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Modify-Tech: Marksmen present in body & soul

Modify have shared the results of their recent shooting contest:

Marksmen Present in Body & Soul

The 2017 MODIFY Shooting Contest drew to a successful close at the Expo Dome, Taipei Expo Park on June 11.

MODIFY owes the electrifying mood of the event to the overwhelming enthusiasm of all attendees. The level of difficulty and challenge was raised this year by requiring shooting from the prone position. But everyone rose to the occasion. The event not only attracted participants from the well-known House Gamers Airsoft of Canada, but also shooters from Europe and N. America, all of whom kept each other on their toes to fill the contest with nonstop action.

Finally Chen Jia-hua and Luo Wei-chong tied for 2nd and 3rd with the time of 9.70 seconds, decided by the rule that the shooter going first shall prevail in case of tie; while Yen Sheng-hong took first place with the amazing time of 8.21 seconds to win Novritsch’s newest SSG24 sniper rifle.

Winning the event twice, Yen is  obviously a loyal supporter of the MODIFY Shooting Contest, which is one of the ways MODIFY interacts and networks with airsoft hobbyists as it builds presence.


ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 HPA version–first batch inbound

The new ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A HPA is available now:

Danish innovation meets American ingenuity

The long awaited ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 HPA is finally here. The very first batch of pre-orders are already hitting stores around the EU and should be inbound overseas shortly.


THE HPA version of the massively acclaimed CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 AEG, has all the same unique features as the AEG version and more!


Read more about the HPA version on our website.


Jia Dyi: Quality for those who hate compromise

Jia Dyi have shared an article on choosing BBs:

Every experienced sharp shooter knows that in order to execute a clean shot, there are several details must be addressed. The most basic and easily be ignored for Airsoft hobbyist is the quality of pellets, the AMMO of your Airsoft arsenal.

Jia Dyi has been selling AIM TOP high quality 6mm BBs over 10 years. Insisting on material virginity, environmental friendly component, and with the experienced mentors in process, AIM TOP high precision BBs has long been welcomed by many smart shooters who would believe words of mouth rather than price discount, which often associated with quality discount.


Time speaks for the quality of AIM TOP BBs itself. For a brand that could last over 10 years, there must exists customer loyalty accumulated as brand asset, and that can act as an indicator. When you wonder how to shop around dazzling brands of BBs, just remember the old saying :”Stay with the Winner.” If you always get compromised and can never hit a tango in combat. Don’t feel disappointed. Quoted from one veteran’s saying:”Stupid, the problem is in your BBs.”

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ASG Heavy BBs

ASG have shared news of their new range of heavy BBs:

Introducing the new line of Heavy BBs – The Precision Ammunition Heavy BBs fully licensed by Accuracy International

AI Accuracy International
Media package
Heavy weight BBs

Due to popular demand and requests we have expanded our AI Precision Ammunition BB series to include the .36 and .43 Heavy BBs.

The beloved .40 gram BB, which generated a lot of attention and praise from the Airsoft community, is back with two new additions. These long range heat seekers are an excellent choice when running a DMR or Sniper platform.

AI Accuracy International
Media package
Heavy weight BBs


JiaDyi: A Clash between Old Timer and New Blood

Jia Dyi have shared a short review of two grenade launchers:

Summer is coming! Temperature will be the friend for all gas-gunners. Two brands step in with different orientations. Let’s make a quick review from appearances and run a simple compatibility test.

HFC, one of the oldest M92 gas pistol manufacturers in Taiwan, had gained a respectable achievement in entry-level market for a long time. On the other hand, 6mm Pro-shop, with a sugar daddy behind, is a keen, new entrant in the field. Both BBs showers are welcomed by Airsoft stores because they consume lots of ammos in single shot.


First, the HG-138, although called the grenade launcher, is actually a BBs launcher itself that does not need shell. Experienced in gas-pistol, HFC claims the effective shooting range of HG-138 with only 4cm of barrel length amounts to 65ft.

With gas filling-nuzzle at the left side, the whole body is made up of one-piece aerospace grade aluminum by CNC cutting, thus it can assure no gas-leak. Act like grenade shell, HFC reduced the number of components and successfully enhance reliability. It is suggested to use 6mm BBs fast loader to fill 40 pellets into the barrels from the front muzzles, while the loader itself is absent from box.

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New Skilhunt S2 pro/S3 pro XHP35 1600 lumens flashlights

Skilhunt have sent over details of two new UST rechargeable tactical flashlights:

New ! S2 pro / S3 pro 1600 Lumens USB rechargeable tactical flashlights


S3 pro HI / HD USB rechargeable tactical LED flashlight


Max output: 1600 Lumen / 1400 Lumen

Max runtime: More than 1 month

Max beam distance: 306 meters / 371 meters

Learn More


S2 pro HI / HD USB rechargeable tactical LED flashlight


Max output: 1250 Lumens / 1100 Lumens

Max runtime: More than 1 month

Max beam distance: 306 meters / 371 meters

Learn More


New APS product review-CAM Mark II

APS have sent over details of their new CAM Mark II :

CAM Mark II SAI Poster-ENG


After years for research and development, a new design of gas charging system is now available in APS CAM-MKII Shotgun.  In this new shotgun, gas is charged directly to the bolt without using firing pin mechanism. With this kind of design, the main firing mechanism is coming from the gas bolt. So the shell has no other functions but a device of storing BB only, which means the cost of the shell is significantly lower than any existing CAM870 shells. Nevertheless, charging gas to the bolt is more easy and handy than the current CAM870 did.

Airsoft Guns powered by Co2

Similar to its our existing CAM870, CAM-MKII Shotgun is powered by Co2. User can simply charge the Co2 from a 88g disposal cylinder using the adapter comes with the packaging. Standard gun comes with 2 shells with maximum capacity of 11 rounds BB per shell. The gun has a single barrel above a tube magazine into which shells are inserted. The most important thing is, you can fire 10 – 12 shells with each full charge and it won’t take you more than 10 second to recharge the bolt.


CAM-MKII provides you a real feel of handling. Because of the cocking action, that are distinguished in the way in which spent shells are extracted and fresh ones are chambered. New shells are chambered by pulling a pump handle or called the fore-end attached to the tube magazine toward the user, then pushing it back into place to chamber the next round. The shell will eject every time you shoot and cock. The ejected shells of course can be re-usable for your next use.  Each gun comes with a shell catcher so the user can collect the rejected shells.

No inner barrel design

No inner barrel design allows our shotgun using outer barrel in 17.5mm. Also the use of sabot in Airsoft Guns is rarely found. When the projectile is fired, the sabot blocks the gas, and carries the projectile down the barrel. Once the projectile clears the barrel, the sabot material falls away because of the shock of hitting still air pulls the parts away from the projectile, allowing the projectile to continue in flight. The use of sabot increases shot power and bullet velocity, and increased accuracy due to the velocity and the reduction in deformation of the sabot itself.

Lower cost on the shells

Since the power source and main mechanism are all coming from the gas bolt. The shell itself has no mechanism but a device of storing BB only. The price of the new shell is 40% cheaper than any existing CAM870 shell, which means users will have no concern in buying more extra shells for their game play.

Interchangeable with existing CAM870

Last but not least, this new charging system is interchangeable with all existing CAM870 in the market. That means if you still own our old CAM870, it is optional for you to purchase just the new gas bolt and put it in you CAM870.  You can play either cartridge powered 870 or gas bolt powered 870

To conclude, CAM-MKII Shotgun is a precious airsoft gun rarely seen in the market. APS keeps the promises to make and create innovative products for the user. Thank you for your support.


New products from Northeast

Northeast Airsoft have released some new products:

Hi Arnies! Here’re our new products’ info…

It’s basically a gun saddle, so that you can mount yours to zeroing or enjoying shooting. Like this:


The specification of saddle.


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JiaDyi: Only pay for what’s worth owning

Jia Dyi have shared details of some of their accessories:

JiaDyiOnly Pay for What Worth to Own

If there had been any plot that is welcomed by all airsoft hobbyists, I would say it is product proliferation in peripherals, especially by using colorful versions to stimulate and boost sales by Airsoft manufacturers and stores in slack time. Here JiaDyi presents you three types of 6mm BB speed loaders which are inexpensive with assured quality. All of them have 5 colors with semi-transparent outlooks to choose–smoky black/jungle green/costal orange/training blue/snow white.


They are M4 mag-style with 450 rds., SMG mag-style with 300 rds., and pistol mag-style with 150 rds. in capacities. Each of them was made up of high-density ABS, compared to Chinese cheap imitators, 6MM PRO SHOP and BAAL both insist on the quality with brand new material, say no to recycled plastic. You can immediately tell the DIFFERENCE in quality when you hold them in hand.

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New products coming soon from Evolution Airsoft

evolution_airsoft_logoEvolution Airsoft have some new product lines coming soon:

Dear Airsoft friends,

here at Evolution Airsoft we are working at new exciting products entirely designed and made in Italy, in the pictures some of our new units undergoing the final QC inspection.


Follow us on our FB page to know more about our new products made in Italy and future developments.

Keep an eye also on our website as a new section with the complete line, technical specs and videos will be on-line soon.

(Evolution Airsoft)


APS have shared the poster for their new CAM Mark II:



Airsoft Pyrotechnics TAG-ML36 launcher

Airsoft Pyrotechnics are now able to export their new TAG-L36 launcher:

Great news! Finally we have got an export permit for the new TAG-ML36 launcher.

You can order yours today! Don’t forget that you have to use it with the newest "Reaper MK2" only.


For now, we have only this ammo available for ML-36. We will convert all the ammo line to be shootable by ML-36 shortly.

(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

Kitanica 10% sale through memorial day

Kitanica kit has its place, it is expensive but it’s unique. Not exactly grey man approved but it is worn by Adam Savage!


Jia Dyi: New WG & WE guns

Jia Dyi have shared two new guns:

Two Guns salute the sci-fi drama–Westworld,2016

By Mata Elang,May.26th.2017

Hi, I personally a Airsoft hobbyist for 10 years, recently I got gifts and want to share them with you, and they once have appeared in《Westworld,2016》! I think every fans should be familiar with them.^^

First, behold the “Colt Single Action Army (SAA) revolver” made in Taiwan! WG only provides 5.5 inches length barrel model this time. The left-hand photo shows the satin black (aging) finish, and the right-side presents the blue finish in outlook.


The ammunition follows with 4.5mm BB which is empowered by CO2, WG SAA Cowboy Airsoft revolver gives a muzzle velocity of 120m/s. Photos show 6 shells in paper-board packing along with the full metal revolver inside.


Above is WG SAA 5.5 inches powered by CO2 , absolutely a supreme replica for real fire-arm collectors.


There will be different serial numbers carved on the right-hand side of frame. It seems that aging effect wants to tell its old story given satin black version in appearance.



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Evolution International: A letter from TangoDown Inc

Evolution Airsoft have shared a letter they have received from TangoDown Inc:

xVAbEA2Ey_3FKDtHeVZFo4C2XaBs-lWe are pleased to receive and share with you

a letter from Jeff Cahill, President and CEO ofTangoDown Inc.



The TangoDown® Enhanced Combat Rifles are the most exciting, realistic and performing air soft guns today on the market, directly supported by TangoDown Inc. U.S.A.

Find Out More

(Evolution Airsoft)

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