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New location, GATE Titan, new .45 Valken at Airsoft Atlanta

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from Airsoft Atlanta:


Airsoft Atlanta Update 6/27/2020
Update: We moved warehouse locations – new address if you want to visit us: 3860 Green Industrial Way, Atlanta, GA 30341
This is for counter service, not a full retail shop.  Customers are welcome to stop by and purchase anything they see on our website at our temporary store.

Our 2nd location, a brand new full retail showroom, tech shop, and store is opening in a shopping center by the Brandsmart/Super H-Mart off I-285 and Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Scheduled to open in early July under the Tokyo Armory sign.  Stay tuned for more information on its grand opening extravaganza!

Also, our phone lines are down for the time being with a new phone number coming; should be back up in a few days.  Comcast decided to dump our phone lines prior to installing them correctly.  Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns in the meantime.

New products:
GATE Titan Advanced V2 are back!  $146.99.   Aster and other types arriving on Monday for a full restock.


NEW KWA T10 Ronin M4 gun -  $379.99


New VALKEN ASL+ "High Velocity" M4 AEGs in stock.  MOD-L that shoot just under 400 FPS for a consistently highly FPS under most field limits.  $144.99 in Black and Tan models.


New MAPLE LEAF MR Hop (R-Hop type) buckings!  For AEGs and separate product for GBB/VSR models.  Limited stock


That’s all the news for this week!  We have lots of other parts and accessories listed as well.  Our inventory is live online, so you can always see how many we have available and ready to ship.  

(Airsoft Atlanta)

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