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First & Only Friday update

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from First & Only Airsoft:


We’ve decided to give back to our silver and gold paid membership customers by offering the following scheme:

As long as your Silver and Gold membership was valid up until April 30th, you will be entitled to a free game day. If valid until 30th of June, two free game days. Valid until 30th August, three free game days and so forth. Just like our 100 free game day give away over the downtime. We feel this gives back to the community and in this case. Thanks those that have paid for a Silver or Gold membership. We want players that have paid extra with us to feel supported.

We also still have a competition live on our main Instagram account with 5 free games being given away https://www.instagram.com/p/B_apBdlnD0Q/ really easy to enter. This is a part of our mega 100 free game days give away we are running while Covid 19 keeps us shut. Giving back to the community. We’ve given away 30 free game days so far.

We are also running a Q&A livestream session on our main Page Saturday 8pm https://www.facebook.com/faoairsoft/ which is a free format where people are welcome to ask any questions they like. These are every week at the moment and good fun.

(First & Only Airsoft)

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