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HI-CAPA Challenger model promo video

by Arnie

ICS Airsoft have released a promo video for their forthcoming HI-CAPA Challenger model that they have been releasing teaser material for the past year or so.

The features are listed as having a GBB system which uses the TDC Hop-Up set (General TM specification), Shenjiang R-Hop system, REVO.II system, Steel hammer fire control group (General TM specification), Japan SUS301 stainless steel three-prong spring (General TM specification), Adjustable trigger, RMR & DOC red dot mount, Luminous front sight, Comes with steel silencer tube adapter, mount cover, and cover guide removal tool.

If you are waiting for a high-level or a best-performance pistol, take a look at the ICS HI-CAPA CHALLENGER. HI-CAPA CHALLENGER is born to challenge with its compatibility and advanced features. We refined the small imperfections and are confident to send HI-CAPA CHALLENGER to compete with all the Hi-Capa products on the market. Not just the advantages that everyone knows, HI-CAPA CHALLENGER is the first pistol featuring R-HOP barrel and fixed hop up design which can efficiently increase the shooting stability and accuracy. We are glad to present this pistol to you and would like to show you its amazing performance.

ICS HI-CAPA CHALLENGER, now pre-ordering worldwide!

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