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New Modify Air Brake Piston Head

by News Fairy

Modify have shared details of their new air brake piston head:

Be stealthy with Modify-Tech’s Air Brake Piston Head

Airsoft players have different styles and priorities. Some value form while others function.

Players who believe stealth being important in survival games or close-quarters combat would want to equip their Scout with Modify-Tech’s Air Brake Pin (ABP) as shown.

Technically speaking the ABP blocks the cylinder head before impact creating an “air cushion” for the piston. So the piston hits the air cushion to result in quieter firing.

But players who want maximum FPS should note the ABP uses some of the air for dampening rather than pushing BBs, resulting in slightly reduced FPS with lighter BBs.

It is up to you to decide between quieter firing or minimally reduced FPS.

But the Modify-Tech’s ABP is available in 17mm and 22.5mm sizes, being the perfect way to soften the pitch of firing with barely noticeable loss in FPS. And when you use BBs 0.45g or above with ABP 22.5mm, even resulting in slightly increased FPS.

Have fun but always be safe.


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