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Airsoft International: Volume 15 Issue 11 to review

by Arnie

84309054_10156989674167469_4245844784373039104_oThere’s a new magazine out from Airsoft International:

We‘ve had some seriously good gear sent into this issue Volume 15 Issue 11 to review.

Semapo Gear always gets us excited and this month was no exception. Is it pricey? Yes but if you want one loadout to see you through all months then this is a great option for you and you know it’s going to last.

Hardware this issue is from Marui with their MK18 MOD1 NGRS, a bit of a mouthful but very nice all the same. Taiwan Gun gave us the Arcturus AT-HT01, another nice piece of hardware and they also sent us the R501 from Army Arnament. Now, this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea but you’ll be intrigued to see what Nick thought of it. Jason has bought us part 2 of his M60 GPMG rebuild and we also bring you a first look at the G&G Armament SMC-9 with a full review on the cards in the future. Now that’s quite a lot to get through but we also bring you an exclusive first look at the new Sigair M17 Proforce, we’ll also bring you a more in-depth review on this sometime in the future.

We’ve got lots of kit for you to this month, Viper has their new Venom boots under our spotlight, we also look at the Lalo Tactical footwear from the USA. Arcteryx are here for you to take a look at their new Gen 2 Alpha Jacket and we look at Fenix Tactical TK Series torches. We are still looking at 3D printing and what it can bring to Airsoft and take a look at 3D Hatch Ltd’s Mag loading Aids, we also have a look at the latest releases from around the Airsoft world. Lastly, we look at Nuprol’s Tactical Headset, they might be on a budget but they do the job and look stylish too.

On sale from all good Airsoft Retailers, Newsagents and from our website www.ai-mag.com from 13th February 2020 and digitally from www.pocketmags.com now.

(Airsoft International)


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