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S&T gun racks

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S&T have produced some new real wood gun racks, find out more on their website or on their Facebook page:

Store your Rifles or other Gun neatly and Securely with our new S&T Wooden Gun Rack System.

It made of exceptional quality solid wood to ensure durability. The classic design and excellent craftsmanship will provide a safe storage place for your guns. The attractive natural wood finish will also enhance your home decor and blend in with similar furniture.

With this furniture place, you can display your gun in a secure way. It comes with quick-assemble parts to make setting it up simple.

1, Wooden Gun Rack Type A
Dimension: 30*44*41.5 cm
Weight: 4 KG
Material: Real Wood
Capacity: 3 Rifles

2, Wooden Gun Rack Type B
Dimension: 44*41.5*43.5 cm
Weight: 7 KG
Material: Real Wood / Felt Protection
Capacity: 6 Rifles

3, Wooden Gun Rack Type C
Dimension: 79*67*30 cm
Weight: 12 KG
Material: Real Wood / Felt Protection
Capacity: 8 Rifles


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