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GreyShop helmet module by MBC

by Arnie

The GreyShop have a new NVG mount module for various helmet styles on their website. There’s room for insignia and a battery pack to the rear to counterbalance any NVG fitted to the front.

Modern helmets such as “OPS-Core” or “LSHZ 1+” have special mounts for the NVG or Action camera, but often these tools need a special counterweight-balancer or an additional power source, which should be installed on the back of the helmet, without a special Module on the Helmet, this is not possible, so it must be made a full part of the helmet.

The helmet module can be installed on helmets such as “OPS-Core”, “LSHZ 1+” or similar ones with a special interface made of velcro. The module is installed so that it covers the area from the back to the top of the helmet.

On the back of the module there is a pocket for the NVG counterweight or an additional battery in the form of batteries or a power bank for the Action Camera. Velcro is sewn around the perimeter of the module for additional insignia and technical means. 


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