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Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 51 2020

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft including an update for those going into Tier 4:

Gunman Airsoft Newsletter Week 51 2020

Tier Changes

With the change in tiers this week, we’ve had a lot of questions regarding how it affects our games. We’ll try to clear a few questions up for you if we can – please bear in mind that we are only familiar with the English tiers, if you are coming from Scotland or Wales, then you will need to check how that affects you.

Firstly, the stuff that is definitely ok:

  • We can continue to run our games as we have been doing, this is the case across all three tiers.
  • Customers from any tier level are permitted to attend our sites and partake in airsoft activities.

The “not-so-definite” bit:
If you live in a tier 3 area, you are advised to “Avoid travel” unless it is essential. The wording here appears to allow for flexibility and discretion, as things that are outright banned are very clearly presented as “You must not…”
Our take on it is that it doesn’t appear to be against the law to travel to an airsoft game from a tier three area, but it is recommended that you don’t to help prevent the spread of the virus. You will have to make your own decision based on your personal circumstances as popping a couple of miles down the road may be considered ok, whereas driving for four hours may not.
If you choose to attend our games from a tier 3 area, you are welcome to do so provided that you continue to follow the tier 3 rules whilst on site (social distancing etc) – this does appear to preclude overnight stays as well.
If your judgement is that it would be wiser for you to remain at home, we will support your decision by offering to transfer your tickets to a future date, provided you contact us in advance of the game to allow us to allocate your space to another player.
The same goes for mandatory self-isolation: if you find that you have to self-isolate, please contact us with as much notice as possible to have your booking moved.
Please note that we will be unable to offer refunds in either case, we will also not be able to provide ticket transfers for those who do not contact us in advance.

Upcoming Dates

We will be publishing some of next year’s dates in the next week, starting with January’s open days at all sites. Spaces will still be limited due to social distancing requirements, so please ensure you book in advance.
This weekend we are gearing up for the holiday season with the first of our “Santa vs Elves” Xmas themed games. Fancy dress is optional, but we will be identifying teams by means of a red or green Santa/elf hat – if you can bring these it would be very helpful as we are very limited in what we can dish out. As the game revolves around collecting presents, it would also be really helpful if everyone could bring a fake present with them – the more objectives the better!
Tuddenham and Eversley Alpha are hosting this weekend’s FilmSim based silliness, as well as next weekend’s “Who Ate All the Pies?” Xmas skirmish spectacular.
Next weekend we are running on the Sunday and Monday at both sites – if you turn up on Boxing day we won’t be there! You’re welcome to do some tidying up while you’re there though…

And Finally…

As attendances are now starting to reduce we now find ourselves in a position to be able to accommodate walk-on customers at some of our open days. We still have to ensure social distancing, however, so these spaces are on a very limited basis and we cannot guarantee to fit you in if you turn up without ringing first.
Tickets can still be booked online until midnight before the game and will guarantee you a space. If you find you can attend on the morning of a game, please ring the site contact number (found on the website event page) to confirm availability. The site manager is usually available from 0700.
Rental tickets must still be booked in advance as we can’t “squeeze one more in” if we don’t have the kit!

Find Out More

We are still running tomorrow!

Following this evening’s announcement on tier 4 introductions, we just want to assure you that we will still be running games at both Tuddenham and Eversley Alpha tomorrow as planned, numbers may be a litter thinner than expected due to our proximity to tier 4 areas, so any extra players will be most welcome.
If you will be in a tier 4 area from midnight and unable to attend please drop us an email with your details so we can transfer your booking to a future date when your tier is reduced.
We would also appreciate if anyone booked for next weekend’s “Who Ate All the Pies?” games could drop us an email in the next few days to confirm whether they will still be attending or not so we can gauge attendance numbers.
We have cancelled next weekend’s games at Battle Lakes which is now in a tier 4 area – dates for next year will be announced as soon as we know the tiers have been relaxed for Kent.
Stay safe guys, see you soon.

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