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APS Guardian RIS hand guard

APS have sent over details of their Guardian RIS hand guard:


New FLS rings from FG-Airsoft

FG-Airsoft have sent over details of their latest new products:

We are very proud to introduce our new LFS rings (Low Flow System).

These rings are compatible with both VFC and WE Open Bolt GBBR Platforms.  There are 3 versions available, each one reduces the velocity by approx.: -10, -15, or -20%.

Installation is easy and reversible, this system will not add any cool down and most importantly provides very stable FPS values.

LFS 1 Reference 50015: 20% FPS decrease (approx.)

LFS 2 Reference 50078: 15% FPS decrease (approx.)

LFS 3 Reference 50016: 10% FPS decrease (approx.)

LFS 4 Reference 50017 : 3 LFS ring pack, reduces velocity of 10, 15, or 20% (approx.)

Testing and installation tutorial video for WE nozzle:

Testing and installation tutorial video for VFC nozzle :


First look at RA-Tech Eagle Tribute

RA-Tech have sent over a sneak preview of their American Eagle Tribute:

New Concept Boutique — RA-TECH American Eagle Tribute Coming SOON

Here’s a sneak peek:



Happy Moon Festival from Modify Tech

Modify are wishing us all a happy Moon Festial:

After the Moon Festival, the fall is around the corner. In Taiwan, we eat the moon cakes. Do you know the story of the moon cakes? If you would like to know the story, please visit our fans page:

If you prefer, you are welcome to visit us and LIKE our fans page to find much more new products information.

Modify-Tech wish you have wonderful weekend and Happy Moon Festival.



BB manufacturer CYC Airsoft looking for distributors

imageCYC Airsoft are looking for distributors to stock their BBs:

Dear Arnie,
We are new airsoft BBs bullets manufacturer in China.
I know your airsoft forum is very popular in the UK.
Now we are looking for distributor around the world.

Here is our website:

Thanks very much. (CYC Airsoft)

0241Tactical wet-dry bags

0241Tactical have sent over details of their wet-dry bags:

0241Tactical Wet-Dry bags are 26" wide and 25" tall (US Inches), and incorporate cordura, mesh, and nylon with shock cord closure and a Thermo-plastic Handle. The cost is very economical especially when you consider how much gear you can cram into them. We stopped testing the weight these bags can carry at 100 Ponds – Awesome bags!!! The 100% polyester mesh structural design, with 2mm hole diameter, offers high breath-ability and a unique camouflage look. Bonded Nylon thread adds an extra element of durability not found in most mesh bags – these mesh bags will carry some considerable weight! All materials are 100% USA made.

Available in: Multicam, Kryptek Typhon, A-TACS LE, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, MARPAT Woodland, and MARPAT Desert

AU ExampleBag ExampleDesert Example.jpgFG Example.jpgLE Example.jpgMulticam Example.jpgTyphon.jpgWoodland Example

Here’s a Review of our bags from our friends at The Gear Locker (TGL)

When 0241 told us they were sending us their Wet/Dry Mesh Bag to review, we were very curious to see what we were getting. Once the package arrived, we saw a lot of possibilities with the mesh bag.  And, once we started to test the bag, we started to think of more things to carry in it (Small Dog?).

The first thing we noticed when we picked up the Mesh Bag were the handles. They are rubberized and I really liked the thickness.  The second thing we noticed was the build quality. The Mesh Bag empty feels well made and feels very solid.  The build quality looks great.  Ours came with ATACS-FG ringing the top and down the sides. The mesh was colored in an ATACS-FG pattern as well.

The overall size of the Wet/Dry Mesh Bag is 24 inches x 25 inches and it can hold up to 100 pounds.  That means, you can fit pretty much anything you want into it! We tested it by going into our collection of Multicam and seeing how many different items we could fit into the bag. Let’s just say, we were very impressed.  The Mesh Bag is also excellent if you want to transport some gear to the range for training, and do not want to bring your entire LBT Roller Bag. Or, if you are training, and the weather goes south, you need something to put those funky clothing items into for the ride home.

0241 Tactical makes all of their products in the USA and the Wet/Dry Mesh Bag is washable and colors will not fade.  If you are interested in buying one of their bags, head over to  to check these bags out and their other products


APS CAM870 accessories (DTA / VPG)

APS have sent over an image of their CAM870 accessories:

CAM870 accessories (DTA / VPG)


Daniel Defense branded t-shirts & hats in Madbull Shop

Madbull are now selling Daniel Defense custom branded t-shirts and hats:

unnamed (3)

Daniel Defense custom branded T-Shirts and Hats are now available for purchase through Madbull Airsoft! The close-fitting black tee is composed of 100% cotton and comes in medium and large sizes. The hat features a US flag in the rear opening and utilizes velcro strap to ensure perfect fitness on the head. Both T-shirts and Hats have limited quantities so order now before it’s sold out!

Click for more info and photo >>


Evolution Airsoft ADC series

Evolution Airsoft have sent over details of their new ADC series:

The release date of the new Evolution Airsoft ADC series is getting closer.
The first two models of this new "top grade" series will be the ADC Bodyguard and the ADC CQB (here shown in the 3D rendering).


Evolution_Airsoft_ADC_CQB_2The ADC air soft guns feature fully licensed trademarks and design licensed to Evolution Airsoft under worldwide exclusive agreement by ADC Armi Dallera Custom, the famous Italian custom guns tailor.

More news and previews soon on our FB page

(Evolution Airsoft)

RA new item CNC Aluminum NPAS nozzle for WE M14 GBB

RA-Tech have sent over details of their new aluminium nozzle for the WE14 GBB:

RA Aluminum nozzel with tool Adjust NPAS set FOR WE M14 GBB available now.


  • Use RA Universal Joint Tool to adjust muzzle velocity instantly without disassembling.

  • CNC processing makes it more stable and durable.

  • The special designed nozzle tip makes it better adhere the hop-up rubber and perfect airtight seal.

Price:$  99 USD



A-TACS law enforcement mesh bags from 0241Tactical

0241Tactical are now making their mesh bags in A-TACS LE:


Preview of the new 0241Tactical Mesh Bags in A-TACS Law Enforcement (LE) pattern available for purchase on Tuesday from !!!

Having fun at your favorite field playing Airsoft s a great way to spend the day. Sometimes mother nature does not allow us to train with the sun shining.

When the rain starts to fall, or the ground is muddy. What do you do at the end of day with all of your gear and clothing? Well, 0241 Tactical has you covered. Their Wet/Dry Mesh Bag is a great addition to anyone’s gear bag. It folds up flat and gives you the ability to stuff a tone of gear in the 24 x 25 inch tall bag. With the mesh, your nasty gear is airing out as you head home or go out to eat with your best buddies and sling stories.


LEBAG40241Tactical unique Wet/Dry Mesh Bags keep all your belongings secure and breathable keeps a user’s possessions safe, clean, and organized for storage or transportation. These bags can also be suitable options for holding wet or soiled kit or clothing. Great for wet or dirty clothing you want to keep separate from your belongings. Our Wet/Dry Mesh Bags are large enough to hold dive fins or other outdoor aquatic gear. Our 100% American made materials combine a high tear strength matrix with the ability to support and/or conceal almost any object. The 100% polyester mesh structural design, with 2mm hole diameter, offers high breathability and a unique camouflage look. This product is commonly used for concealing vehicles and creating lightweight & high strength tactical gear.

Check them out at

Also available in A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Multicam, MARPAT Desert, MARPAT Woodland.


20$Bandit: BTSC first aid kit, 3M reflective ID tapes & more

Here is the latest news from 20$Bandit:

BTSC First Aid Kit, 3M REFLECTIVE ID Tapes and LIMITED RUN T7G Stickers!!


BACK TO SCHOOL First Aid Kit – 2014
Clothes, check……Laptop, check……Books, check…..Car Keys, check…..FIRST AID…….???? crickets…..

It is so much work to prepare our kids to go away to school! The list of gear is seemingly endless and every item is important. What I cannot believe is that FIRST AID is never on the list and in this day and age that seems absurd.

Outfit your Rockstar now! Click Here.


STICKERS!!! Be the first in on the New T7G logo LIMITED RUN sticker.
CLICK HERE to check them out


3M REFLECTIVE ID Tapes so you can see your MK-7 at night.
CLICK HERE to check them out


High cap M4 camouflage magazine A-tacs FG

APS have sent over details of their high capacity M4 magazine in A0Tacs FG:

HIGH CAP M4 Magazine Atacs FG


Madbull PWS DI key-mod handguard rail for airsoft

Madbull have sent over details of their PWS DI key-mod handguard rail which is now available:

unnamed (1)

The Madbull licensed PWS Airsoft DI Key-Mod Handguard Rail can upgrade your rifle with designed ergonomic as well as durable. The product features key-mod interface system enhances the rail’s comfort and functionality without the need for Picatinny rails surrounding your handguard. The product also offer a true free floated handguard that removes unnecessary weight and allows for a wide range of accessory placement; furthermore, the integral sling swivel attachment points round out the front and back of the handguard. The DI Key-Mod Handguard Rail come is a variety of lengths: 10” 12” and 15”.

Package include
- 1 x Handguard rail
- 1 x Barrel nut
- 1 x Mounting hardware


- PWS licensed product
- Key-Mod Interface with light weight
- Free-Floated Handguard
- Picatinny Top Rail
- Two QD Attachment holes front and back

More info and photo


Kryptek Mandrake caps & neck gaiters @0241Tactical

0241Tactical have sent over details of their Kryptek Mandrake caps and neck gaiters:

Our Kryptek Mandrake Caps and Neck Gaiters are produced using USA Made Kryptek material with combination of 91% Nylon and 9% Spandex. This combination created a fabric with excellent stretch properties that is designed for both comfort and durability. This material coupled with a high strength, bonded, nylon thread to increase the strength and lengthen the life of your product! 0241Tactical caps will keep your head camouflaged and protected from the cold, our Neck Gaiters will keep your face camouflaged and protected from wind and dust. Check them out at

mandrake cap addmandrake neck gaiter add


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