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S&T New Batch G3 ECU M4 AEG Series

by News Fairy

Smart Team have shared details and images for their new S&T New Batch G3 ECU M4 AEG Series:

S&T New Batch G3 ECU M4 AEG Series is coming


1,Quick detachable spring system (without disassemble lower flame)

2,Full steel teeth type piston (14.5 teeth)

3,Over discharge protection (start protection below 6.0v)

4,Electric trigger system by using magnetic sensor

5,Compatible High power and speed motor

6,Compatible both 7.4v and 11.1v LiPo Battery

7,8mm bearing for bevel gear (for receive high revolution from motor)

8,8mm oilless metal bushing for spur gear and sector gear (for anti high load)

9,Integrated MOSFET for improved power usage, motor performance, and trigger response

Material : Metal

Weight : 540g approx.

Length : 170mm approx.

Height : 110mm approx.

Smart Team

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