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S&T double gun case 120CM

by News Fairy

Smart Team have shared details and images of their new 120cm double gun case:

Product name : UFC Rifle Bag 120 cm
Length: 120cm approx.
Weight: 1300g approx.
Material: Nylon

・There is a storage space for rifles, submachine guns, and other small items up to 120 cm class.
・ Various carbine rifles can be stored in the 120 cm storage section, and up to MP5 (excluding fixed stock) can be stored in the approximately 60 cm storage section.
・ Equipped with a backpack type shoulder harness.
・ As it is double, it can store one rifle and one submachine gun.
・ It is very convenient because it can store a lot of bullets and gas.
・ Since there is an expansion cover on the 120 cm part, you can hide and carry even the main body that protrudes a little.
・ It is also possible to carry it on your back with a backpack type shoulder harness equipment.

Smart Team

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