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Madbull Steel Bull tight bore barrel back in stock @Madbull

Madbull have their Steel Bull tight bore barrel back in stock:

unnamed (6)

RE-introducing the long awaited Steel Bull 6.03 mm steel tight bore barrel. This popular-by-demand item is back in stock and back in action. Significantly increase your shot grouping, FPS, and accuracy, all while reducing wobble. Once again you can posses the performance of MadBull’s Steel Bull tight bore barrel.

Click for more info and photo >>


G&G 5.56 bullet chain & battery box w/ laser pointer

G&G have sent over details of their 5.56 bullet chain and battery box with laser pointer:

unnamedunnamed (1)


Madbull KeyMod rail section licensed by Strike Industries

Madbull have sent over details of their Strike Industries licensed KeyMod rail section:

unnamed (3)

2pcs Polymer 5 Slot KeyMod Short Rail Section
Licensed by Strike Industries, Madbull introduces the new line of Key-Mod Polymer Rail Section accessories for the Key-Mod handguard rail product line. For those who want the lightest possible set up, we have a set of two piece standard polymer 5 section rails. Each polymer rail weights 0.4 oz. and can be place anywhere on the KeyMod rail. Our rail sections are made for Madbull KeyMod products but will work with most other KeyMod systems.

Package include
- 2 x 5 slots section rail

Key Features
- Plug-in 1913 rail sections
- 2 Polymer sections for ultra light weight
- Works with most other KeyMod systems
- Easy installation and removal


SI Milsim Key-Mod Long Rail Section – QD featured (8 Slot / 6 Slot)
Licensed by Strike Industries, the new line of Key-Mod Aluminum Rail Section accessories for the Key-Mod hand guard rail product line implementing a Quick Detach (QD) receiver point. By adding the Quick Disconnect receiver users have more placement options than ever before! There is a long type 8-slot KMARS-QD that comes in standard angle and a short 6-slot KMARS-QD piece that comes in a standard angle. These rails can be easily placed anywhere on the Key-Mod rail. Our rail sections are made for Madbull KeyMod products

Package include
- 1 x 8 slots section rail
- 1 x 6 slots section rail

Key Features
- Integrated Quick Disconnect receiver point
- Lightweight alum construction
- Plug-in 1913 rail sections
- 6-slot or 8-slot
- Easy installation and removal

Click for more info and photo >>


Kyou Airsoft ATR R2 grenades from Europe Accessoires

Europe Accessoires are looking for distributors for the new Kyou Airsoft ATR R2 grenade

Hello friends, I present the new product by Kyou Airsoft (, a French brand distributed by Europe Accessoires

ATR R2,the grenade expected by all airsoft players and paintball. You can throw balls, plaster, ashes, etc … 
The ATR-R2 by Kyou-Airsoft is cheapest pyrotechnic grenades on the market



watch the video presentation :

we seek distributor in each country, if you’re interested contact us

(Europe Accessoires)

LCT release new parts for M4 series

LCT Airsoft have some new parts for the M4 series:

LCT release NEW parts for M4 series

Steel Outer barrel, Aluminum CNC rail Handguard and Nylon Rail cover……….


(LCT Airsoft)

New custom product from RA-Tech

RA-Tech have sent over details of one of their custom products:

RA Custom Work Trust Series — American Eagle Tribute — Abraham Lincoln Edition Kit

The American bald eagle totem from the Native Americans has lived with the nation ever since the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Gunsmiths and sculptors of every generation carved the eagle on the surfaces of pistols and made them eternal collections for museums and collectors. After the successful sold-out of first product “Jackson County Sheriff (limited edition)” of RA-TECH Custom Work Trust Series, RA-TECH Dream Come True Team (DCTT) will release the second product “American Eagle Tribute – Abraham Lincoln Edition KIT” and has started pre-order since the U.S. Independence Day (July 4, 2014).
The American Eagle Tribute steel slide/barrel set includes the steel slide, steel outer barrel and RA-TECH patent two-piece extractor. To meet American style of high power, it is based on WE system characterized with high airflow and heavy recoil. There are two types available “American Eagle Tribute G19 Steel” and “American Eagle Tribute G19 Stainless”, each with limited release of 50 pieces. It comes with the deep engraving serial numbers. End users can order the limited and handcrafted steel slide and outer barrel kit through RA-TECH authorized distributors and shops worldwide.


Pictures here, More Pictures


Cotton jersey neck gaiters from 0241Tactical

0241Tactical have sent over details of their cotton jersey neck gaiters:


Multifunctional cotton jersey neck gaiters wick away perspiration in the summer heat and provides just enough warmth during cold-weather, high-exertion activities. 0241Tactical Neck Gaiters available in: A-TACS FG, A-TACS LE, A-TACS AU, and Multicam. Our neck gaiters keep your head camouflaged and protected from wind and dust. Keep your head warm, or protected from dust and wind! A must have while in sandy environments. Wear your Neck Gaiter in multiple configurations to meet your needs. It’s a beanie, it’s a balaclava, it’s a scarf, from 0241Tactical the standard setter in Neck Gaiters.


Check them out at


LCT new Model M70AB2 AEG coming soon

LCT Airsoft have sent over a teaser for their new M70 AB2 AEG:

LCT new Model M70AB2 AEG coming soon


(LCT Airsoft)

New AFS nozzles for GHK M4, WA M4 & clones

FG-Airsoft have sent over details of their new AFS nozzles for GHK M4, WA M4 and clones:

New AFS nozzles for GHK M4 and WA M4 and clones

These nozzles allow you to adjust the FPS of your BB gun easily, precisely and give a very stable velocity from 280 to 390 FPS without adding cooldown (these values were measured using 0,2g BB’s,  propane gas at 20°C, these values are given for information only and can vary from a BB gun to another).
Velocity adjustment is made without any disassembly, directly through the ejection port.


Nozzles with AFS (Adjustable  Flow System) for  GHK  M4, reference 50021
Product page
Testing video :

Nozzles with AFS (Adjustable  Flow System) for  WA  M4 and clones, reference 50020
Product page
Testing video :


Snow Wolf SW107 A1 AEG at JP Airsoft

JP Airsoft have the new Snow Wolf SW107 A1 AEG in stock:

Dear News Fairy, The new Snow Wolf SW107 A1 AEG (BK/TAN) has been available in JP Airsoft now!

jp-sw107 a1

Snow Wolf- SW107 A1 AEG (Black Colour)

Snow Wolf- SW107 A1 AEG (Tan Colour)

Best Regards, (JP Airsoft)

New from G&G- HB16 MOD 0 & GEC36

G&G have sent over details of two new products:

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)


0241Tactical pillow cases

0241Tactical have sent over details of their pillow cases:


0241Tactical standard size Pillow Cases come in a set (two pillow cases) available in A-TACS AU, FG, and Multicam. So for those of you who dream in camouflage this is a perfect addition to your room. Single guys – this will ensure women flock to your bedroom because its a scientific FACT that women are hot for guys who have camouflage pillow cases. True story. They can’t help themselves. Ladies – It was proven by scientists in lab coats and glasses that using our pillow cases on the twenty four pillows adoring your bed will hypnotize any man into thinking you’re super awesome while in reality you really hate this crap. Anyway he’ll be a believer and that’s what we’re going for right? But its OK you’re still super awesome even if it took our pillow cases for your man to realize it.


a4Our pillow case users will dream in camouflage and through the science of osmosis you will inherit the same camouflage capabilities as a Predator alien. In fact you will become the predator. How cool would that be? Show up to work Monday morning – take crap from the boss – hells no! You’ll zap him (or her) with your shoulder mounted laser and rip his spine and skull out for a trophy. Seriously no one will dare cross your path if you’re the predator. If you think about it – spending a couple bucks on a pillow case that turns you into a predator alien would pay for itself in the first five minutes at work. Five minutes!

Anyway I could go on and on about the benefits of becoming a predator alien with awesome camouflage abilities and shoulder mounted lasers but the reality is that these pillow cases are awesome – built to last out of 100% USA Made material.

Check them out on

*legal disclaimer 0241Tactical Pillow Cases do not guarantee that the user will turn into the predator or increase the likelihood of a physical encounter – results may vary* We had to put this in here because there’s always that one guy who’ll take you to court…..


Bio & extreme precision BB bullets from LCT Airsoft

LCT Airsoft have launched two new types of BBs:

LCT release Bio BB Bullets and Extreme Precision BB Bullets

Bullets -9-1Bullets -9B-1

(LCT Airsoft)

Madbull licensed famous Lantac muzzle brake for airsoft

Madbull are now working to produce licensed Lantac muzzle brakes:


It’s official!! Famous Lantac muzzle brake will be released before X’mas! Like and share if you are willing to see this amazing product!
Lantac website:
Madbull webiste:

LANTAC is very pleased to announce that we have today licensed our products for Airsoft manufacture to MADBULL Airsoft.
There have been a number of unlicensed, sub-standard copies of our brakes manufactured by unscrupulous companies and this new licensing deal will deliver a high quality 100% original product into the hands of Airsoft shooters across the world.
We have also licensed our entire product line to include our SPADA handguard system and UAR / Raven Upper and Lower receiver sets. So Airsoft shooters will be able to build a complete LANTAC rifle system if they desire.
New 2015 products will also be included and you will be able to see these on our booth at SHOTSHOW 2015.

Check it out in our facebook >>


New parts coming soon from Mancraft

Mancraft have sent over details of their latest new products:

clip_image002Mancraft – a small company in Poland ( founded by two graduates of Wroclaw University of Technology.

We are producing airsoft parts -mostly for airsoft sniper rifles. We are working hard on conversion kit for AEG. That will be available in coming months.

Coming Soon:


Electro-pneumatic version of the conversion. Suitable for AEG assault rifles, to achieve the high RPM and the average fps value (no high sniper values, more info soon;) ).
Conversion is available in versions for most popular gearbox, for example: V2, V3, V7, V6, m249 gearbox etc.

- solenoid controled nozzle. however, solenoid itself does not take an active part in the process of driving the ball.

The principle of operation is similar to the SDIK conversion. Internal flows and diameters have been designed to achieve the maximum gas flow. Specifically for this type of conversions (full auto), has been designed a new regulator (see related products).
Allows the use of AEG nozzles!

- Adjustable FPS (designed mainly for assault rifles – will not be possible to achieve sniper results) 
- Adjustable rof 
- Burst mode available 
- Powered with HP (50-200psi)

About (18-25).10.14r can be expected the first movie from tests of the system. We test two versions that having different gas dosing system.


More information soon.

PDIK – Pneumatic Drop in Kit – a set of components which allows converting an AEG rifle into gas-powered rifle. It is a cheap and very effective method of upgrade.

7It’s drop-in conversion kit designed for replicas with V2 and V2long gearbox. You bought the conversion for V2 and you want to be able to use it also in V2long? No problem !. Instead of buying a whole new "PDiK V2long" conversion kit, you can buy "V2long Assembly" and replace the parts.
Conversion kit was developed with the aim of sniper rifles – where there is the need for long range and precision shot.

  Conversion has independently movable nozzle – just like in the AEG rifles.Location of Nozzle is not directly linked to the location of the gas supply element. This solution makes that – when conversion taking a shot, nozzle (when the gas starts to move towards the ball) is stationary in the Hop Up chamber. Because of that, here is the better focus and precision of shot.

This type of nozzle has a great advantage – arranged axially relative to the eraser Hop Up. This solution makes the rubber is less worn and usually are better sealed with.
PDiK works in semi-auto mode. This is the only available mode in conversion kit.
The conversion is largely adapted to the needs of the sniper. Since it is possible here to get quite high fps – auto mode does not occur.
When using the appropriate regulator, it is possible to obtain a very stable, high fps. Power is adjusted by the regulator. Operational pressure is in the range 5-18bar.

- Compatible with most replicas of the type V2 gearbox / V2long 
- No electronics (resistance to weather conditions) 
- No batteries 
- Modular construction (disassembly in seconds) 
- Precision of the FPS
- No full auto mode – no worries about mad people with full auto;) 
- Adjustable FPS
- Compatible with standard AEG parts (nozzle, trigger, selector plate) 
- External power (many shots) 
- Immediate response to the trigger

- No full auto mode 
- External power (from a bottle)

High Flow Regulator
4It is a device for reducing gas outlet pressure. Can be adjusted in the range: from 0 to about 14 bar (200PSI). The adjustment is made by the screw at the top of the regulator. Turning the screw increases the pressure.
The regulator has been designed specifically so as to have the greatest flow (main use – conversion of full auto mode).
The regulator is preceded by a high-pressure hose with a length of 1 m. It allows you to place the regulator in front of your stuff, while the cylinder will be located in the backpack. This will ensure comfort and shorten the hose to the low-pressure side. 9,2mm diameter hose with a burst pressure of over 800bar (12 763PSI) will ensure safe operation of the system.
The regulator has a threaded protector cap. It will allow to lock the regulator so that there will be no possibility of interference in the settings of the regulator (without breaking the lock-seal). By this organizer may block the regulator to the set parameters and no one will have the possibility of interference in the setting of pressure (for safety and fair play).
Entrance reducer – G1/2 "- a standard paintball bottles and CO2 adapters thread.
The regulator can be used with ON/OFF and the PIN bottles.
Type of gas: CO2 / HP. NOTE! CO2 – good quality CO2, make sure it does not contain rust and other contaminants.
Regulator outputs: 1x M10×1, 3x G1 / 8 "(paintball threads)
The regulator has two entrances: from the side and the axis of the regulator – this allows to connect the supply hose according to user preferences.


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