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GunFire reviews the Specna Arms EDGE 2.0

by Arnie

GunFire have posted a review of the Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 series. The video is in English – they also post multilingual version of their videos.

We present the EDGE 2.0 ™ series which introduces a completely new quality to the Specna Arms replicas family by adding new functionalities and innovations to the proven standard. As a result, Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 ™ AEGs offer an exceptional level of quality and technical advancement straight out of the box. New version of Specna Arms ASG is equipped with GATE ASTER™ Unit, Solar™ Trigger (made under Gate Quantum Trigger ™ license), Helium™ Flat Hop Bucking, High Torque Motor and ESA2™ Quick Spring Change System. Released models also have new, reinforced ball bearings ready for the high speed configurations and a polymer piston head that offers better sealing and gives more stable results (including stronger springs).


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