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Gunman Airsoft newsletter 14th April 2021

by News Fairy

Gunman Airsoft are excitedly counting down to their re-opening weekend:

Gunman Airsoft Newsletter14/04/2021

Yes, after months of waiting we are within days of our epic re-opening weekend. As mentioned in our previous newsletter this is the first time we will be running all four of our sites at the same time. We’re ready and we’re sure you are to.

Now with our reopening in mind we have certain additional guidelines on some sites that go alongside the standard Covid restrictions that we are all familiar with.

These will be posted on each site’s social media pages in the coming days and it is each player’s responsibility to be familiar with these additional guidelines. They are there for everyone’s safety and will allow us to continue to operate and bring you fantastic airsoft events.

In other news we announced this week that Gunman Battle Lakes has partnered with Dot Cottons Cafe to supply breakfast and lunch for their game days. Your order must be given in advance and you can do this by emailing ianludman92@gmail.com. The menu can be found on the Battle Lakes Instagram and Facebook pages.

Camp Bravo will also continue to serve hot food through BMS Catering.

Tuddenham will continue to host Vix Snax Shop providing all sorts of treats and snacks at lunch times.

Camp Alpha does not have any food or drink available currently so if you are attending you must make your own arrangements.

As always if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid19 DO NOT ATTEND!!!!

We are more than happy to move your ticket to another date of your choosing and while we know everyone is itching to get back to the hobby it is certainly not worth the risk to yourself and others around you.

That’s it for this week. We hope you all have a fantastic first weekend back.

Feel free to tag us in any photos on social media. We love seeing all your game day pics.

Stay safe, look after each other and most importantly have fun.
The Gunman Team.

Gunman Airsoft

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