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G&G FAR 9 & FAR 556

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G&G Armament have shared details of their FAR 9 and FAR 556:


Unleash the power of innovation with the FAR 9, a cutting-edge marvel engineered for those who demand speed, precision, and reliability in every tactical encounter. With its revolutionary Folding Handguard and Stock, the FAR 9 sets a new standard for rapid deployment, allowing you to swiftly transition from compact to extended configurations, adapting to any combat scenario on the fly.

Equipped with the CHFS Folding Stock, the FAR 9 offers unmatched versatility without compromising on stability, providing you with a comfortable shooting experience whether in close quarters or long-range engagements. No detail has been spared in its design – from the ergonomic grip to the enhanced magazine release, the FAR 9 is crafted to empower your every move.

Sharing the ARP 9 platform, this rifle is compatible with all ARP 9 magazines!

FAR 556

The Folding Handguard and Stock provide unmatched adaptability, allowing you to swiftly navigate changing scenarios with ease.Designed for quick action, the FAR 556 ensures you’re always ready for the unexpected, giving you the edge in critical moments.Equipped with a MOSFET Integrated Gearbox (MIG), experience enhanced performance, quicker trigger response, and consistent power delivery, eliminating any compromises.The CHFS Folding Stock enhances your shooting experience by providing comfort and stability. Seamlessly switch between configurations for optimum control.The GOM V2 105R Magazine [G-08-201] that accompanies the FAR 556 boasts high capacity, ensuring you’re armed with ample rounds to conquer intense scenarios.

Contact your local dealer regarding these two new exciting products today!

G&G Armament

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