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NEW Hi-Capa airsoft guns and custom parts at Airsoft Atlanta

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from Airsoft Atlanta:

New products and restocks on popular Hi-Capa airsoft pistols, custom parts, and accessories!

AW CUSTOM pistols!  Restocked on popular models and new "full-auto" variants of the two-tone and gold models.

COWCOW – mooooo custom parts for upgraded nozzles, hop up chambers, and blowback housing.

AW CUSTOM 400-round drum magazines – yes, these fit the Hi-Capa and another Glock version (Elite Force VFC Glocks) and can be HPA tapped for lots of fun.  Uses WE type HPA tap valves.  We recommend the TAPP brand titanium valve adapters.

Matrix Hi-Capa holsters!  Fits both 5.1 and 4.1 version (and others too).  Comes in paddle, belt, molle, or drop-leg configurations.  Pretty much the same as Cytac holsters made at the same factory.

Laylax Battle Vest in black.  These are awesome and can be used in a variety of configurations.

Online orders placed before 10am on 11/23 will ship same-day (Monday).  Please keep in mind USPS Priority is not always updating tracking info with scans, so if your tracking # doesn’t update in a few days, please don’t worry, it did in fact ship out of our facility but didn’t get scanned at the post office distribution center.
We are open every day this week except Thursday for Thanksgiving.  Shipping may be delayed for orders placed after Tuesday, so get them in now for prompt arrival.

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