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ATRG review the Marui LCP

by Arnie

ATRG have posted a review of the new Marui pocket rocket that is the LCP NBB pistol.

I’m rather protective of this blog, so it’s rather rare that you’ll see a guest review pop up. Rare, but not unheard of. A guest article has to meet a certain amount of criteria for me, and to even consider handing the reins across to someone else, they have to meet certain benchmarks:

– The reviewer must be knowledgable in the area of that particular review or discussion piece, able to offer an insight that is backed up by attained knowledge.
– The item must be of interest to my audience but also something I have no future plans to buy, or at least didn’t plan to buy before agreeing to the review.
– I have to like and trust the person who’s appearing as a guest reviewer, and the reviewer has to trust me to accurately copy across their review onto my blog..

So before we get into the review itself, who have I entrusted this particular review to? It’s a man that many of you might know, at least a few of you will have met him and others have likely conducted business with him… the reviewer is, Mr Heroshark.


On this day..

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