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G&G: Keep your AEG running smoothly

by News Fairy

G&G have the tools and parts to help you keep your AEG running smoothly:

Proper Care

Something new players overlook when they first start playing airsoft is proper maintenance on their new automatic electric gun (AEG). It’s easy to overlook this easy task as some players might use their rifle every other weekend to play. Proper maintenance will ensure your AEG will continue to operate and shoot smoothly for years to come.

G&G Armament offers several items to specifically meet the needs for proper maintenance. To start, the best overall best value is our G&G Maintenance Kit which includes most of the needed parts for repair or replacement. It’s always a good idea to keep extra spare parts with you as you never know when it will come in handy.  The G&G maintenance kit includes the following items:

  • 3 Wire Sets For GR16(Front type)
  • 4 AEG Piston Heads
  • 4 Original Pistons For M16
  • 10 Cold-resistant Hop-up rubbers
  • 20 Fuses (25A)
  • 10 Blow Back Fake Bolts
  • 5 Screws – S (4 set)
  • 5 Screws – M (4 set)
  • 5 Screws – L (4 set)
  • 20 O-rings
  • 20 Trigger Switch Springs
  • 5 Anti-reversal Latches for L85
  • 20 Anti-reversal Latches Spring
  • 10 E-clips
  • 20 Tappet Plate Springs
  • 5 Oil-less Metal Bearings – 8mm
  • 4 Reinforced Spur Gears for Top Tech
  • 2 Reinforced Sector Gears for Top Tech
  • 20 Trigger Springs

G&G Maintenance Kit (SKU: P-04-001)

Having the correct tools to easily remove the screws and/or bolts on your AEG is equally as important to have as having the parts needed for replacement. Luckily, we solved the issue of owning different tools and conveniently offer them in all-in-one compact package. The G&G Tech Tool Kit provides the tools you need to remove commonly used screws or bolts on G&G AEG and other branded guns. The G&G Tech Kit includes:

  • 1 Front Sight Adjuster
  • 1 Rear Sight Adjuster
  • 1 11cm long socket
  • 1 6cm short socket
  • 1 27
  • 1 5
  • 1 T2
  • 1 T2.5
  • 1 T3
  • 1 T4
  • 1 T5
  • 1 #00 Phillips Head
  • 1 #0 Phillips Head
  • 1 #1 Phillips Head
  • 1 #2 Phillips Head
  • 1 98K magazine tool
  • 1 M14 Stock tool
  • 1 0.8-4 Flathead
  • 1 1-5.5 Flathead
  • 1 1.2-6.5 Flathead
  • 1 1.2-8 Flathead
  • 1 1-10 Flathead
  • 1 GBB Magazine Tool

G&G Tech Tool Kit (SKU: G-07-257)

Lastly, get a bottle of 100% silicone oil without any petroleum in it for lubricating parts. The 100% silicone oil will be needed for parts after they’re cleaned. G&G Armament offers 100% silicone oil bottles at an affordable price. Now, you have the parts and tools you need to properly maintain your AEG.

G&G Silicone Oil (SKU: G-07-090)

Exterior Parts

Always check your AEG every so often after playing and inspect all screws and bolts are properly tightened. Throughout gameplay screws and/or bolts can start to loosen or even worse, fall out. A good rule of thumb is to wipe down the exterior of your AEG to avoid any dirt from getting inside after you’re done playing.

Inspect the overall appearance of the rifle to make sure no chips or cracks are starting to form. In the heat of battle, your rifle can be slammed or dropped in numerous ways.

Periodically check your batteries for any puffiness in them. Puffy batteries are dangerous and can result in your AEG being damaged. Always use G&G batteries with your G&G AEG to ensure proper voltage compatibility. A good smart or LiPo charger will be needed to keep your batteries charged correctly.

Interior parts

Inner Barrel – Dirt will slowly accumulate inside your inner barrel and it is recommended to clean it to prevent any build-up. Make sure to completely turn off your hop-up as you might run a risk of damaging it in the process if it remains on. Grab a cleaning rod and insert some cloth inside the hoop. Apply some G&G silicone oil to the cloth and run the cleaning rod a few times inside your inner barrel to remove the dirt.

Buy good quality BBs to prevent misfeeding and dirt built-up in the inner barrel. G&G BB’s are polished 3 times more than other brands to give you seamless feeding and superior performance. 

Overall, these simple easy to do preventive maintenance measures will help keep your AEG running smoothly for years to come. On our CM16 or GC16 series, we offer a 90-day manufacturer warranty and a 13-month warranty on any Top Tech/G2 rifles in the event you experience a rare manufacturer defect that requires attention. Do keep in mind, removing your orange flash hider and/or tampering with the manufacturer seal on the gearbox will void your warranty. Always read your owner’s manual to make sure you have the proper tools and parts for any service on your AEG. The digital owner’s manual can be found on the G&G Armament website if the original has been lost. You can always contact us for warranty or RMA questions at support@guay2.com


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