Gunman Airsoft update 18th May 2020

Gunman Airsoft have an update with details on how they intend to restart when they are able:

Hi All,

I hope you are all well and safe during this crazy time.

It has been 7 weeks since we closed our sites to help to stop the spread of the virus. We are so grateful to you all for all of your support and the kindness that has been shown to us during this difficult time, from all of your lovely messages, to the amazing way we all rallied together to help to save our Eversley site, it is such a fantastic and humbling reminder of what a strong community we all are.

We have been busy working out how we open and get all of us outdoors again enjoying everything that our sites have to offer. To do this we need to be able to make it as easy as possible to keep you all and our loved ones safe.

The government’s announcement on Sunday and the changes made to the country’s lockdown were somewhat vague and we are pursuing clarification about what it means to us and how our business will be able to commence again.

We wanted to write to you to let you all know what we have been planning for our eventual opening. Keeping all of our teams safe is of the upmost priority and to do that, social distancing needs to be maintained with a need to discourage gatherings in our social areas.

We will be trialing how this works at our Tuddenham site in Suffolk first. We will need to carefully manage player numbers, therefore initially days will be limited to 20 players, no refunds will be offered as the places are limited unless we cancel the game. The safest way to pay will now all be through our online booking system.

For a limited time the cost will be £30 a ticket until we can start to increase our numbers again.

To help reduce gatherings there will be no retail apart from BBs, gas and pyro which must all be paid for via contactless card payment. We will have a charging station set up, however we ask that you charge before you arrive. There are many other considerations, some of which are outlined below:

· No food and drink will be available, please bring your own.

· Registration will be done outside and please bring your own pen.

· Markings will be made to adhere to the required 2 metre social distancing.

· Please wear full-face protection as much as possible.

· Toilets facilities will be available and there is a responsibility on all of us to keep these areas as cleans as possible and washing hands facilities will be stationed throughout the site.

We will only be running skirmish style games, hit and return to a regen flag to get back to action. There will be no props to reduce contamination. We plan to keep everyone in the field as much as possible and have lots of scenarios planned to enjoy and to challenge.

There will be an availability to buy two consecutive tickets for Saturday and Sunday, however please note no camping over will be allowed.

We hope that with all of our efforts and the shared responsibility that we all now have, that all of these plans that we will be putting in place will keep us safe and enable us to resume our love and participation in our activity. We will be monitoring this at all times and these plans will of course be subject to change if we feel it may not be working.

We have the utmost love and trust in our community and it this that allows us to attempt to resume in the earlier restrictions. However we will not be running any new FilmSim events until July at the earliest because of the very nature of them not being suitable until the restrictions are relaxed further and the ability to keep us all safe.

We are regrettably unable to offer any refunds for deposits at this time due to the position that we have financially found ourselves in during this crisis. What we can do however, is move any tickets to new dates or offer credit. We value our community so much and hopefully with your trust and support we will all make it out the other side to our “new normal” way of doing airsoft.

On a personal note, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. I love our business and miss you all and cannot wait to welcome you back when it is indeed safe to do so.

Josh Smith


(Gunman Airsoft)

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