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Shoei MG42 AEG model video

Shoei have sent over a new video of the MG42 AEG:

The video of “Shoei MG42 AEG Model In Tokyo Victory Show” was contributed at today "You Tube.”


LCT new spare part for VAL/VSS coming soon

LCT Airsoft have sent over details of their new PK-227 40mm silencer rail adapter:


(LCT Airsoft)

ASR115 Key Mod 12.5" EBB airsoft available

APS have sent over details of the ASR15 which is available now:


APS newest models ASR115 are built with accuracy, durability and quality APS customers have come to expect. This match grade Airsoft guns features a 12.5 inch KeyMod Hand Guard and a pair Fiber Optic back up sight that not only perform perfect in tactical situations, but also easy customized by Airsoft enthusiast in all time.

12.5 inch KeyMod Hand Guard

Keymod is the name given to a universal interface system for firearm accessory components in an effort to establish a system superior to the MIL-STD-1913 accessory rails currently in use. Keymod system is an open-source designed by Eric Kincel. This system consists of two parts, the KeyMod slot, and the KeyMod nut. This system is intended to be used as a direct attachment method for firearm accessories such as flash light mounts, laser modules, sights, scope mounts, vertical grips, rail panels, hand stops, barricade supports, and many others, which also be used in Airsoft. The long 12.5 inch barrel improves the grouping and accuracy of the gun, which is the primary concern of Airsoft Players nowadays.

Fiber Optic Side Mounted Sights

ASR115 standard comes with a pair of Fiber Optic side-mounted sights. The use of the side-mounted sights allow someone particularly in Law Enforcement or military to shoot from behind cover at a much lower profile than if you would shoot normal. It also takes away the problem of sight over bore ratio having the sights and muzzle parallel with your cover rather than perpendicular. In an Airsoft Games, if you were out of luck that your primary optics sight was out of order, and you did not realize it until you were bringing your weapon up to engage a target., you would have literally killed some one to have the option to have back up sights that were at an offset. A twist of the wrist is much quicker than looking or feeling for a quick release, and you don’t have to reacquire your target before pulling the trigger. Also it does not require you to remove your firing OR non firing hand from your weapon. Those sights can be mounted on either left of right side of the gun by flipping its base to the opposite direction, so it fits left hand or right hand player.

Increase Maneuverability

ASR115 comes with High Cap Polymer Magazine. The weight of the magazine is 40% lighter than the traditional metal magazine reducing overall weight of the gun and increase maneuverability.

Enhance the beauty of the gun

ASR115 engraved a beautiful SPYDER logo on the lower receiver. An Anti Rotation Links was added on the lower receiver as a decoration to increase the degree of realism. We try to make this gun as beauty as we can to attract the eyesight of players.

Silver Edge Gear Box

ASR115 standard comes with Silver Edge Gear Box. – An unique technology that is being used to polish and buff the Gear Box surface, which leads to an extreme smoother and brighter finish. This kind of finishing remove burrs and other surface flaws. Less friction of the gear box parts will result in lower ampere. With the use of 8mm German made bearing bushing, bearing Spring Guide and bearing piston head, the running of the Gear Box is so smooth that with Blow Back Function On, the ampere is just under 12A. It saves the battery and increases the durability of your gear box in all time.

To conclude, ASR115 is a precision airsoft rifle. The accuracy of this gun is superb. The setup and configuration of this gun is excellent. This model will sooner be the best model among APS guns. We believe time will prove everything.


Modify Hybrid 6.01mm & 6.03mm inner barrels

Modify have sent over details of their precision inner barrels:

20140120_inner barrel_A2

Today is Friday. Do you have any activity or event on the weekends? Our popular products 6.01 and 6.03 mm Inner Barrels are available worldwide. It is made of 1st Class Stainless Steel and Aircraft Aluminum Alloy. Not only high quality material, but also extremely straight with high rigidity and accuracy. The package includes 2-Oring+ Hop Up Bucking. It makes the excellent air seal and allows the BBs smoothly go in. If you would like to know more details, please do not hesitate to contact with us or local dealer.

20140120_inner barrel_B2


Extensive line of gearbox upgrades from Evolution Airsoft

Evolution International S.r.l. have sent over details of some new custom parts they are adding to their range:


Evolution International S.r.l. are glad to announce the release of the new series of special custom parts that expands the Evolution Airsoft products range.

A choice of over 40 new components among those most required by customers expands the extensive Evolution Airsoft products range. In line with the prestige of the brand all the new products enriching the Evolution Airsoft catalogue are high quality products but with an intentionally low price-tag coherently with the brand’s philosophy that wants “products of exceptional quality affordable for all players”.

The new line of Evolution Airsoft special custom parts includes a new lightweight Gearbox, reinforced exactly where it is needed, special design Tappet Plates, 6 different types of reinforced-polymer Pistons, a brand new line of steel CNC machined Gears with a special low friction coating, Special wirings, high performance radial Ball Bearings, and several other hot items we invite you to see on our on-line business to business platform .

For any enquiry and technical questions do not hesitate to contact us, we remain at your complete disposal.

The first production batch is of limited quantity, we therefore invite dealers and wholesalers interested in these new products to send their order as fast as possible in consideration with the exceptional favourable quality/price ratio.

Dealers and distributors enquiries welcome at

General public enquiries welcome at

Evolution International S.r.l.

Introducing the new ASG CZ SP-01 Shadow

ASG have sent over details of their new CZ SP-01 Shadow:


Introducing into the ASG and CZ family ranks, is the new CZ SP-01 Shadow. This gun will come out as a Non-blowback Airgun and Airsoft pistol. Those familiar with the CZ line of pistols, will appreciate that the CZ Shadow finally has arrived to the Airgun and Airsoft scene.

The CZ SP-01 SHADOW is an exciting new pistol from ASG. It is based on the latest generation of pistols from CZ, which are designed from input provided by Law Enforcement, Military and Police communities worldwide, and with additional input from the world premier shooters of Team CZ.

This pistol is lightweight and easy to operate, the ergonomic grip with checkered rubber grip panels make it sit extremely well in the hand. It features a fiber optic front sight and an accessory rail. A barrel extension tube can easily be threaded on by removing the front caps. (See ref. 15924 and 15925)

Available both as 4.5mm Airgun and 6mm Airsoft

Airgun CO2 version:
Airsoft CO2 version:

Airsoft Spring version:

Red Fiber optic front sight
Comfortable rubber grip
Front rail to mount accessories
Sturdy construction
Stealth black
Full size magazine


Mad Bull: MFT BMSMIL – BATTLELINK(tm) Minimalist Stock

Mad Bull Airsoft keep rocking it with licensed quality kit. Here’s another one, the MFT BMSMIL – BATTLELINK(tm) Minimalist Stock which is out now:

This is the lightest Stock on the market! With heavy input from operators MFT utilized the minimal amount of material while maintaining all the necessary functionality. Battlelink Stocks are the evolution of battlefield technology manufactured using a specially developed reinforced, super tough polyamide from DuPont’s Military Plastic Division.  Putting the stock to your shoulder is the foundation of any stock. Holding true to the basics while adding functionality with the minimal amount of material possible was our goal. With heavy input from operators from all spectrums we saw the need to make a stock that offers all of the functional requirements while keeping the weight under 6 ounces. This stock adapts and changes to your environment or operational needs by utilizing custom accessory mounts and is able to accept a new optimized sling configuration.


Package include:
MFT BMSMIL – BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Stock X1


  • Slide-on replacement for original collapsible butt stock.
  • Angled non-slip rubberized buttpad allows faster presentation, even with body armor.
  • Quick Detach Sling mounting point is positioned for optimum usage including ambidextrous shooters
  • Upper section provides enhanced cheek weld
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA

Click for more info and photo >>

Thanks, (Mad Bull Airsoft)

Register your Guay Guay gear for a chance to win a VIP trip

Guay Guay are running a promotion where you can win a VIP trip to Taiwan. To enter you just need to register your Guay Guay purchases. To do this all new gear from them has a tag on it with a serial number. More details can be found at their website or by clicking the image below:


Tarpaulins from 0241Tactical

0241Tactical have sent over details of their tarps:


The US Marine Corps has been issuing Tarpaulins for several years in the woodland MARPAT pattern (NSN 8340-01-519-2701). 0241Tactical took that concept and developed Multicam Tarpaulins. Our Tarpaulin are made of two large sheets of strong, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof Multicam material. Our Tarpaulins have 12 reinforced 1" D Rings at the corners and along the sides to form attachment points allowing the Tarpaulin to be tied down or suspended. The Marine Corps issue only has 8 tie down points. Two separate pieces of Multicam are double stitched together and the seam is sealed with a waterproof seam seal. Our Tarpaulins are 120" X 90" giving you plenty of room to cover your gear and cover yourself! You can use this as a tent, tent cover, or general tarp to cover equipment. Excellent gear!

Made from official USA Crye Multicam Material. Available at or visit our eBay store at

D-Rings included, clips not included (seen attached to cord)


Madbull 12th milestone event–grips

Madbull have sent over details of their 12th milestone event:

unnamed (2)

Hello fans! 
We are back with 12th Milestone Event!

Our 12th Milestone event will cover Madbull grips.

Q: What is your favorite grip? and Why? (The grip doesnt need to be manufactured by Madbull)


  1. Need to LIKE and SHARE.
  2. Answer the question(s) on the comment box.
  3. We will randomly pick 3 winners.
  4. And the winners will get to choose one of Madbull grips as a prize.

The 12th Milestone event will be ended in a week after today, March 26th.


Airsoft Pyrotechnics R2B & R2Bs hand grenade special offer

Airsoft Pyrotechnics have put together a “kick ass” grenade pack to give you great value:

The new "KICK ASS" grenade pack, contains 18 R2B EVO Airsoft or paintball Pyrotechnical Hand Grenades and saving you 10%.
Smoke your opponent with triple quantity of your destructing but safest devices!


(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

Subscribe to JTECH’s Newsletter & receive $10 coupon code

Sign up to receive newsletter from JTech and you’ll get a $10 coupon code to use on your next purchase:


Subscribe to JTECH’s Newsletter and receive a $10 coupon code on your next purchase! $10 coupon code is valid for one time use only on JTECH’s Official Website. Includes regular purchases only, not valid on sales and clearance priced in-stock merchandise as well as taxes and shipping charges. Cannot be applied to prior purchases or combined with any other coupons or discount offers. No Cash Value. Coupon codes will be distributed following April 14th, 2014 to those who subscribed prior to April 14th, 2014. Discount valid through September, 2014.

Click to sign up now>>


ACP606 match grade CO2 pistol

APS have sent over details of their ACP606 match grade CO2 pistol:

ACP606 – A big and powerful Airsoft handgun for your choice

With the success of ACP601 Airsoft Pistol, APS continue to develop their patented Co2 system. A delicate race gun is coming in 2014.

Light Weighted Slides and extended barrel for racing use
A good racing gun can be judged by its slides, extended barrel and attachment. A quality light weighted slide is essential. Standard ACP606 comes with 7 inch extended barrel. Even though the slide and barrel are bigger and longer, the design of the lower frame is still remains the same as ACP601. That means the grip fits most of the male’s and female’s hand.

Power and Accuracy
With the use of extended barrel and Co2, ACP606 generate 420 FPS using 0.2g BB. Because of Co2, the FPS is relatively stable in every single shot. A stable FPS is important in a shooting competition that will bring you the victory.

Luminous Fiber optic sights
ACP606 standard attached with Luminous Fiber Optic Sights. The use of short pieces of optical fiber for the dots made in such a way that ambient light falling on the length of the fiber is concentrated at the tip, making the dots slightly brighter than the surroundings. This kind of technology is getting more popular in guns industries nowadays.

Aftermarket parts compatible
ACP606 can fit aftermarket holster, mag well and scope mount. The barrel tips comes with thread allowing user to mount an adapter to take 14mm- silencer or flash hider.

To conclude, ACP606 is the first racing gun APS has ever made. It is an ideal gun for shooting competition because of its power, accuracy and stable performance. Upgrading to Scope Mount, Mag Well is not complicate in this gun. Purchasing a race gun with fun options may cost you over USD$1500, ACP606 is providing you an alternative of an expensive high end race gun to a affordable budget race gun.


First Spear, new medical line-up

First Spear are a brand I’ve kept an eye on since I’ve spotted their rather unique take on gear and equipment design. Today they posted a video on YouTube covering their medical line-up including their MTAP, Med Pouch and ERK. The video and some details about their kit are below.

Whilst not everyone is trained in the use or would have cause to use a clot kit, OP, NP or TK (yadda yadda…), there’s always room to have a decent and suitably equipped medical pack on you that suits your skill level. If you’re first aid trained I’d highly recommend at least adding a small pouch with perhaps a face shield, gloves, and a decent bandage set in it to your kit list:

Take a look at the FirstSpear Medical line up.

imageMedical Trauma Assault Pack (MTAP)
The MTAP, Thin Profile was designed with input and expertise from one of the finest medical products providers in the US and supports a large variety of tactical profiles for the different means and aspects of tactical infiltration and exfiltration from the modern battlefield. A large zippered pocket allows access from within or outside the pack, bungee attachment points will secure odd sized items, and three "tear out" pockets can be tossed to assist personnel facilitating a multi-casualty scenario. An easily accessed grab handle will allow the pack to be hung in vehicles or airframes.

imageRanger Med Pouch
Completely removable from its carrying component the RMP holds essential medical components for self-aid. The securing system has multiple adjustment points to compensate for additional items or components that were removed. Stretch hook closure will maintain security through parachute, fast-rope operations etc. A hook and loop attachment point on the insert allows for indication patch or IFF.

imageEmergency Response Kit (ERK)
Another FS innovation, the ERK lets you access individual medical components in an easily manipulated profile that is shallow and flat. The deployment handle actually pulls the optional compressed insert up and out of the stretch fabric pocket. This pocket can be mounted to make the direction of pull down or up. A maritime resistant plastic snap provides additional security to the activation handle.

(First Spear)

Socom "Baer ultimate recon licensed 1911" in CO2 power

Socom Gear have sent over details of their Baer ultimate recon licensed 1911:

unnamed (3)

Les Baer custom are famous 1911 and AR maker in US.They acknowledged as the leader in the development of precision built custom firearms that simply outperform any other guns in their product categories. It’s our pleasure to introduce licensed Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Recon model gas blow back Airsoft gun to players! This collector desired piece is 100% made in Taiwan with real gun quality polymer Golf Ball Dimple/Steamline panels. This project is combined with KJ Works, MadBull Airsoft, SocomGear, and other factories in Taiwan. Parts will be the same as KJW KP07 which is CO2 and green gas capable model.

- Licensed by Les Baer Custom
- Authentic copy of  Baer 1911 Ultimate Recon Pistol, 5” 
- Golf Ball Dimple/Steamline polymer grip
- Green Gas or CO2 powered
- CO2 magazine is optional (Compatible with KJW)
- 25+1 rds 6mm BB capacity

Made in Taiwan

Click for more info and photo>>

(Socom Gear)

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