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Andre at SoftRAM has sent in some updates form them concerning their Airsoft kits designed for use with the RAP4 rifles. Here’s the news:

Dear Arnie,

New website, new products…

Due to overwhelming interest of airsoft community on RAM (Real Action
Marker) and RAP4 Airsoft Conversion System our company is introducing new complementary products for this popular guns.

Airsoft Shells: By popular demand we are bringing renown RAM, RAP4 shell ejecting action to airsoft community. Experience the thrill and cool factor of shell spiting beast.
Carefully designed high quality polymer inserts allow you to utilize 6mm
(airsoft) ammo with widely available RAM, RAP4 shells and RAM, RAP4 magazines. Developed for budget conscious users SoftRAM shells are very affordable, easy to install and use.

HiCap Adapter:
SoftRAM HiCap adapter is carefully designed and CNC machined to fit into
RAP4 LE and RAM version IV markers. With this clever device you can enjoy advantages of regular and HiCap airsoft magazines. Designed with SAW like weapons in mind.

With introduction of SoftRAM Hop-Up unit, airsoft aficionados now can enjoy high level of control over accuracy and range of Airsoft RAP4 and Airsoft RAM rifles.
Designed for power user in mind, SoftRAM Hop-Up unit gives you freedom and flexibility to experiment with wide variety of airsoft ammo, CO2 power settings and precision inner barrels.

For more information visit Sincerely,
Andre Aloshine, (SoftRAM)

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