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ASG distributing the ICS XAE

Thomas Mikkelsen (ASG) has sent over details of the new ICS XAE pistol series that they new stock and distribute:

As many of you might know, ASG is the proud distributor of ICS. Today we can announce the release of the ‘Black Leopard Eye XAE pistol series.


Featuring a CNC Alu slide for that light weight, hard kick feel and a high grade polymer frame with an ergonomic design and ambidextrous controls.

Included with the Pistol is interchangeable back straps and a barrel extension tube thread adaptor.

The Pistol comes in 4 different color configurations.


For more information please visit [this page].

Thomas Mikkelsen (ASG)

ASG sign licenses with Arsenal JSC, Abrams Airborne and Vltor

Action Sports Games (ASG) have sent over a press release detailing their new licences with Arsenal JSC, Abrams Airborne and Vltor. Sadly no details on any new products that will be using those licenses so far:


ASG: Ultimate performance pistons

Jesper Kabel, (ASG) has sent in word of two new pistons they’ve launched:

Hi Guys, We have launched two new ULTIMATE performance pistons; a M170 extreme heavy tuning and a M190 half-teeth pistol for extreme torque up helical gears.


The ULTIMATE extreme performance pistons made of a 50% stronger polycarbonate resin.

All dimensions of the piston has been reworked to fit perfectly inside ULTIMATE gearboxes and gives a smooth low friction performance.

The length has been adjusted to make a perfectly even contact between the first gear and the first teeth of the piston preventing breakage and minimizing wear.

With ULTIMATE performance piston you get:

  • Increased strength
  • Increased durability
  • Low friction
  • Perfect fit in ULTIMATE gearbox
  • Perfect combinations of polycarbonate teeth and steel for impact-energy absorption and strength
  • Reinforcement bar gives superior structural strength to the piston-teeth
  • Optimal angel for first-contact between piston and gear
  • 50% stronger polycarbonate (then ULTIMATE high performance piston)

You can read more detailed about the two new performance pistons here:

M170 polycarbonate Piston

M190 half-teeth polycarbonate Piston

Best regards, Jesper Kabel, (ASG)

ASG: CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 final prototype at SHOT Show

While we’re on the topic of news from ActionSportGames (see previous post) of the ASG CZ Scorpion Here are my own photos of the prototype from their booth.

I’d like to thank the guys from ActionSportGames for taking the time to go through the product so thoroughly with me and answering all my questions.


Bear in mind that whilst this is the final working product the tooling for full scale production has not been started so certain details such as cost and the final package may change before launch; for example the hop adjustment has yet to be finalised.

To sum up the results of our conversation with ASG: this is a totally new AEG which will be built in Europe by ASG and is fully licensed. This is their design and their own in-house work. It’s an electric rifle with a proprietary gearbox and standard parts, there’s no fuse as it runs an intelligent programmable circuit (IC) that not only protects the internals from failure but controls the burst system. I’m told you can short the motor out and the IC will simply cut the power, reconnect it correctly and it’ll fire again. I’m also told that the IC will detect jams and barrel issues (such as obstructions) and cut the firing system to protect the internals. The unit is intended to be driven from a stick battery which runs along the inside of the CZ above the gearbox.

There’s a single, burst and full auto feature. It will come with standard magazines, hi-cap magazines may appear but not at initial release. UPDATE: I almost forgot, it also locks back on the last shot.

The CZ is built from a low number of parts and can easily be stripped down. The main spring can be removed from the rear stock area without having to disassemble the rifle. You simply fold the stock forward, rotate the spring follower (seen above) 90 degrees and withdraw the spring. Whilst it’ll be shipping at around 1J the gearbox is currently anticipated to be able to take springs that are vastly in excess of that. From our chat it seems that 1.7J would be an upper safe upgrade limit out the box. Whilst that power level may not be suitable for most sites and environments it gives you an idea of the build quality and the anticipated strength of the internals.

Cost is expected to be in the vicinity of around 350USD but this is certainly not confirmed.

I can’t wait to see the production versions myself, whilst this was a prototype printed polymer, and therefore fragile by it’s very nature, the CZ was still pretty firm and of a good balance/weight. That said the front grip and folding stock are from the final design moulds. I’m personally excited to see an AEG that can (on paper) can tick all the boxes to be taken down to my local CQB site,  which can be easily tuned for power with a reliable burst system.

Watch this space for more news from ASG, they are pushing hard into the US market now and their licensing opens up the doors to a wealth of previously unseen airsoft replicas.

ASG attending ShotShow 2012, Booth 2643

ASG will be at the Shot Show this year (that’s another booth added to my check list to visit):

Hi Guys, ActionSportGames this year will have a booth at ShotShow2012 – Booth 2643

Come by and see our range of Airguns, Airsoftguns and new releases for 2012.



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