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Airsoft P90 AEGs & new PTS Odin loaders at Airsoft Atlanta

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest stock news from Airsoft Atlanta:

NEW PTS – ODIN Speedloaders – PTS version is different from all others; noted differences include reinforced nylon materials for strength and longevity + o-ringless nozzle for less resistance when loading high pressure magazines such as the PTS EPM.1 midcap with its 250 round capacity and tough spring.  Otherwise it’s the same as the others. Official Odin product (with PTS factory mods).  *A few BBs may spill out from the nozzle after loading, which is a small price to pay for near perfection.

$37.99 – Black, OD Green, and Tan colors

Cybergun’s famously reliable and awesome FN P90 (Licensed) AEG model.  Ultra compact, this is the most popular model for its robust design, universal compatible parts/mags, and low price point.  Highly recommended for CQB.
Available for $144.99 ea. 

NEW: ICS CXP-MARS Komodo SSS M4 AEG BLACK – advanced airsoft gun.  Epic out of the box! An advanced blowback airsoft rifle that is compact and versatile for airsoft battles. SSS mosfet version. Easily one of our favorite rifles from ICS and in all of airsoft.  Highly recommended.
$449 ea.  – Black version

Full Restock on: Maple Leaf hop up buckings !!  Popular 60 and 70 degree hops in all variants fully restocked.  MR (R Hop) AEG, VSR, and Macaron (regular and super), plus Omega nubs, and barrels.  All kinds of Maple Leaf madness is back.
$8-10 each. oh yeah!

NEW: ICS XAE Gas Blowback Pistol.  Full blowback green gas model airsoft pistol.  Very solid with metal and polymer build.

$119.99 ea.

Black and tan colors in stock – in stock ready to ship.  Spare magazines also available.

Airsoft Atlanta

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