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New stock at Gunfire

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest stock news from Gunfire:

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New delivery – LCT
In the new delivery from LCT, we received many legendary replicas made entirely of steel, aluminum, and wood. Among them are complete models with tactical Z-Series accessories, LCK-12, LCK-15, and LCK-16 carbines, replicas with the Electric Blow Back system, magazines, separate Z-Series accessories, and many other parts from this Taiwanese manufacturer.

Restock – G&G Armament
Among other things, the hit SSG-1 rifles designed especially for Airsoft enthusiasts, GBB pistols from the Piranha and GTP9 series have returned to our shelves. Among the novelties there is the compact ARP9 in the new Stealth Gold colour version.

New delivery – Bolt Airsoft
With the delivery, we received carbines equipped with a fantastic B.R.S.S. HEAVY Recoil System. You will also find here replicas manufactured under the Daniel Defense license, a compact model with a PDW stock and magazines.

New delivery – Nuprol
Among the numerous airsoft accessories from this brand, you will find a large selection of covers for the transport of replicas and equipment like soft bags, armored Hard Cases, and Kit Boxes.

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