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Win an HK416 @American MilSim Op: Copperhead

Elite Force have announced that those attending American MilSim’s Operation Coperhead will have a chance to win an HK416:

Important Announcement – Win a HK416 CQB at next week’s American Milsims Operation Copperhead

(Elite Force)

Shoei at Tokyo Military Show

Shoei have shared a new video from their visit to the Tokyo Military Show:

New video was contributed to You Tube today.

Please enjoy!


New RA-Tech videos

RA-Tech have sent over two new prototype videos:

RA-TECH KJ CZP-09 Steel Slide Prototype

JRAK ATEi licensed Costa Signature Pistol prototype


Beretta ARX160 Elite AEG by Elite Force

Elite Airsoft have shared a new video for their ARX160 Elite:

Our new ARX160 elite video is live

(Elite Airsoft)

Xtreme Precision Bio seeds

Evolution Airsoft have sent over details of a revolutionary type of biodegradable BB:

unnamed (2)

Xtreme Precision, the Europe’s leading Biodegradable BB brand launches on the market Xtreme Precision BIO Seeds.

Evolution International S.r.l. is well known for being an innovative company, it was the first company manufacturing high precision 100% biodegradable BB’s developing over a decade ago proprietary manufacturing processes that allowed them to manufacture 100% biodegradable BB’s with the same accuracy and perfect roundness as their regular BB’s. The Xtreme Precision Biodegradable BB’s over the last 10 years are known and recognized to be the "most accurate Biodegradable BB on the market".

With over 10 year experience manufacturing stunning quality BB’s Evolution International S.r.l., the Italy based airsoft guns manufacturer, decided to make a further step forward and created the Mimetix BBS, the first and only 100% Biodegradable Camouflage color BBs, said by the most to be the major innovation in BB’s technology over the last 10 years.

Now the Evolution International S.r.l. engineers, backed with an incomparable experience in Biodegradable BB’s manufacturing, made the definitive step to merge airsoft and nature.

"We at Evolution International are committed to protect the environment and at the same time grant the highest shooting experience to the wargame players, that’s why we invest so much in developing new manufacturing technologies that allow us to do what the competition can’t even think about" Evolution International president said.

The new Xtreme Precision BIO Seeds, contain in each BB a tree seed. During the biodegradation process the BB breaks and the seed comes in touch with the soil, while shooting the Xtreme Precision BIO Seeds wargame players actively help reforestation.

The project is really ambitious as these innovative BB’s will be available in a variety of versions: initially they will be available only with tree seed inside, while it is expected to be launched before Summer the "Flowers edition" with a multiple choice of flower seeds inside.

Available in 0.20, 0.23 and 0.25g with 3 types of tree seeds and 6 colors of flowers to choose.

For more information and .

Follow us on Facebook at and .

Put some flowers in your guns with Xtreme Precision BIO Seeds.

(Evolution Airsoft)

New products from DyTac

DyTac have sent over details of their latest new products;

Here is all the new product from DYTAC :

clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006

BRAVO Style Fore Grip Midnight Grey (Short)
BRAVO Style Fore Grip Dark Earth (Long)
BRAVO Style Pistol Grip for M4 AEG (Black)

clip_image008 clip_image010 clip_image012

Water Transfer Keymod Polymer Rail : (ATFG,ATAU,MC,DD)
(1 x 5 Slot Rails / 1 x 7 Slot Rails)
(2 x 7 Slot Rails)
(2 x 5 Slot Rails)

The 416 REM RAHG Rail 10.5” / 13.5” (Black/Dark Earth) (ETA on April 2015)

clip_image014clip_image016 clip_image018


Improved Modify APS-2 piston series & Type 96 piston series

Modify have improved their APS-2 piston series and Type 96 piston Series:

We improved APS-2 piston series and Type 96 piston Series. We make it much lighter and much more compatible. Now you can upgrade both APS-2 and Type 96 with it.

TYPE96改良(EDM) 20150326


APS stippling parts & accessories ~ now available

APS have released some new items:

Stipple EM


Barrel nut replacement service from Madbull

Noveske NSR, Daniel Defense MFR and Daniel Defense RIS II (M4A1/MK18) now available in the Madbull shop:

unnamed (1)

Madbull’s service to our customers is our top priority, we proudly announce our barrel nuts for replacement service. We offer these parts for Noveske NSR, Daniel Defense MFR and Daniel Defense RIS II (M4A1/MK18). Now available on our Madbull website and distributors’ channel.

Click for more info and photo >>


20$Bandit: Big for Triple7Gear

20$Bandit/Triple7Gear have some new stock coming and have a discount code to help you clear out the remains of their current stock:


Adventure awaits!

The season for adventure is here and the Triple7Gear team will be in Joshua Tree this weekend for a long awaited and much needed trip to relax, explore and shoot some footage for the Core Nano wallet release. Over the next few weeks there will be a huge RESTOCK of all Micro Kits, MK-7 pouches and some brand new product releases. To clear the deck and get you all geared up for adventure we are offering 25% off everything that is left in stock. Just enter the CODE "ADVENTURE AWAITS" and stand by for killer gear to arrive in your mail box.
Hope you have an adventure packed weekend-

Eric Bauer – President

ICS CXP-APE new product release

ICS have announced details of their new CXP-APE:

We are proud to present ICS new product in 2015, CXP-APE. This CXP-APE is our latest design which jumps out the boundary of M4 series. We adapt many unique features on this model to distinguish with the others.


Key Features:
- New ICS EBB (Electronic Blow Back) System
- Split Gearbox
- One-piece CNC Upper Receiver
- Rear Wire Version
- 5 Positions Keymod Handguard
- 3 Ways Magazine Release
- Bolt Cover can be fixed to the rear to adjust hop-up
- Large Battery Room in Stock
- Adjustable Cheek Rest Folding Stock
- Ambi-Charging Handle
- Ambi-Fire Selector
- MIM (Metal Injection Molding) Pinion and Bevel Gears
- POM (Polyoxymethylene (Acetal)) Piston with Ventilation Piston Head
- One-piece Hop-up Chamber

Please clink to download the brochures and product photos.

Here is ICS CXP-APE product videos.

Welcome to watch it and share it.

(English version)

Spanish version, Japanese version, Chinese version


LCT SR-3M AEG available for pre-order

LCT Airsoft’s SR-3M AEG is now available for pre-order:

LCT SR-3M AEG now taking the pre-order, and will be released on April 15, 2015.


(LCT Airsoft)

Firehawk HC05 new from G&G Armament

G&G have sent over details of their new Firehawk HC05:

unnamed (3)


0241Tactical wet/dry mesh bags

0241Tactical have sent over details of their wet/dry mesh bags:

0241Tactical unique Wet/Dry Mesh Bags keep all your belongings secure and breathable keeps a user’s possessions safe, clean, and organized for storage or transportation. These bags can also be suitable options for holding wet or soiled kit or clothing. Great for wet or dirty clothing you want to keep separate from your belongings. Our Wet/Dry Mesh Bags are large enough to hold dive fins or other gear. Our 100% American made materials combine a high tear strength matrix with the ability to support and/or conceal almost any object. The 100% polyester mesh structural design, with 2mm hole diameter, offers high breathability and a unique camouflage look. This product is commonly used for concealing vehicles and creating lightweight & high strength tactical gear.

Mesh Bag Advert

Available in Multicam, MARPAT Woodland, MARPAT Desert, A-TACS AU/FG/LE, Black, and Olive Drab, and Kryptek Typhon.

*Coming soon in PenCott GreenZone*

Available now at or visit our eBay store at


PhoeniX Equipement CAPADE coming soon

PhoeniX Equipement have sent over a teaser for their new brand of products CAPADE and images of some of their current range of airsoft relevant products:

Teaser CAPADE anglais13111422233132PXE SPP MAV G17 Shade 1024PXE SPP PTW M4A1 1024

(PhoeniX Equipement)

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