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Airsoft International, volume 16 issue 12

by Arnie

Airsoft International has launched volume 16 issue 12 of their magazine.

Welcome to Volume 16, Issue 12 of Airsoft International Magazine. So what do we have for you this month, well there have been some great rifles released over lockdown and we thought we’d give you a roundup of those so once the shops are open you know what you are looking for. We have even marked when the full reviews were done for you so you can go back or order the original for a more in-depth look. We bring you gear from Helikon and their mini training rig, a roundup of what 5.11 are bringing out for 2021, we have a great plate carrier called The Sherp from Grey Shop and Vertx launch a new range of gloves which are worth a look. Our resident sniper turns into the crafty sniper this issue showing you how to build your own ghillie suit for the new season and our gear up section this issue features Weapon 762 and their fantastically priced kit. Lastly we want to bring to your attention the Swatcom headset from Talking Headsets. Real World brands at affordable prices are few and far between especially when it comes to headsets but these are amazing and well worth a look.

Out now from our website www.ai-mag.com and available from newsagents, Airsoft shops and digitally through pocketmags.com from 11th March 2021.

Airsoft International

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