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PTS – SAPI Dummy Plates (Front & Back)

SAPI Plate_05 The PTS SAPI Dummy Plates is an ideal alternative to your heavier and harder standard dummy plate. Designed solely for Airsoft and Milsim purposes, the plate has been carefully constructed to ensure flexibility and lightness – enabling you to perform any actions or manoeuvers with ease and fleet of foot. Perfect for use in Airsoft and Milsim where mobility will play an important role. Intentionally curved in shape, the plate will wrap around the body providing comfort for the user. The materials have been tested to be abrasion resistant and will not lose any color from washing or drying. There is also elasticity in these materials, allowing it to return to its original form from any force applied.


· Color – Black

· Dimension – 305 x 240 x 20mm

· Weight – 69g

· Size – Medium

RA Custom VFC HK416 GBB

RA-Tech have sent over a preview video for their custom VFC HK416 GBB:


RA-Tech CNC aluminium nuzzle for VFC HK 416 M4 preview

Here is the latest RA-Tech video:


Z-Parts new HPA system

LBT Trade have sent over details of the new HPA system from Z-Parts:

Hello, imageSTOP drilling your magazines when you want to play in HPA (High Pressure Air), LBT TRADE has found the solution for you thank to Z-PARTS.
Z-PARTS is a French manufacturer who has created many products which fit with the replicas in order to play in HPA without making any modification on your magazines.

All the valves fit with 99% of the existing replicas on the market and it’s 100% MADE IN FRANCE.

Features: – Does not need any modification – Quick installation (less than a minute) – Adjustable power (for gas only) – No more degassing during winter – Everything is under French norms (Iso norms) – Less repair – 100% Made in France – X-rayed aeronautical aluminium & super resistant – Each product is anodized – Fit with 99% of the existing replicas

Please see right after a link to watch the demonstration videos =>

(LBT Trade)

Madbull blaze orange nylon fiber piston – full teeth

Madbull have sent over details of their blaze orange nylon fiber piston:

unnamed (3)

This piston is comprised of new materials never before used combined with innovative processes. The Madbull PX piston is designed with full metal teething and hardened nylon fiber. The metal teeth is produced with MIM (Metal Injection Molding), which gives the teeth a degree of flexibility without breaking. The body is molded with Blaze Orange Nylon Fiber.

- State of the art composition
- MIM full metal teeth
- Blaze Orange Nylon Fiber 
- Eliminate 2nd tooth to lessen the stress on the gear

Click for more info and photo >>


Viper lazer cut system

Viper Tactical have sent over details of their new lazer cut MOLLE system:

Viper Lazer Cut System

The new Viper Lazer Cut MOLLE System is a lightweight, hardwearing and innovative platform that allows the user to tailor the set up by reducing or adding pouches/equipment. It uses aspects from the original MOLLE system, which includes webbing being sewn onto the reverse side and further re-enforced stitching. This system is compatible with most MOLLE/Modular Systems.


(Viper Tactical)

Steel M1919 now available from PolarStar

PolarStar have announced details of their new steel M1919:


It has been a long time coming but the PolarStar M1919’s are finally available. These guns were created using original M1919 blue prints and are as close to the real firearm as the ATF will allow. It took several months of research to gather the information and several more months to manufacture it but all of that time and effort really shows in the final product. The gun is built right here at our shop in the USA and is constructed following many of the same procedures used to make the real firearm. The result is one of the finest and most realistic M1919 replicas produced to date. There will only be 25 of these steel beauties made so these are true collector pieces.

The gun is so close to the real firearm that it is built using several parts from the real M1919 to include the box magazine, grip and sights. The base model is the M1919A4 but, because it is so close to the real firearm, we are even able to offer custom built-to-order models using real steel parts such as the barrel shroud, booster, sights, grips, mounts and tripod.


AngryGun WCRS-Comp for WCRS rail

AngryGun have posted pictures of their new WCRS-Comp for WCRS rail on their Facebook page:

Here’s our new product – WCRS-Comp for WCRS rail


It made by CNC machine
Material: Steel
14mm+ or 14mm- Thread
Released Date: April 2015


New items from RA-Tech

RA-Tech have sent over details of their latest new items:



NAM at IWA 2015: The future direction of A-Tacs

Here is the first report from the NAM at IWA 2015:

a-tacs (11)The future direction of A-Tacs!

The NAM was quick to take up an invitation to visit the A-Tacs booth at the 2015 IWA Show, as there have been rumors and some announcements in relation to the future direction of A-Tacs for some time. At the A-Tacs booth, we were lucky enough to have the pleasure of Mr Clint Hoover, a 25 year veteran of US Special Forces, and who now spends a lot of time a Fort Bragg training mainly Canadian, but also other Nation’s elite forces, and meeting with foreign military and civilian forces who are keen to take up A-Tacs as a uniform resource. Clint is also now the director of Black Skull Tactical and a well-known consultant and trainer in Special Forces operations.

a-tacs (17)

Our time with Clint was interesting in several ways. Firstly, the number of specialist forces, military and civilian, that are taking up A-Tacs is growing by the month. Clint had just returned from spending time with the Ukrainian Special Forces, who had just taken on A-Tacs for operations. Interesting to note in the current climate was the fact that Russian Spetsnaz had taken the same camouflage! Further to this, Clint also informed us that A-Tacs had also just secured contracts in relation to their new ATX, (Arctic Tundra camouflage) recently seen at the Shot Show, which will be seen on Norwegian and Swedish forces in the near future.

The second interesting point to come from our interview with Clint was how he, and A-Tacs, see Airsoft as a hobby and sport, and how specifically they view Airsofters. Clint informed us that A-Tacs has a lot of respect for those who play Airsoft and had given some thought to the costs that Airsofters expend on getting the look of their uniforms or impression right. They felt that the decisions they have taken on the future direction of A-Tacs camouflage perfectly align with the needs of Airsofters, and are always keen for feedback from players.

a-tacs (20)a-tacs (18)

So, what is the future direction of A-Tacs camouflage? In short, A-Tacs is a-tacs (19)changing! A-Tacs, which is currently produced in the AU (desert) and FG (forest green) smudge style pattern, that has become a popular choice with Airsofters, is about to go through a transition to, for want of a better term, a tiger stripe transitional pattern that is designed to be mixed and matched, for the immediate future, with the current line-up. Clint pointed out to us, that when worn, the pattern almost presents itself as a 3d image on the body of the wearer. He told us that in testing the pattern was seen as extremely effective, and several Special Forces had shown interest due to this. In short, the new pattern, known as IX, is designed to bridge the current patterns in a way that increases effectiveness but also allows the current and IX patterns to be mix and match to suit the wearer.

The plan to transition A-Tacs over the next four years has already started with the production of the IX and ATX patterns to meet market needs during 2015, then add the production of the new AU variant starting in 2016, then add the FG variant in the new pattern, starting in 2017. They will then finish the transition period with LE in the new pattern during 2018. Uniforms and accessories will transition at the same time. Therefore, by the end of 2018, A-Tacs would have transitioned to the new pattern, but in a way where the new and the old pattern will work well together. As stated, IX and ATX patterns are now in production and purchase interest is already high. For Airsofters, this transition, and how the new and old patterns will work well together, is good news, and help contain spending on replacing the entire uniform and accessories. Any combination of A-Tacs will work well and will be able to be mixed and matched to suit the environment and player budget.


APS Water transfer ASR114 (Kryptek / Atacs / Multi-Cam)

APS have sent over an image of their water transfer ASR114:


Epik Panda morale patches

Flanker from Team Ballistic Tsunami has recently started a morale patch business, Epik Panda:

Hello Everyone. It’s Flanker from Team Ballistic Tsunami. We’ve been busy because we just launched a business, Epik Panda. Hope you guys love our morale patches, which are now available with international shipping.




(Epik Panda)

KAA QDC 3-prong flash hider

Madbull have sent over details of their Knight’s Armament Airsoftline QDC 3-prong flash hider:

unnamed (2)

The QDC Airsoft Dummy suppressor is unique because of its quick detach mechanism. The thread of the flash hider has been modified to ONLY fit the airsoft version. This QDC 3-prong Flash Hide was designed compatible with QDC Suppressor. There are 14mm CCW and CW can be choose based on personal preference

Package include
- KAA 3 Prong QDC Comp X1

Features (Selling Point)
- Unique 3 prongs design with QD ready function
- Compatible to KAA QDC Airsoft mock suppressor series by MadBull.
- Designed for Airsoft use only with 14mm CCW or CW threads

Click for more info and photo >>


20$Bandit launches Triple7Gear

20$Bandit has now rebranded and he’s officially launched his company as Triple7Gear. As one of the believers in his project from the start we can only wish him well with his successful start-up!

Triple 7 Gear – Changing EDC one system at a time from 20$Bandit on Vimeo.



Revolutionizing EDC one system at a time

The last twelve months have been an awesome and intense ride that I honestly could not believe. When I started 20$ I was honestly still in shock from the Kickstarter campaign and rushed to set-up infrastructure to support my legitimized hobby of making EDC kit. Well now it is time for my lucky little gear company to grow-up and start to compete with the big boys. With that being said I am proud to announce the launch of Triple7Gear. So go take a look. WEBSITE / FACEBOOK


The new MK-7 HIGH VIZ

pouch featuring a HIGH VISIBILITY orange interior for gear contrast and signaling in a pinch.

unnamed3GEN 2 MOD 2 of the Ultimate Medic Kit

a hard hitting med kit that fits in your pocket. Available now at Triple7Gear.


All of the usual products you would expect are on his website there’s just been a rebrand in line with his growing company and product line. If you’ve not got one his pouches are great for organising any gear you usually hump in a pack or pack in your pockets. Yup, it’s EDC kit folks!

LCT virtual AK & BBs shooting target box videos

LCT Airsoft have sent over two new product videos:


(LCT Airsoft)

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