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Honorable clients,

The real modern snipers first appeared in the WWI, but do you know there is also an interesting origin behind the word “Sniper”? Sniper originated from a game played by British soldiers stationed in India around 1773. The soldiers there often hunted down a quick bird called the “Snipe”. Since this bird is very difficult to hit, people who are longer than this are called “Sniper”. Later, sniper became the official name of a professional sniper.

For the fans of Sniper Rifles, today we would like to introduce several brands and models of Sniper!


The real gun version of M700 operates with a rotating back-pull bolt machine derived from the German Mauser system, it has developed a series of specialized sniper rifles because of its high accuracy and great power. The U.S. Army’s M24 sniper rifle and the U.S. Marine Corps’ M40 sniper rifle are also derived from the M700. And the M700 from KJ Works is therefore a popular choice for airsoft sniper rifle.


The KJ M700, is a bolt-action, gas-powered airsoft, the gas powered allows the bolt to cycle smoothly and almost effortlessly just like a real bolt action rifle. The magazine can only be released when the bolt has been pulled back, the hammer will reset at the same time, and for safety there is a hammer indicator on the back of the bolt. The rear sight can be adjusted according to wind change and elevation, the front iron sight is also attached to the gun via dovetail mount, and both can be removed if needed. This rifle not only perform like a real gun but also very functionable, and the price is quite reasonable!


SVD is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with a high rate of fire, and can be highly reliable in guerrilla warfare and frontline missions on the battlefield. Although its performance may not be as good as modern sniper rifles now, it still has a place in history. SVD is not only the world’s first sniper rifle designed specifically to support class platoon sniper and long-range fire support, but also derived few versions with different characteristics, and it is the basis of many gun design concepts too!


There are three types of SVD from WE, steel wood, plastic wood and aluminum version, and the difference is mainly on the lower receiver. WE SVD is a true 1:1 replica which has a solid recoil system, total length 1220cm, the weight is 3400g, with aluminon alloy receiver and full metal barrel/internal assembly, easily adjustable hop-up and adjustable front and rear sights, all features make it a formidable weapon on the field!


The VSR-10 is modeled after Remington M700. There isn’t a VSR10 real gun prototype, but it’s still a popular sniper rifle in the airsoft industry, because it has its unique advantages and charms. VSR10’s features such as easily adjustable and functional hop-up allowed its ranking to move forward quickly after it was released, until it became the status it is today. Although it has lower muzzle velocity than competing products, it doesn’t lose in range or accuracy, the accuracy is astonishing, so you can simply shoot small objects. And there are a lot of upgrade parts and accessories available for the VSR10, so it can be easily customized if the standard weapon is not enough.


And the HFC VSR11, is a redesigned of VSR10 but with lower price, which can also work with VSR10 upgrade parts. It is a very affordable bolt action gun that offers reliability and durability, the bolt pull is short but very smooth because of the polished bolt. The reduced amount of friction on the bolt allows for an easier pull for the user and quicker follow up shots. Adjustable hop-up lever conveniently located on side of rifle for easy fine-tuning. Firm cocking action with metal cocking lever, and the adjustable hop-up is on the side of the gun for easy adjustment, and the shock cylinder present in the rifle gives more recoil.

King Arms-K93

K93’s real gun original is the Blaser R93 Tactical, its biggest feature is that it is a straight-pull designed which requires it to be loaded and unloaded manually, this design is no longer common but compare to other traditional bolt-action types, its advantage is that it has a faster operating speed, and a skilled shooter can make it fire even faster than a semi-auto rifle. And the K93 from King Arms is also designed in the same way, perform a realistic, faster and smoother shooting experience to players.


The K93 LRS1 (Long Range Sporter 1) Series is a spring action rifle, with the straight-pull designed to improve the loading speed. There’s a top rail for you to put a scope and hit distant targets. The adjustable stock allows a shot with greater comfort and precision so it can fit any player, and the hop-up is easy to adjust as well. This Airsoft Sniper also has a bottom rail for attaching bipods, its differential is the rear monopod (it stays with the stock), so you can adjust it depending on your shooting position. Its aggressive design is different from the more traditional sniper weapons.

Have you already had a sniper first choice in your mind?

If there’s any need please contact local legit dealers first, also welcome to contact Jia Dyi at sales@jiadyi.com for what you need, to discuss your ideas, or we can provide you suggestion & information as well.

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