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New S&T Dangan Hyper Gas 200ml

by News Fairy

Smart Team have shared details of their new S&T Dangan Hyper Gas 200ml:

S&T Dangan Hyper Gas 200ml(Made In Japan)  Ref code: STGAS01

Hi Everyone,

S&T has an innovation in low pressure power airsoft plate. Dangan Hyper Gas use a new formula of HFO1234ze + LPG.  

To achieve an ozone destruction and a global warming count of almost 0 compare with HFC134a.

There is no worry about rupturing and leaking. The ordinary gas bottle made of special aluminum achieves more than twice durability of others 134a.

Small size bottle , about 50MM diameter and 200mm length, is easy to carry.

You can even put it inside your vest pouch and rapidly refill your empty magazine during the battle.

24mm long nozzle specification, use in most airsoft guns

This Gas is made in Japan and suitable for all Japanese brand airsoft. Low pressure and well protected ABS structure and good for old classic airsoft collections.

Smart Team

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