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New UAC fibre optic rear sight for TM/WE G17

UAC have sent over details of their new fibre optic rear sight:

Fiber Optic Rear Sight For G17

UAC launched a new design Fiber Optic Rear Sight For TM/WE G17 – was constructed by precision CNC, with aircraft-graded 6061 aluminum. Hard black anodized finish increase the durability and anti-scratch ability. “Perfect Dot” design allow a perfect fiber dot can be formed. Increasing visibility of the fiber optic sight picture. Also, by using the real fiber optic that used on real steel, brightness was guaranteed. Low profile design, it will easily fit most holsters.



LCT LCK47 & LCK47S coming soon

LCT Airsoft have sent over a teaser for their LCK47 and LCK47S:

LCT LCK47 & LCK47S coming soon


(LCT Airsoft)

Northeast Airsoft mock silencer

Taiwan airsoft manufacturer Northeast Airsoft have sent over details of their new mock silencer, they are also looking for distributors in the UK:

Rider6 mock silencer

1. Super light weight, only 120 grams
2. Minimizing the affection on shooting performance of the pistols
3. CNC machined
4. 14mm CCW threaded
5. Released in tan and black.
6. Realistic replica


Contact Northeast for more info:

(Northeast Airsoft)

LCK47 & LCK47S Global Limited coming soon

LCT Airsoft have shared a video for their new LCK47 & LCK47S:

LCK47 & LCK47S Global Limited coming soon!

(LCT Airsoft)

PDI 2016 big thanks sale

PDI hare having a sale until the end of the year:

PDI 6.05 inner barrels are discounted ,50% Off.
It’s the best price ! From today to 31th Dec.



Seasons greetings from Shoei

Merry Christmas from Shoei:

Dear Friends,

   I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.

unnamed (23)

Thank you always!

                   Greetings from Japan.

                           Best regards,

                     Tomio Matsumoto

            Shoei Seisakusho Inc., Japan


Merry Christmas from Evolution Airsoft

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Evolution Airsoft:

Dear Friends, Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from the Evolution Airsoft team.


(Evolution Airsoft)

New products from King Arms 23rd December 2016

King Arms have sent over details of their latest new products:

saved_resourceItem Code KA-MAG-05-V / KA-MAG-05-V-HC / KA-MAG-05-V-OR
Name G36 95 / 470 / 50 Rounds Magazines Box Set (5pcs)
Main Material ABS
Major Color Black
Capacity 95 / 470 / 50 Rds.

Product information:
95 rounds magazines for Marui G36 series. 5 magazines included.

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saved_resource(1)Item Code KA-02-02 / KA-02-04 / KA-02-05 / KA-02-06
Name Normal Torque Helical Gears Set / Ultra High Speed Flat Gears Set / High Torque Flat Gears Set / High Torque Helical Gears Set
Size Ratio: 100:30; Helical / Ratio:13:1,Flat / Ratio:32:1;Flat / Ratio:100:200;Helical
Weight 65g
Main Material Steel
Major Color Silver

Product information:
All helical normal torque / flat ultra high speed / flat high torque / helical high torque gears set. Package included bevel, spur, and sector gear.

User should apply proper lubrication when installing the gears set. Suitable for version 2 & 3 gearbox.

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saved_resource(2)Item Code KA-MAG-16-V-DE / KA-MAG-16-X-DE / KA-MAG-16-V-OD / KA-MAG-16-X-OD
Name M16 120 Rounds Magazines Box Set – DE / OD – 5pcs / 10pcs
Size L65 mm x W23 mm x H160 mm
Weight 610 g
Main Material ABS
Major Color Dark Earth / Olive Drab / Dark Earth / Olive Drab
Capacity 120 rds

Product information:
120 rounds magazines for Marui M16 series. 5 magazines included.

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saved_resource(3)Item Code KA-MAG-02 / KA-MAG-02-V
Name 68 Rounds Magazine for Marui M4 series / box set (metal)
Size L65 mm x W23 mm x H160 mm
Weight 195 g
Main Material Steel; ABS
Major Color Black
Capacity 68 rds

Product information:
68 rounds magazine for Marui M4 series.

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Facebook (Taiwan):
YouTube :

(King Arms)

YZH Skirmish & EmersonGear

YZH Skirmish have answered some frequently asked questions about their EmersonGear brand:

Who is the real manufacturer of EmersonGear?

I believe there are most of you are confused by EmersonGear and YZH, we have received inquiries about asking that if we are the distributor of EmersonGear, as you might have noticed that our website is and our emails are ends by, that we had to explain several times.

SO today let’s make a list of FAQ and try to answer these doubts.

Q:Is YZH a distributor of EmersonGear?

A:No! YZH is the authentic original manufacturer of EmersonGear, we are located in Guangzhou, China.

Q:Then what’s the exact difference between EmersonGear and YZH?

A:Well, EmersonGear(with the skull as imageclip_image002) is the registered brand and YZH is the company name and the manufacturer of it. YZH is like mother and EmersonGear is like the son.

Q:What does YZH mean?

A:Good question as it doesn’t mean anything in English. YZH is the first Pinyin of our company name, 野战行 Ye Zhan Hang, means Skirmish Trading.clip_image004

Q:Why don’t you use as domain name?

A:Yes, this domain name will clarify the brand and company, and much easier for EmersonGear Users and Clients to find us. We own this domain name and is under construction now, when she is ready to publish, we will make official notice to all of you, so please keep in touch.

Q:Why there is not a contact information on ?

A:There are several factors made us not to leave any contact, that’s a have-to decision.

1, if we leave contacts, there will be so many individual players want to get gears directly from us but we do only wholesale, we have authorized dealers that we recommend our EmersonGear Users to go to them;

2, and of course there will be limitless harassment of promotions and spams with any methods;

3, but most reason is that tactical gears are sensitive in China and we don’t want any unnecessary troubles.

We know that it’s inconvenience for our users and clients find us and not benefited for marketing, but for some time we still have to go like this. And also that’s why I am writing this post that in hope to clarify and make it easier for our users and clients to find us.

Keep in touch with us through; instagram#emersongearfactory; YouTube#EmersonGear; Facebook

(YZH Skirmish)

King Arms 2016 Christmas lucky draw

There are just a few days let to take part in the King Arms 2016 Christmas lucky draw:


2016 King Arms X’mas Lucky Draw
Duration: NOW ~ Dec. 25th
Event Link:

Predator Tactical Iron Shrike 1 + 1 !!

Let’s raise up the prize!!
King Arms will send one more Predator Tactical Iron Shrike pistol to 2nd winner as long as we make it to the goal as below:

1. Over 40,000 “Like” on the Facebook fan page.
2. Over 200 “comments” during the event.
3. Over 100 “sharing” this event to other Facebook page.

Hello, time is ticking till the event is expired!
Go tagging or poking your friends and share with them to join this once for a year Christmas Lucky Draw.

Terms and Conditions :
‧The prizes are exhibits, may find reasonable scratches on the surface.
‧Return and convert into cash requirements are not allowed.
‧King Arms has reserves all the rights of final decision if there comes up with arguments.
‧King Arms will announce the result on 27rd Dec.

Stay tuned with King Arms.

KingArms Website :
KingArms YouTube :
#KingArms #PredatorTactical #Christmas #FREE #XmasLuckyDraw#Event #Globalsynchronization #MattBurkett #Pistol #Airsoft


Event Link:

2016 King Arms X’mas Lucky Draw
Duration: Nov. 25th ~ Dec. 25th
Win A FREE Licensed Gas Pistol “Predator Tactical Iron Shrike “ Now,
1. Watch below video ” King Arms- Predator Tactical Iron Shrike”. 
2. Press “LIKE” at King Arms Facebook page.
3. Leave comments, and Tag two of your friends.
4. Share the video :
Predator Tactical Iron Shrike by King Arms. Metal slide and frame with CNC engraved lettering and logos.

One piece chrome outer barrel with . 45ACP marking. Chrome hammer and trigger.

Stainless steel spring guide and spring guide rod. Metal beavertail grip safety.

Glossy black metal magwell. Metal front sight and rear sight and adjustable Hop-Up.
Terms and Conditions :
‧ The prizes are exhibits, may find reasonable scratches on the surface. 
‧ Return and convert into cash requirements are not allowed.
‧ King Arms has reserves all the rights of final decision if there comes up with arguments. 
‧ King Arms will announce the result on 27rd Dec.

Stay tuned with King Arms.
King Arms Website :
King Arms YouTube :


We make a video to show you "How to Win A FREE Licensed Gas Pistol Predator Tactical Iron Shrike“

2016 King Arms X’mas Lucky Draw
Event Link:

Subscribe our channel and follow us on our Facebook Fan Page!!

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(King Arms)

Secutor enters the airsoft fields

Secutor have shared details of their RUDIS range:


We are SECUTOR, which means “hunter”. Secutors were feared gladiators, experts in hand-to-hand combat, and their sword was the most feared weapon at short distances. Nowadays, this gun takes its place among the warriors who venture into CQB short distances.

d70PuPSL-eUYpNGyM-WxN2yQgjv5VSOur RUDIS range, originally consisting of the "VI" model in black, "III" in gold and "XI" in silver.

UieM5evhgqjZPP0IkHwcOav6kT27qnRUDIS offers two nozzles in the same box. The standard one for the winter and another one with an adapted reductive valve for the summer. Both are designed to use CO2 magazines and to adjust the power for the European barrels: 300-305 FPS with 0,20g BBs using CO2.

sJb928HZYeSSEhcbCLbKAOVix03Ccn“Secutor Dicit, Inimicus Silet” means “when the Secutor speaks, the enemies fall silent”. And literally, the sword engraved on the outer barrel "stabs" your enemy every time you fire.

4k2oeL9huvW9a9MIcIjTM9pMvSsLjKRUDIS includes a threaded elongated barrel in case you want to attach a silencer. The main components of the RUDIS range are the iron and the aluminum (no Zamak like many guns in the market).



Crosman new rep group for Mid-West & Great Lakes

unnamed (22)Crosman have teamed up with Ferguson-Keller Associates Inc.:

Ferguson-Keller Associates Inc. To Represent Crosman Brands in Multiple States

Bloomfield, NY -December 19, 2016- The Crosman Corporation is pleased to announce that Ferguson-Keller Associates Inc. will be responsible for representing all categories under the Crosman Corporation for the 12 upper Mid-West and Great Lakes states starting on January 1, 2017.

“The entire Crosman team is very excited to be working with Ferguson-Keller Associates,” says National Sales Manager, Matt McCarty. “We are looking forward to a strong start to 2017 and working with team at Ferguson-Keller to continue to expand the Crosman brands in these regions.”

Ferguson-Keller Associates Inc.  will work with Crosman’s multiple categories of quality and affordable airguns under the Crosman and Benjamin lines as well as their brands in airsoft, optics, outdoor accessories and archery gear under the CenterPoint Archery brand.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to be a part of the great tradition and brands which Crosman brings to the market place. Our concentrated market approach is a perfect match for such a reputable company such as Crosman,” states President and CEO of Ferguson-Keller Associates Inc.,Bill Kunzer.

Since 1971 Ferguson-Keller Associates Inc. has built a strong reputation founded on superior customer service, sales, and marketing expertise in the outdoor products market which aligns with the drive and mission of the Crosman tea.

A recognized brand in 63 countries, the Crosman Corporation has a diversified product portfolio which includes airguns, optics, archery and airsoft products.  Crosman has been dedicated to building quality products for shooting sports enthusiasts around the world since 1923. Visit or reach out to Marketing & Communications Manager, Jason Reid, at for more information.


TAGinn shell-less grenade launcher teaser video

Airsoft Pyrotechnics have released a teaser video for their new TAGinn shell-less grenade launcher:

Here’s the teaser for our upcoming shell-less grenade launcher –

(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

KRYTAC Prometheus EG barrels available now

Krytac have some new EG barrels available now:

unnamed (21)



SWAT 20th anniversary sale

SWAT International are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a big discount sale:







(SWAT International)

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