to its quality, hop up consistency, or specifications as assembled with DYTAC’s outer barrel unit.

For more information, please check out our Facebook page for the latest updates at


Avatar Grenade pre-order through crowdfunding

The new Avatar Grenade is now available for pre-order through crowdfunding:


We are proud to finally launch pre-orders through an INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign ( for our product.

As we’ve already finished our preliminary tests with technical certainties settled, we continue our communication through INDIEGOGO and expect the production for December 2016 and beginning of the shipments one month later.

We are already on the verge of the final grenade as the functional prototypes tested react as beyond our expectations.
You can see a bunch of videos showing some specs and information about the Avatar Grenade on our YOUTUBE Channel (

(Avatar Grenade)

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