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G&G GM1903 A3-silver

G&G have sent over details of their GM1903 A3-silver:

unnamed (31)


New Modify Beehive magazine plate

Modify have sent over details of their latest new product:

If you are bored with old fashion magazine plate, how about this? A new Beehive Magazine Plate for speed reloading has begun. Like a hard-working bee, work hard, play hard.


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Gunfire: Force Core promo movie

Gunfire have shared the new Force Core promotional video:

Hi, check the latest Force Core promo movie:


SRS Desert Tech prototype from Silverback Airsoft

Silverback Airsoft have developed a new licensed Desert Tech SRS, they have sent over some images of the versions that will be available for this spring powered bullpup sniper rifle:


We will use only high grade material for this Airsoft rifle:
- In order to respect most of the awesome features of the original SRS, we had to develop a new patented spring bolt system, push forward compression, spring guide less design. The bolt assembly is made of a steel cylinder, cylinder head and bolt handle. Piston assembly is made of 6061 aluminium. It will feature a steel piston sear and the system will allow bolt quick change, no tools needed. Muzzle energy will range between 0.8 Joules to 1.8 Joules depending on your country regulations.
-Receiver and outer barrel: CNC 6061 T6 aluminium.
-Railed handguard: CNC 6061 T5 aluminium and reinforced nylon additional


-Rifle stock will be made of reinforced nylon, black, Flat Dark Earth and OD colors will be available
-Steel magazine, with reinforced nylon internal, 30 rounds capacity.
-Monopod, included with all Silverback Airsoft SRS, accurate replica of the Desert Tech LLC patented monopod, CNC 6061 aluminium.
-Two way aluminium hop up unit, directly attached to the quick change barrel assembly, allowing barrel switch in seconds while keeping your hop up setting. Barrel attachment is exactly like the original.
-CNC aluminium trigger, with position and preload adjustment .


No injection molding metal parts, no zinc alloy, all screws are in 10.9 steel.
The Silverback Airsoft SRS will be available in three versions:
-SRS A1 Covert, with a short handguard , 16 inches outer barrel and a checkered thread protection (420 mm inner barrel) with an overall length of 675 mm, weight 2870 grams.
-SRS A1 .308, (the one displayed in this video) with long handguard , 22 inches fluted outer barrel and the .308 flash hider (578 mm inner barrel) for an overall length of 850 mm, weight 3130 grams.
SRS A1 .338 LM, with long handguard , 26 inches fluted outer barrel and the .338LM flash hider (680 mm inner barrel) with an overall length of 980 mm, weight 3250 grams.

We still need some time to communicate an accurate pricelist and release date, we will have these information during august.

(Silverback Airsoft)

King Arms M1A1 carbine in stock now–limited edition

King Arms have their M1A1 carbine in stock:

King Arms_____ M1A1 Carbine In stock now (Limited Edition! While supplies last)

Dear Customer,


M1A1 Carbine In stock now

Limited Edition! While supplies last!


Product Code KA-AG-127
Product Name M1A1 Carbine
Suggested Energy Source CO2 Cartridge
Max. Overall Length 920mm
Inner Barrel Length 267mm
Weight without Magazine 2450g
Main Material Aluminum ; Wood ;Zinc Alloy
Major Color Black & Wood
Capacity 15 rds
Caliber 6mm
Fire Mode Single
Blowback Action Y
Outer Barrel Design CNC One Piece
Magazine Release Design one way
Hop-Up Bucking Design Adjustable
Accessories come with package Sanding Sponge
Muzzle Velocity (Canada version) Over 366 fps
Muzzle Velocity (Italy / Japan version) Lower than 0.98J
Muzzle Velocity (Standard version) 430-470FPS

Product information:
This replica of WW2 rifle is CO2 operated model, which made from high quality real-wood stock, metal barrel, with blow back action. Package with a magazine of 15 rounds capacity, and a sanding sponge for customizing your own M1 Carbine into vintage style.

E-mail: ,
Tel: (852) 3529 2135   Fax: (852) 3529 2136    Website:

(King Arms)

LCT PK-258 PBS-1 silencer available now

LCT Airsoft’s new PK-258 PBS-1 silencer is made of steel material and weighs 637.2g:


(LCT Airsoft)

Airsoft Pyrotechnics “Velum”

Airsoft Pyrotechnics’s new “Velum’’ projectile is now in production:

The long-story "Velum" projectile has been finished and sent to a mass-production.


Currently "Velum" will be available in a slight "Peach" tone which making a smoke screen less transparent, in the nearest future we will issue a signal smoke projectiles in various colors.
The impressive characteristics for "Velum" are:
Range – 90-115 meters (295 – 380 ft.)
Weight – 34 gr (1.2 Oz)
Body T’ on burn – ~90C’ (194F’)
Smoke deployment time – appx 30 seconds
But, better to see once than hear twice. Watch the video.

(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

ICS Event: We are Looking for ICS Captain

ICS are seeking fans of their brand to be their ambassadors:

WeWant U-1

ICS is seeking ambassadors, ICS Captain. ICS Captain can receive the newest ICS product to test and play, can get special captain gifts, has the chance to attend Shotshow or IWA show with ICS, and has chance to attend Airsoft events. If you are ICS fanatic, don’t miss this opportunity to play with ICS.   

Selection Schedule:

• Applications close-31 August 2015

• Announce selection-15 September 2015

WeWant U-1

Clink to know more detail and apply.


0241Tactical wet/dry mesh bags

0241Tactical have sent over details of their wet/dry mesh bags:


0241Tactical Wet/Dry Mesh Bags keep all your belongings secure and breathable keeps a user’s possessions safe, clean, and organized for storage or transportation. These bags can also be suitable options for holding wet or soiled kit or clothing. Great for wet or dirty clothing you want to keep separate from your belongings. Our Wet/Dry Mesh Bags are large enough to hold dive fins or other outdoor aquatic gear, three small dogs, two medium size dogs, or one large dog. Our 100% American made materials combine a high tear strength matrix with the ability to support and/or conceal almost any object. The 100% polyester mesh structural design, with 2mm hole diameter, offers high breathability and a unique camouflage look. This product is commonly used for concealing vehicles and creating lightweight & high strength tactical gear.


Now available in PenCott (TM) GreenZone
Also available in: Multicam, Kryptek Typhon, A-TACS LE, A-TACS FG, A-TACS AU, MARPAT Woodland, and MARPAT Desert.

Check them out at



G&G have sent over details of their CM16 FFR A2 & CM16 MOD0 UPI:

unnamed (28)unnamed (29)


LCT Airsoft SR-3 AEG available now

LCT Airsoft have sent over details of their new SR-3 AEG:

Newest model SR-3 AEG Available now


(LCT Airsoft)

Hyde Definition new website

Hyde Definition have launched a new website to showcase their PenCott Camo range:


29 June 2015

Designed and built in-house, is the new central, brand-hub for the PenCott® family of camouflage patterns from Hyde Definition Ltd.


PenCottCamo-aboutThis is the first time that the PenCott® pattern family has had its own dedicated website, and greatly expands and improves upon the PenCott® pattern content that has been previously held on the website.  Among other enhancements, the new site features an in-depth look at the development of the patterns, what makes them so effective and where the name ‘PenCott’ comes from.

PenCottCamo-galleryAnother key highlight of the new site is the wide-ranging and ever growing gallery of submitted photographs showing the performance of the patterns in-the-field around the world.  There’s even an interactive map of the world that lets you select to see photos of the patterns in use by country (and by state in the US).

PenCottCamo-fabricsA useful section of the site for Makers is the page covering the range of different PenCott® pattern fabrics and materials that are now available – as well as links to sources where they can be bought.

Consumers will find the full, up-to-date listing of PenCott® garment and gear producers – with links off to their websites – an invaluable resource for getting kitted up in PenCott®.

PenCottCamo-blogFinally, the Blog section of the site will present all of the latest news related to the PenCott® patterns, as well as additional original content relating to the field of camouflage history, design and technologies.

With the launch of the separate site, the legacy site will be revamped and refocused to cover the consultancy services and other camouflage projects that Hyde Definition works on.

Check out today – and also don’t forget to follow PenCottCamo on Facebook and Instagram too.

(Hyde Definition)

MadBull Airsoft Instagram giveaway

JAG Precision have sent over details of a MadBull giveaway:


Contest time with MadBull Airsoft the leading Airsoft brand for parts and accessories!

Follow them on Instagram for a chance to be one of the FIVE lucky winners of the Noveske KX5!

Follow here:

(JAG Precision)


G&G have announced details of their new GK5D GS:

unnamed (26)


New product information from Modify Tech

Modify have sent over details of their new anti-reversal latch:

Dear friends, If you have the following problems, you should change your Anti-Reversal Latch.

1. You lost the spring of the anti-reversal latch when you install your gearbox parts.

2. You hurt or nearly hurt by the unreleased AEG spring when you open your gearbox.

3. You damaged the anti-reversal latch spring, which causing damage to the other internal parts.

Modify Innovative Anti-Reversal Latch

● Special E-Ring prevents loss of the spring.

● I-Shaped Groove on shaft allows AEGs spring release before opening gearbox.

● Add a pin to support the spring directly and friendly.

GB-05-06-1-New designGB-05-06-2-New design
Comparison of Anti Rversal Latch-1Comparison of Anti Rversal Latch-2

The original design of the Anti-Reversal Latch spring is the circle part on the spring goes around the smaller axle on the latch, and the funky little part on the end of the spring goes up and hooks around the triangle shaped part sticking out from the axle. With it, the latch would have tension to latch onto the bevel stops to stop the gears from backspin. However, owing to the fast movement of the anti-reversal latch, about 20~50 cycles per second, the original design image001of the spring would result it in a flexible fatigue, and would damage around the hook easily. The little pieces of spring would be moved in the running gearbox and might cause damage to the other internal parts.

A small part gets the job done. Don’t make it loss too easy. That’s why we make the new design, Modify Anti-Reversal Latch. Add a pin to support the spring directly and friendly. Avoid the spring damage around the hook.


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