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DYTAC acquires exclusive license of SLR Rifleworks

DyTac are now able to produce SLR Riflework airsoft products:

DYTAC acquires exclusive license of SLR Rifleworks

5 September 2016 – Hong Kong

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce an exclusive licensing agreement with SLR Rifleworks, LLC, to manufacture licensed SLR Riflework airsoft products.


SLR Rifleworks is a manufacturing company specializing in innovative and new designs for the firearm industry. Hailing from Central Florida in the United States, SLR Rifleworks is famous for the unsurpassed quality of their adjustable gas blocks, charging handle, muzzle devices and handguard rails; among other innovative products in SLR Rifleworks’ line-up.

DYTAC is excited to be working with SLR Rifleworks to bring their unique designs into the airsoft market, particularly in offering Cerakote finish, quick spring change gearbox and rotary drum hop up system in its airsoft rifles and accessories to offer unparalleled value and quality in the airsoft market.

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Krytac: Labor Day savings all weekend long–starting now

cPyJASn6KBlPRS5UF158sH0HTCwS3dUJomTZuOEVjP4rEkD6tUAGe8-yqbSkJkKKLqIL3U5W_Eu2VGK8OWMCoJUfPxuLHii5Ww=s0-d-e1-ftKrytac are having a Labor Day sale:

Save 10% and get Free Shipping

Spare Parts
BBs and Batteries



  • KRYTAC Trident MK2 Pistol Grip
    Sale Price: $26.95
  • KRYTAC Adjustable Battery Stock
    Sale Price: $40.45


  • KRYTAC M4 Compact Carbine Stock
    Price: $71.95
  • Licensed CMC M4 Flat Trigger
    Price: $13.45



AngryGun SCAR gen II stock adapter for AEG, GBB & EBB

AngryGun have shared details of their new SCAR Gen II Stock adapter for AEG, GBB & EBB:

SCAR Gen II Stock adapter for AEG, GBB & EBB.


Full CNC milling
Black Andorized coating with lasermark


Evolution Airsoft exclusive DYTAC European distributor

DyTac products are now being exclusively distributed in Europe by Evolution Airsoft:

DYTAC and Evolution Airsoft partnership – exclusive distribution in Europe

1 September 2016 – Hong Kong

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce our partnership with Evolution International S.r.l. for exclusive distribution of DYTAC products in Europe.


Evolution International S.r.l. is one of the largest wholesalers of airsoft guns in Europe and one of the fastest growing airsoft companies in the world. Its commitment to provide customers with the best products and service, along with its brand being associated high levels of quality and performance made Evolution International S.r.l. gain a strong and valuable reputation among customers worldwide.

DYTAC is excited to be working with Evolution International S.r.l. and this partnership takes DYTAC to the next level, supporting our long-term strategic goals for our market penetration in Europe, and with our partnership with Evolution International S.r.l., we believe we can provide the best value in airsoft guns and accessories for the airsoft community.

For further inquiries, please contact DYTAC at, and Evolution International S.r.l. at

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New APS hand guard – Quantum Mechanics dash/striker

APS have sent over details of their new hand guard:


New APS Hand Guard – Quantum Mechanics Dash/Striker is coming in September

Simple is the best:

In the market, there are many choices of rifle hand guards. Some of them look fancy and some of them look clumsy. APS believe that “simple is the best”, so we designed a new hand guard called Quantum Mechanics Dash (10”) and Quantum Mechanics Striker (12.5”).

We want to make this new hand guard practical in use, therefore we used free float design, so customer could install the hand guard easily. It has built in Hand stop implied in the design, which give your support hand a low profile anchor point on the forend.

We believe mounting different accessories is essential, so we added KeyMod in the 3 sides of the hand guard. The top of the hand comes with Mil-Std 1913 Pictianny rail which fit most of the optics found in the market.

Last but not least, overall weight of Dash and Striker hand guard is just 200g and 250g, I am dare to say they are one of the most light weighted hand guard found in the market, as you know light weighted hand guard is the trend of modern weapon which improve mobility. 

To conclude, we always want to make product that is simple and practical. We don’t want to make a product for display only. We want a product that is usable in the field. That’s how Quantum Mechanism Hand Guards are made.


KRISS USA Responds to Unauthorized Reproduction of Vector AEG

KRISS USA have sent out a press release which I’m naturally sharing. In short they are not happy, quite obviously the KRISS Vector is their baby and they are not happy about unauthorised copies. They have specifically mentioned A&K Airsoft, so please be warned folks if you are looking to import or distribute that version:

KRISS USA Responds to Unauthorized Reproduction of Vector AEG
KRISS USA will use all available means to protect worldwide patents and trademarks.

August 31, 2016 – Chesapeake, Virginia, USA – KRISS USA, developer and manufacturer of the KRISS Vector family of firearms, has been made aware of an unauthorized and unlicensed reproduction of its KRISS Vector SMG in the form of an AEG replica by A&K Airsoft. Despite several official notifications, A&K Airsoft has pursued into the continuation of this project, and is planning release of this unlicensed product.

KRISS USA is an innovation leader in firearms technology, revolutionizing firearms operating systems and designs with the KRISS Vector Submachine Gun. KRISS USA is heavily invested in the technology and design of the KRISS Vector, including non-lethal, training and recreational shooting models through its brand KRYTAC, in order to deliver to its customers an uncompromised level of quality and performance to reflect its brand values. KRISS USA is prepared to take all necessary actions to aggressively protect those investments and commitments.

KRISS USA will be actively pursuing manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers, to the fullest extent of the applicable laws, for any infringements on its patents, designs, trademarks and rights in the United States, Europe, and Asia for the unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of KRISS product replicas. Furthermore, KRISS USA is actively preparing its actions in the countries of Poland, Russia, UK, Italy, Taiwan and Japan.

For more information about KRISS USA and the KRISS Vector visit

KRISS USA is a leading manufacturer, distributor and provider of small arms, training replicas and accessories for commercial, military and law enforcement users worldwide. KRISS USA is part of a group of companies that focus on delivering proprietary technologies to the firearms industry, enabling more efficient solutions and corresponding to the 21st century security requirements.

Press Contact
Tim Seargeant
Marketing Manager
565 W. Lambert Rd. Suite F
Brea, CA 92821, USA
Phone: +1 714 333 1988

Tim Seargeant (KRISS USA)

As a side note, yes that is Tim (formerly of Airsoft GI) and the same chap reviewing the KWA KRISS back in 2013.

New King Arms products 29th August 2016

King Arms have sent over details of their latest new products:


Item Code KA-AG-195-RG
Name Black Rain Ordnance Rifle – RG
Suggested Energy Source 9.6V / 11.1V battery, Buffer Tube Type & Crane Stock Type.
Maximum Battery Storage 9.6V / 11.1V
Max. Overall Length 990mm
Min. Overall Length 910mm
Inner Barrel Length 455mm
Weight without Magazine 3180g
Main Material Aluminium
Major Color Black, Red and Gold
Capacity 370 Rounds
Caliber 6mm
Fire Mode Safe / Single / Full-Auto
Marking BRO
King Arms Bolt Catch System -NA-
Loading Mode Automatic
Blowback Action -NA-
Outer Barrel Design CNC One Piece
Hop-Up Bucking Design Marui type
Gearbox Design 7mm Bearing
Accessories come with package Main grip, 2 pcs of front grip pads and 3 pcs of rear grip pads) (KA-TG-29-BK) -TWS (Training Weapon System) 370 rounds magazine. (KA-MAG-72-BK)
Muzzle Velocity (Canada version) Over 366 FPS
Muzzle Velocity (Italy / Japan version) Lower than 0.98J
Muzzle Velocity (Standard version) 380~420 FPS

Product information:

Black Rain Ordnance Official Licensed Airsoft Gun by King Arms.

This M4 AEG equipped with 15" MOD (Modular Rail System – KA-RAS-69-BK) and Black Rain Ordnance style metal receiver.

-Full CNC Machined 15” MOD Rail with CNC engraved BRO marking

-Aluminium 6061 receiver with CNC engraved BRO marking.

-Unique serial number

-CNC Machined one piece fluted outer barrel.


-"LET IT RAIN!!" laser engraved marking Dust Cover

-Laser engraved BRO marking Bolt Cover

-Steel Charing Handle with CNC engraved BRO marking

-The quick spring change system Ver.2 gearbox helps to replace the spring and adjust the shooting power easily.

-Mosfet assembly provides better trigger contact.

-Folding rear sight & front sight

-TWS (Training Weapon System) Interchangeable Motor Grip is a M4/M16 grip for AEG.

It is designed to improve ergonomics with interchangeable front and rear inserts for personalized hand fit, gives the operator maximum comfort and control over the weapon.

Package comes with 6 Pieces (Main grip, 2 pcs of front grip pads and 3 pcs of rear grip pads) (KA-TG-29-BK)

-TWS (Training Weapon System) 370 rounds magazine. (KA-MAG-72-BK)

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New SOCOM 2 Suppressors from DYTAC

DyTac have shared details of their new Socom 2 replica suppressors:

DYTAC SOCOM 2 Replica Suppressor

26 August 2016 – Hong Kong

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce the new SOCOM 2 series mock suppressors.


The SOCOM 2 suppressor is derived from the most advanced 5.56 mm rifle suppressor ever made. The SOCOM 2 compliments perfectly USSOCOM rifle builds, such as, amongst others, the MK18 and M4 Block II rifles. The SOCOM 2 was designed with a special muzzle end-cap to assist with eliminating first-round muzzle flash on the real suppressor.


The locking mechanism features an indexing system that allows ease of mounting the suppressor even at night, and a simple, yet stable locking system that assures an extremely tight lock up with the accompanying SOCOM style muzzle devices.


The SOCOM 2 suppressors will be made in two different lengths (in 6.2” and 5”), and two different Cerakote finishes (H-265Q Flat Dark Earth and H-146Q Graphite Black). The SOCOM style muzzle devices will come in civilian 3 prong and military 4 prong styles.

For more information, please check out our Facebook page for the latest updates at


New DyTac products for August 2016

Here is the latest product news from DyTac:

DYTAC new products for August 2016

25 August 2016 – Hong Kong

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce the following products for August:

Economical URX3 AEG


The URX 3 Rail is a free floating, fully modular replacement forend for the AR-15 platform. Unlike traditional quad rail designs, the URX 3.1 incorporates short sections of M1913 Picatinny rail at its front and rear ends for mounting tactical accessories, eliminating the commonly unused sections of rail for reduced overall weight and a more comfortable grip. A total of 4 integral QD sling swivel sockets are provided for ambidextrous sling compatibility.

The URX3 is a timeless design and instantly recognizable in the firearms industry.  DYTAC is committed to refreshing the URX3.1 line with the new Economical URX3 AEG (AEG-51-BK) for our end-users.  The URX3 will be a one piece design, foregoing the removability of the lower rail portion to further increase the strength of the rail and minimize costs.  The AEG will include the accessories in the picture above, along with Cerakote coating and our quick spring change gearbox.

Muzzle Device Shim Package


Timing flash hiders have always been an issue in airsoft as most manufacturers use an o-ring’s tension and friction force to secure a muzzle device. However, that leaves a lot to be desired particularly for airsofters running suppressors as the muzzle device may be unable to be timed properly, or the suppressor sits angled to the firearm barrel.

The DYTAC muzzle device shim package come with two shim protectors, four 0.2mm and 0.3mm shims respectively, and two 0.5mm shims. These will help airsofters time their muzzle device properly for realism and allows suppressors to be mounted in line with the barrel, as opposed to using o-rings.

For those with shim protector washers in their parts box, DYTAC also offers flash hider shims in the same variety, with 10 shims per thickness.


AEG Hop Up Rubber Bucking

imageThe hop up rubber bucking is one of the most important parts of an airsoft gun, as it provides hop up spin for the bb to travel a far distance to reach your targets. The material properties of the hop up rubber bucking is very important as it determines the consistency of the hop up, whether in the amount of hop it can provide, temperature variation resistance, and whether it is susceptible to swelling from silicone oil (which leads to jams).

DYTAC has tested different types of materials and now offers the best hop up rubber bucking from its tests, able to withstand silicone oil deposits and offers the least performance deviations from temperature changes (particularly cold conditions). DYTAC has decided not to offer the hop up rubber bucking in anything other than black as different colour dyes will decrease the durability of the hop up rubber bucking.

Each bucking will come with an H-nub (which helps centering the bb onto the hop up rubber bucking patch that interfaces with the bb in the hop up chamber) and will come as individual packages or as a pack of three.

140mm Suppressor for internally threaded pistol barrels

imageThe suppressors are 140mm in length and are made of aluminium. The threading on the suppressor interfaces with the common WE gas pistol barrels and provides and cheap and easy option to have a suppressed pistol look.

High flow floating valve for UMAREX/KWA/KSC gas guns

imageThe floating valve controls the gas flow in the blowback unit of a gas gun. Whether it is in a rifle bolt, or at the back of a pistol slide, the floating valve is essential in the cycling operation of a gas gun.

The high flow floating valve is made of stainless steel and fits the UMAREX/KWA/KSC gas guns, and allows for more gas volume to push the bb out of the barrel compared to the original part.

For product inquiries, please contact us at

For more information, please check out our Facebook page for the latest updates at


JAG Arms PHX15s on Airsoft GI live show

Brian and Tang from JAG Precision have appeared on Airsoft GI’s live show:


This week Brian and Tang were guests on the popular Airsoft GI Live Show. With this shows format the Airsoft players that are subscribed to the ASGI youtube channel will be able to watch and ask questions in "real time" making for a great interactive show. Like always the JAG guys will be loading the table up with new products and filling the show with Q&A. In case you missed your chance to ask a question you can always email us


(JAG Precision)

G&G GC16 Predator Hunter Green

G&G have sent over details of their GC16 Predator in Hunter Green:



Click here to watch the product video.


GC16 Predator Hunter Green
G&G Armament is proud to announce that our GC16 Predator series will be available soon with a Hunter Green hardcoat. Just like the incredibly popular Battleship Gray model, the GC16 Predator in Hunter Green will be available in limited quantities. Equipped with the new IFRIT 25K High Torque Motor and burst-capable Electronic Trigger Unit out of the box, no prey can escape this Raptor!


JAG Precision–Custom builds featuring the PHX15

JAG Precision have been taking a closer look at their PHX15:

The JAG Arms PHX15 rifle series is ready to be on any type of playing field and these are some great examples of just how.

This video will cover the CQB, MILSIM and DMR setup using the PHX15 as a perfect base rifle platform.

(JAG Precision)

Lees Precision Engineering thread adapters update

Lees Precision Engineering have restocked their 11 to 14mm CCW thread adapters for WE pistols:

CNC Machined 11mm to 14mm CCW Thread Adapters For WE Pistols Have Been Restocked


LPE 11mm to 14mm CCW thread adapters are designed specifically for WE pistols with internally threaded barrels to allow the use of widely available 14mm CCW threaded suppressors and accessories.
Each adapter is fully CNC machined in a single operation from 6026 T9 aircraft grade aluminium with smooth machine cut threads that won’t chew up the internal barrel threads, the 11mm end also has more threads than standard WE thread adapters for a more secure fit and features increased spacing between the threads to prevent the recoil spring guide hitting the suppressor during use.
Technical Specification
Thread : 11mm CW to 14mm CCW
Material : 6026 T9 Aircraft grade aluminium
Finish : Anodised black
Weight : 4.5g

Trade prices are available for retailers worldwide, please contact for a trade price list using the contact form on the website.

(Lees Precision Engineering)

JAG Precision: Modify ten tooth piston

JAG Precision have been taking a closer look at the Modify ten tooth piston:

The Modify piston with the 10 steel teeth will become the best piston for the price!


Read more here in this in depth blog from JAG Precision.

Full Article:

(JAG Precision)

DyTac products certified RoHS compliant

DyTac’s products have been approved as free from restricted hazardous substances as defined by the European Union:

imageDYTAC products are certified RoHS Compliant

16 August 2016 – Hong Kong

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce our products have been certified RoHS 2 compliant.

RoHS 2, or Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (2011/65/EU) originated in the European Union and restricts the use of six hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products.


Acquiring the RoHS 2 certification for DYTAC products means any restrictive substances of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and four different phthalates do not exist (or are negligible) and therefore DYTAC products will not be hazardous to the environment and pollute landfills, and are not dangerous in terms of occupational exposure during manufacturing and recycling.

For more information, please check out our Facebook page for the latest updates at


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